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  1. It was a specific day Dec 21 for NCL Bliss which is similar to the Escape in shape, I don't think Escape was scheduled to dock in Nassau that day. I don't remember the other ships but believe all other scheduled ships did dock in Nassau that day. The captain mentioned the force of wind on the side of ship made docking at the pier unsafe; so it had me wondering only b/c other ships did dock at Nassau and the earlier post mentioned other ships sailing thru same weather but I haven't heard of other ships listing 3/3. Perhaps size doesn't matter but shape does. 😂
  2. I'm late to the game here but wondering if the other ships had any listing? I've always visually found the height and width of Escape and sisters to seem a look a little more likely to tip compared to a wider ship that isn't as tall. Our NCL Bliss cruise in December was not able to dock in Nassau but other ships were able to dock so I wonder if the height gets more wind pressure than similar weighted ships shaped differently. The day we couldn't dock at Nassau was still quite comfortable to be on top deck.
  3. This is scary. You want to think that ships can handle rough seas, not cause them to lose engines. Without engines can't stop ship from running into something and sinking. Seems like they can't use the lifeboats so that's scary too. One hopes if it did hit something lifeboats would be able to be utilized.
  4. I wasn't following which dates in cruise planner sailing for which prices but maybe prices are lower before Coco Cay completion dates and higher after or certain times of the year. Pricing is very dynamic, I have sailings to coco cay with $78 jet ski pricing and another with $109, both on sale............
  5. I guess we should know via reports in the next month or so if there is any sort of soft opening. We are considering buying waterpark passes as well but for full day for flexibility in how use them. Will be interesting to hear about how the lines are.
  6. Maybe having two venues helps with crowds tho. We tried a few times on the Bliss to hear entertainment in District but filled up before we arrived and there was standing room only. We had a better experience on the Escape.
  7. If they were relying on helicopters, seems like things could have been much worse if further out to sea.
  8. Maybe they are going to throw some higher prices out there and see what hits, and will sound more reasonable if they increased # people in cabana without actually changing chill island cabanas. Then they will run 25%/50% off sales until fill up. I think those prices are crazy. But I think suite level cruising prices are also sort of crazy. RCCL might as well try to sell the cabanas first to the suite class who might not think the price is too steep.
  9. Thanks everyone. For anyone else viewing this later, the image below is from a very well done Adventure of the Seas review.
  10. Is the Cruise planner showing that for April sail dates? For my bookings the June cruise listed as Chill Island but the April sailing still the old title and description of Oceanview deluxe etc.
  11. Thanks. For that particular area I was sort of assuming it's more a rebranding; the Ocean view Cabanas people are currently booked in for March and April are open but will be renamed Chill Island cabanas May 1 and lose the deluxe lunch. But I could be wrong in my assumptions.
  12. I believe this is where the existing cabanas are located. Fingers crossed there will still be a private lunch area until June 1st.
  13. Is this area on the new map the existing Cabana club with the Oceanview deluxe cabanas for 6 for March and April guests? Escape to your private beachfront Cabana Club. Soak up the style and tranquility of this chic tropical paradise nestled in CocoCay from your very own private beach accessible cabana. Your ocean view cabana is furnished with 2 luxurious resort-style lounge chairs , a sofa, and amenities that include a deluxe lunch buffet, 2 floating beach mats, 4 bottles of water, towels and 2 sets of snorkeling equipment. ZCH5
  14. I had lunch there on Escape and Bliss.............. I can't remember the differences but want to say menu different. I don't know if it was just timing and when Bliss rolled out with different menu, Escape also change. Things changing all the time is what keeps CC alive.
  15. Just to take the other side for anyone with similar perspective........ with teens we liked Escape better than the Bliss. It was far easier to go play bocci ball and golf and climb ropes course than get a reservation and pay and wait for lasertag or gokarts. We also missed bb court, dart boards and pool tables. I'm sure Bliss would be great in Alaska but for caribbean cruises, we like Escape, at least with teens. Both very nice ships but after Bliss we decided to go back to Escape instead of do Encore.
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