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  1. A couple of people have noted that this policy is great for traveling outside the US. Keep in mind if your cruise goes to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands you are not covered in these locations. This is specifically stated in the policy. Many other insurance companies include medical coverage in these locations. If you want to include PR or USVI in your medical coverage you can purchase medical-only coverage (with no trip cancellation coverage) by specifying $0 trip cost when buying a policy.
  2. SG65CB

    NextCruise Benefits

    If you are going to book NextCruise book early in the week, they often have some extra benefits if you do. Nothing too spectacular, they gave us a bottle of champagne that I had delivered to our dinner table, also a small bag and some raffle tickets to enter a drawing - one of the early NextCruise customers was picked from the entered tickets. I can't remember what the prize was, we didn't win.
  3. Or you could pay the $99 per person fee and join their entertainment. Apparently there is a special code you add to your cruise booking to be added to this group.
  4. How cool to meet Mario! He must bounce around from ship to ship instead of staying on the same ship for months at a time.
  5. Sounds like you had a good cruise. I'm sure everyone has their opinion on the "best" number of port days vs. sea days on a 7-nighter. I did that same thing at the port a couple of years ago, drop everyone at the ship then go return the car. You need to get there early because a long line of cars going into the port starts to grow around noon or earlier. The airport shuttle buses have a separate entrance into the port. It sounds like you dropped your truck off inside the port, Alamo has a drop-off there instead of taking it back to the airport? You mentioned it quickly, you took an 8 night trip with just a carry-on bag?!?
  6. SG65CB

    Roommate and cruise planner

    Yes but they want to each pay for their own drink package with their own credit card. There is not a way to buy one drink package and then have the roommate buy her own package and pay for it separately. Maybe they can do this on-board if they approach the drink salesperson together, but they would lose the typical 30% discount you get when paying in advance.
  7. SG65CB

    Roommate and cruise planner

    When you do the check-in you can also specify separate credit cards for your on-board charges. One problem you will have is when you purchase a drink package it will put two drink packages in your cart. Since everyone in the cabin has to have the drink package it is impossible to buy one drink package. Maybe you could do it over the phone but you would have to give them both credit card numbers on the phone call. No way to buy the drink package for just one person in a cabin.
  8. BobRN, what about your flights? Were you reimbursed for your flight costs? The insurance reimburses "nonrefundable costs" but this seems like a gray area since you can use the cost of your ticket towards a new flight within a certain period of time, although you usually have to pay a change fee. Did they reimburse your flights? Do you have to wait until the airline credit expires to get reimbursed?
  9. Once they are available RC will send you an email at least once a week reminding you to buy. Usually with an offer such as "up to" 30% off.
  10. SG65CB

    Kids Sail Free Coming?

    So basically the KSF promotion is only available when your kids are supposed to be in school.
  11. SG65CB

    Grits Anywhere?

    You mean Waffle House, right?
  12. Last three years ours has been empty. We had a GS and they delivered a cheese and fruit plate to our room. But the plate doesn't fit in the refrigerator.
  13. SG65CB

    Grits Anywhere?

    I had grits every morning on Adventure of the Seas sailing from Puerto Rico last year. In the Windjammer.
  14. Maybe a lot of people are holding off on passport applications with the mistaken belief that passports are not being processed, which means a lighter load for the agency and therefore people who do send in applications are getting faster than normal service.
  15. SG65CB

    burial at sea

    Here is a thread I saw while on the Celebrity board (a cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean). The thread has details about the process and paperwork requirements.