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  1. Hmmmm.Okay. The entire post by the OP is 95% negative. Not saying that any of it is untrue, but on a 80+ day cruise tell us what you DID like on the cruise OP....or was it mostly negative? I am sure we could find passengers. that, for the most part, had a positive experience. Some people are just very demanding and hard to please. OP, I am sure you will never sail HAL again. I mean seriously, after THAT experience one would need one's head examined to spend money on ANOTHER mostly negative cruise experience!
  2. Curious if anyone here makes it a point to book some cruises last minute to get a very good deal. I am not just talking about HAL but other lines as well. I have made some mock bookings and noticed that within 2 weeks of a cruise; some cruises are deeply discounted. Makes sense as the line wants to fill the ship. Obviously, I know two issues might be : 1) Trying to get decent airfare prices on short notice. 2) The risk that the cruise might be fully booked. For use, we can travel one hour to a major metropolitan area if airfare would be an issue. Plus we can drive to one port an hour away for some cruises. Not talking about every cruise.....but from time to time if a great deal can be found last minute. For those of us retired and with time on our hands ….seems like a good option.
  3. This 1000%. I think it is hilarious that people plan and spend thousands on a cruise and HEavens!!!! The cruise is "ruined" because the NFL game is not televised! Sometimes, because the ship is at sea, the satellite feed is poor and there is nothing worse than watching a very grainy screen and trying to follow a game. If NFL games are sooooo important to you, stay home. Besides, my NE Patriots are winning their 7th. SB this year so why torture yourselves?
  4. MAybe you were joking but on more than one occasion I have seen men and women in the Lido in robe and slippers for breakfast. As far as the "dress code" on Gala nights; I do not know why HAL even has a dress code since the food in the MDR is hardly "Gala." More like "gag." 🤮
  5. How do you even book a Pinnacle Suite? Whenever I look on the HAL website at future cruises to get an idea of prices, the P suite never comes up? Are they usually booked as soon as a cruise becomes available since there are only 1 or 2 per ship?
  6. LOL!! Seriously? This isn't some "small" mistake like screwing up OBC. He shouldn't "try NCL" again. There are plenty of other cruise lines and other vacations he can take. He doesn't need NCl. But NCL does need him. I would never cruise ncl again. Screw 'em!
  7. I have taken 2 Alaska cruises and a balcony for an Alaskan cruise is way over rated! For the inside passage you will want to be up on deck so that you can see BOTH sides. You miss an entire side from your balcony. Also for any glacier stops, the ship pulls up about 1/4 mile from the glacier on one side. What if your balcony is not on that side of viewing the glacier? You will be forced to go up on deck anyway. Plus, in Alaska, you will not really want to be out on the balcony very long while at sea. With air temps between 45-55 degrees F, you will freeze quickly or be wrapped in many blankets. Save the cost of a balcony. I find balcony rooms best for CAribbean or South PAcific or MEdit. cruises where you can enjoy your favorite drink as you sail away from port.
  8. OP.....you have issues. You are on a cruise ship....on vacation......where you paid hard earned money to enjoy yourself. And you are having an absolute meltdown because you can't watch NFL games???? Seriously??? 🙄. It's not like your team is in the SB and you will miss the game. Besides 25 posts ago, I thought you were done with the thread? Wow just Wow. Chill out. 😜
  9. Don't take this the wrong way....but I really question if you will enjoy this cruise. YEs...I get it you are traveling with your family, but obviously a 3 yr old and an 11 month year old will need constant attention. You and your husband will be having to constantly hold hands with the 3 year old and I assume a stroller for the 11 month old? I think a bigger concern is the 3 year old getting away from you....running, falling down and getting a boo-boo. Multiple times. I do not think there is any plexiglass on the railings of the promenade deck so be careful there. I think you will need a vacation after the vacation cuz you already seem stressed out. bring toys, games that the 3 year old likes to occupy him. He will want to use the pool so spend time there with him. Good luck.
  10. Because in a nutshell ....they are jealous. Jealous that you can afford something that they will never be able to afford. Same reason why people are jealous of others who live in a bigger house, drive a better car, have a better job. The list is endless. Jealousy is a strong human emotion. Screw 'em.
  11. Ummmm....No. HAL is definitely NOT "luxury." And if, as a TA, you are promoting HAL cruises as luxury cruises ; you are doing a great disservice to your clients. The HAL board is negative for a reason. The cutbacks are many and the cost keeps going up. Definitely not luxury. The 4 prominent luxury cruise lines include: Seabourn, SilverSea, Regent, and Crystal. HAL? Barely "premium" and I have taken a dozen HAL cruises over the years. Oceania I would consider Premium Plus.
  12. Whatever. I didn't stop people from cruising on Breakaway this week. Dorian did. Mother Nature: 1 Humans: 0
  13. I have booked plenty of Caribbean cruises in the winter. We ALWAYS fly to the embarkation port at least one full day (many times two days) prior to the cruise. And if flying the day before, we book the first morning flight and pay extra for a direct non stop flight (less chance of lost luggage). And before you say "Well some of us can't afford to do that!" (because I know that's coming).....one needs to do everything possible to make sure that things go smoothly. It is the same scenario trying to fly to a port in the middle of winter the day of a cruise. A recipe for disaster! Another scenario is people booking their flight home on disembarkation day for 10 am. Like that is going to work! Then they get delayed by customs or security at the airport and miss the flight home and wonder what happened. Or the people that book a private shore excursion at a port ( cuz they know better or their friends told them they can get a better deal that a ship booked tour) and then of course the private tour does not get them back to the ship in time and they wonder why the ship did not wait for them. Many, many people just do not properly plan. They don't plan for their cruises, for their retirement, and then "stuff" happens. C'est la vie.
  14. No. Doesn't serve them right. But if you book a cruise in the CAribbean in Sept.; don't be shocked if it gets cancelled. I know that is difficult for you to understand....but to most it is just common sense. Just one more thing that can go wrong.
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