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  1. Curious John, if Cats were to start performing on Carnival would you book it to see it?
  2. Wow your in Qatar, well I know about Middle Eastern rules and if caught with even a joint it calls for execution. I’ve read there are several people jailed in Saudi Arabia caught with marijuana and they have been sentenced to death 😮. That is an area where you have to be on your game and not screw up by not following their rules as they mean business.
  3. Well, if you can’t beat em join them I say 👍💃
  4. Do those portholes open for fresh sea air?
  5. Yes you made a mistake Unfortunately and yes you would have loved the Havana, sorry.
  6. I honestly think you’ll be fine. Just keep it on your carryon. There are quite a few people who bring marijuana onboard. You will not be thrown in prison for CBD. Worse case they just take it from you. The ones telling you that drug dogs, etc. are the same who complain about smoking and would turn you in a heartbeat if they saw you doing it. Now I have to put on my flame retardant suit 🤣
  7. Well then I guess the perturbed cruiser will start hammering on the Virgin boards about this issue 🤣
  8. I’ve seen women drinking wine and champagne in spas🤷‍♀️
  9. This is very good to know as my husband just drinks beer and he likes them in a bucket with ice. That’s what got me concerned because he could easily hit 15 and still walk a straight line LOL.
  10. About the Cheers, has anyone reached their 15 limit? If so, and you still wanted a few more drinks late evening are you absolutely cut off or do you just start buying them?
  11. We have sailed on the Jubilee and Elation in a Junior suite. You will feel quite a bit of motion but you’ll get used to it. The cabin is not very big compared to the newer ships. The balcony is small. You can fit three people on it but it will be tight. Best thing about the JR suites is how close you are to the pool and Lido dining.
  12. I’m so done with smoking, as of the New Year my newest accessory will be the nicotine patch. I’ve smoked for 30 years. I need back surgery on March 5 and have a cruise on the Panorama in June.
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