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  1. Yes i remember those days . Diamonds only got wine or beer in a separate room no snacks. one of our group was D+ and she used to go across to the D+ lounge and bring back plates of snacks.😊
  2. On a topic somewhere I saw a flyer for an $89 10 drink card which could be purchased on boarding. I have done many RCI cruises and have never seen this on sale on boarding. I dont want to buy the drinks package because I am Diamond and will get drinks during the happy hour and will pay for any drinks after that time . this 10 drink card would be useful. Anyone seen or bought one of these?
  3. Did they let you keep the wine?
  4. On a recent NCL cruise we had to attend the naughty room to collect our luggage, they had found my kettle and this was not allowed. We did get it back on the last night. what experiences have people had with being summoned to the naughty room on RCCL ? what had they packed which was not allowed? Did they give you the item back on departure?
  5. We are seasoned cruisers with RCCL, Celebrity but contemplating an Caribbean MSC cruise and have a few questions. I have been reading the reviews and they have raised a few worrying points. are announcements in 7 languages? is smoking allowed inside the ship? is the Buffet closed in the evenings? we did a disastrous Costa cruise some time ago and found these , amongst other things , spoilt our enjoyment. thanks
  6. Careful what you post on Facebook groups. I was bumped off the group for the Indy TA on 26 october for mentioning the meet and mingle and posting a link. Someone else was bumped for trying to organise a slot pull. if you post something that admin dont like they just remove you but don't tell you why.
  7. Dont hold your breath re getting an upgrade based on your C and A status. we are Diamond + and have never been given an upgrade.😟
  8. Please can you post some photos of the cruise compass showing what activities there are during the sea days thanks
  9. Please can someone who has just returned from Indy confirm if there is a kettle in inside cabins on cruises from Southampton. thanks
  10. I have a problem with my shoulder and cannot carry anything in that hand or use a back pack . I need my good hand to hold on or hold my paperwork, that is what is so hard.
  11. I understand you can take 2 bottles of wine on embarkation. I dont do a carry on bag just a small handbag. if I pack 2 bottles in my luggage will they be conficated?
  12. Thank I am doing the transatlantic so 8 days at sea , as a solo. The tip about signing on in the afternoon is a good one 😊
  13. Do Diamond members get any free wifi minutes?
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