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  1. I’m surprised this thread hasnt generated more interests...I was hoping to see what other think about shopping on board...
  2. Tarwood3

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Agreed. I’m on the inaugural so I may not get to see the private island. I will just hope for the best ...
  3. Tarwood3

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Richard Branson announced this morning that he indeed purchased a private island in the Bahamas as the secret destination!!!
  4. OMG...dont get me started on shopping in general in ALL luxury ships. For a man in particular, its nearly non existent. They stick a few Polo shirts in a corner and maybe a pair of shorts and thats it. The women’s section is huge...and then there’s the huge jewelry stores, watch stores etc...I hardly ever seen anyone in any of the jewelry places. They take up so much real estate, it drives me crazy. On my Regent cruise last month, I was thrilled that there was actually a Regent Tshirt and some candy and actual toiletries in case you forgot or ran out. Silversea doesnt even provide these things... Seabourn was terrible too. Do folks really wait to get on the ship to buy expensive jewels and watches? Seems to me that anyone into high end watches and jewelry, probably has a jeweler at home where you have a relationship and know you are probably getting a fair price?? My mom , for example, has no interest in shopping in those fancy stores on the ship, she “assumes” they are marked up by a ridiculous amount. Expensive items like that, she would prefer to shop locally here at home. So am I totally off base thinking that way too much real estate is allocated to all these stores ? Maybe I’m completely alone in my opinion lol
  5. Thanks TC...this has been a fun thread!! Speculating is half the fun!
  6. Thanks so much!! Appreciate it!
  7. A lot of people have said they’re marketing to younger but Branson has always said anyone is welcome as long as they are young at heart....and I love this statement. My mom is very much a senior, but very young at heart and enjoys new experiences and has a real joie de vivre. I know she would love this ship as well. She loved the Edge when we went on it too. I belong to a facebook group for those of us on the inaugural...and from thepics of the people that have booked so far....I’m one of the youngest (51)...so, I think folks will be surprised..... Ithink there will be a good mix of young and old and I think that’s awesome!
  8. Tarwood3

    Virgin Scarlet Lady

    We booked on the first day as we were pre deposit holders. We booked the inaugural on April 1st, 2020 and are staying in the cheeky corner suite with biggest terrace, deck 13. Should be a fun cruise! Hopefully there’s plenty of LGBT on board!
  9. Tarwood3

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    I would think the secret location would be a private island. There’s no reason to say ok, the secret location is Key West or Bimin etc...that would be very anti climatic. Since Branson has a history of buying his own islands, why not....and create a hedonistic spot of his own. I agree with others that they arent going to dock at another cruise lines private island....VV wants to be different and set themselves apart from other types of cruise lines.
  10. I have never experienced any contentiousness but I’m not on every thread...so perhaps it happens. I dont mind if folks disagree with one another , as long as no one is disrespecting others...
  11. Agreed....loud servers doesnt sound like something I would enjoy, but Korean food is certainly something I love. Will have to see what that is all about. Hopefully its not like some restaurants you go that have “live entertainment”. The band is so loud that you cant carry on a conversation with your table mates...that would defintley suck!
  12. I could have sworn that I included by review that was just recently published on cruise critic about this cruise for which I started this thread. But I dont see it anywhere? Could it have gotten deleted?? http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=befae1caf60c6348194b4072351f858d011f60651406f6403aaa4c6b0f1785797f42d5246841f818e18e4b0e6f7cbda81e979c92d5bf4838114bbb225e5b9ed0 Boblerm , yes, we will sail Regent again but it will definitely be on Explorer or Splendour for sure! Just like on Silversea, we prefer the new Muse over the older ships.... BTW...I just love the folks on the Regent forum....not toxic like some threads. I appreciate folks who are 100% loyal to a cruiseline and their defense of it, it’s great. I have always said, its not what you say but how you say it... and the Regent folks have always been great, I have never felt attacked for my opinion. Thanks folks!
  13. Hey there, so as an update...we have booked the maiden voyage April 2nd 2020. We were one of the few that had paid $500 deposit to book before the general public. We got our first choice of suite...and. Aft corner suite on deck 13 with a huge wraparound veranda. My understanding is that basic beverages will be included, such as coffee, tea, sodas, waters etc. Suite guests will have a mini bar stocked in their room and the “first round” is on Virgin according to their PR person in the facebook group I follow. They haven’t mentioned any details about beverage packages beyond that. And you are right, no buffets but something like 18 different restaurants. Some folks seem to be getting hung up on some smaller things and blowing them out of proportion ...like a drinking contest. Not sure where that came from. That doesnt mean the cruises are going to be a drunken fest. I hate trivia and bridge but I dont avoid a cruise because of it or even disparage it for having music that is well before my time. There’s always plenty of things on most cruises to keep me entertained. I agree with another poster, than some of the comments on here seem to have tunnel vision. Its ok if the cruiseline isn’t everyone ...theyre’ not trying to appeal to everyone.... but I agree TC...it’s fascinating to see how they are changing things up. Will I love them and want to cruise more and more with them? Who knows....I wont know until I try them for myself. I never judge something I haven’t tried myself. In the meantime, we are excited about our maiden voyage with them and they have a ‘secret destination” as one of the ports of call.....we are assuming its their own private island they are developing ....will just have to stay tuned to see...
  14. Tarwood3

    Feb and still nothing beyond May 2020??

    Ive heard from a good source that they will be released Feb 15th!~
  15. Tarwood3

    Crystal cruise line thoughts

    We will just miss you. We are on the Symphony on December 11 for 10 days. We have never done Crystal before...our first one though will be Oct 29th on the yacht, Esprit . We have heard awesome things about them, so looking forward to it. We have done Silversea, Seabourn, Regent, Celebrity, HAL, RCCL, Azamara and Paul Gauguin.