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  1. It's been a year for me. Last cruise was on the Victory, spring break 2019. I was hoping to book something on the new Radience later this year, but we'll see...
  2. Boy, they REALLY want me to book a cruise...
  3. I was on the cruise the week before yours, and I can say the Vroom was great! They had to cut it short though, as the seas were rough & it compromised the dancers' safety. (they dance in heels)
  4. Same here..it will be a birthday cruise for me! Wooo!!
  5. They are youngsters (9 and 12), and yes, we are right smack-dab in the middle of spring break time for this cruise. Well, I may have to resort to a different strategy on this one. Thank you for your insight!
  6. So we (2 adults/2kids) have the typical situation of a late afternoon (4:30pm) flight after disembarking the Carnival Victory in March 2019 in Miami. I've been exploring the options of things to do instead of a long day waiting at MIA, and think that the "store our stuff at Luggage Lounge and go visit the beach" route might be a fun way to kill about 4 or so hours before Ubering to the airport. My question is this: After visiting the beach & all that entails (sand, sunscreen, sweat), are there facilities available to get cleaned up & changed into our "flying home" clothes? From my research, I've found that there are public restrooms with showers scattered along Ocean Drive, but am wondering if anyone has had first-hand experience with them? I realize that a day room would be a great option for this, but I've weighed the cost vs. our actual time post-cruise, and think that this would be money better spent elsewhere.(i.e. it would be about a hundred dollar shower..lol) Thanks for any tips that you can share!
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