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  1. Are you married to sailing in a balcony? Oasis class ships have a lot to do so not in room a lot. Even if book and price drops it could be after final payment and can't get in on the sale. When I think prices are a little high but know I want to cruise I book a lesser cabin in a good location and hope for price drop even after final payments such that could move up to better cabin. Virtual balcony close to central park isn't bad if just 2 in cabin.
  2. The OP mentioned several soda machine issues that have been mentioned by others and really should not happen often on a well run ship.
  3. Perhaps not but that could be the idea. If people go to the DL to have 1-3 drinks and chat with new friends and move on, great. If they hang out there the entire time largely for the purpose of unlimited drinks this could become a problem as the DL on many ships had gotten smaller and the number of D guests continues to grow. Changing it to 3 drinks "anywhere" will put people in the DL that want to visit there and not just there for unlimited drinks. It could make the crowds managable as a place for people to meet up for a drink or two before dinner and more have a chance to use it. I avoid DL at coctail time b/c of the crowds. RCCL might be weighing two options, change the rules on drinks or change it to D+ lounge.
  4. Agree. The "real or net" Diamond discount is all I'd be inclined to care about. So, step thru a mock booking without entering C&A number and note the total for desired cabin. Do it again with C&A number. The difference in the two numbers is what you as a D/D+ get for a balcony discount over a brand new first time cruiser. The difference will be the same regardless if book refundable or nonrefundable rate.
  5. Thank you. Is there a way to drill down and see if the offer code he is seeing, 19FLA104, is good on different cruises than you are showing? Or is it mainly the price that varies (some free interior or OV, low level gambler 250)?
  6. Anyone able to help a non gambler price something for small gambler son? Does this mean can cruise as a party of 2 on ANY Majesty or Empress ship in JUNE for 250 cruise fare (for 2 interior cabin) plus whatever regular price of port fee and taxes are (can find from mock booking).
  7. My son has the offer showing when plug in his info, the 250/interior room. is there a place to look up what all costs go into it and what sailings offered on without him calling? Is it 250 for a party of 2 and then port taxes and such for each person?
  8. I called RCCL. Empress will be at Coco Cay, instead of Havana, June 7th by itself, making it the smallest ship population ever to visit Perfect day. fyi
  9. This is a cruise that leaves tomorrow and is a charter so it's an odd ball not in the detail list above posted. Empress 4 night aventura dance cruise June 6-10th.
  10. Forgive me if this was already mentioned but any changes for the 4 night Empress Aventura Dance cruise, June 6th sailing to Havana and Nassau? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for that info. Maybe they are flexible about it and depends on weather and the captain. I called RCCL C&A to ask and they said departure is at 5pm and they'd have been sent a notice if it hand changed so I'm going to be hopeful about the 6:30 showing in the app but not shocked if all aboard is 4:30.
  12. There are many more workers on Coco Cay now, and they are needed to give guests the perfect day experience. It used to be mainly the crew onboard that got off the ship and worked the island and they had a lot to lose if caught doing something. Obviously could be another pax rifling thru and taking stuff but there are cameras everywhere on a ship but not so much on the island so this thread has been a good reminder regarding valuables.
  13. Navigator and Mariner will be paired often and showed up in several searches together at Coco Cay when I was looking at 2020. What I hadn't seen until looked at the tt site is when they'd start pairing Oasis class with other ships. Allure and Grandeur below. Several other sailings with Oasis class paired with Majesty/Empress ship. If it goes well, could be Oasis class and Navigator class paired.
  14. I haven't been to the waterpark but did buy it for my teen. I'm not sure I'd bother with that age 4-5 group. Lines are a pain unless he's very patient he may prefer the free stuff. And going to the beach, harbor bay if doesn't want much in the way of sea weed or debth. The zero entry pool area and can bring some blow ups for the pool. If it we're me, I'd wait until a future trip and older child to do the waterpark. https://www.cruise.blog/2019/04/royal-caribbean-opens-splashaway-bay-and-skippers-grill-private-island
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