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  1. HAHAHAHA! Yes we are fortunate. It’s a beautiful pool, so we’ll just save some money enjoying what we have, bbq’s with fiends with beer, margaritas, steak and shrimp on the grill 🌴. Who needs a Havana retreat anyway. (I do but I’ll wait due to this 😷).
  2. What are your thoughts when you see a woman in her 60’s, not in bad shape at all and she obviously wears clothes from like Forever 21? I know that’s where the outfit comes from as my Niece wore one like it. Do you think it’s a bit to young of a 60 year old to wear such clothing?
  3. LMAO that is too funny LOL 😆
  4. When I read topics of what people like to do a lot say they like to people watch. What is it that they want to watch LOL? I don’t want to be one of those people being watched 👀😬
  5. I had plenty to say, hence double pics LOL 😝
  6. While not new, but very popular, would RCCL ever build another ship that has windows you can see out of and see the ocean rather than closed in being in a shopping mall? It would be great to see the outside of your sailing with nice seating areas to enjoy the view from inside the ship. The whole purpose of cruising is to see the ocean and sites that come with it. Not the Mall of America.
  7. Wear what YOU want to wear. If dressing up in style on your cruise on formal night is what you would like to do for your family then do so. Don’t bother asking for opinions, you have your own mind, use it. You can create great memories with your family and use the photographers on the ship to take some really nice photos. The days of yesterday when everyone did this is gone, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop. Also, you’ll get plenty of smiles from people seeing how nicely your family looks. You’ll never see the other people again that don’t want to dress up so don’t give it a second thought. Actually, they’ll be embarrassed once they get to your table and see the formality of your family. So just dress how you want, wear a tux (very handsome) have wife wear her finest dress (beautiful) and if you have children they’ll be adorable. Make your cruise a memorable cruise about YOUR family and not how others choose to do theirs.
  8. What is the Miami area code which Carnival calls from? I’m always ignoring it, but who knows if it’s Carnival calling LOL. I’ll take that chance and answer it too 🤗
  9. One reached out to me the other day. I need to contact her and hopefully build a good relationship and have her help me with our rescheduled cruise on the Panorama we’d like to take in May 2022.
  10. I remember when they offered lox and bagels. That was my husbands go to every morning with early meh coffee.
  11. We went on our honeymoon cruise on the Elation. It was her 5th sailing out being brand new. My memory of everything about it is still so vivid. Beautiful ship and fantastic honeymoon to the Mexican Riviera in what was to be our first time in a balcony which was a Cat. 11 on the Veranda deck. We’d be sailing away about now.
  12. I would not even attempt to schedule a sailing until the very earliest early next year.
  13. HAHAHAHA that was his classic daily breakfast. He was so proud to she us how it’s supposed to be put together 🙂
  14. I’m glad Judith is doing well. She must miss him terribly.
  15. These boards have been so boring and redundant lately with the same old crap. I remember reading Trainman’s reviews (rip) and he always provided an interesting, fun read to his reviews. If anyone can find them and post them I’d love to go back and read them. Those were the fun days of reading CC.
  16. You’re not a Bill Gates fan by chance are you?
  17. Nope not taking that bait LOL. I absolutely know how this whole conversation can go south and possibly kicked off or the very least suspended from the mods 🤣. Again, this is not a conversation to have on a cruise thread. Find your excitement elsewhere.
  18. I do but this really isn’t the place to get into a very heated debate. Although this site has been boring for a while 🤔
  19. I meant the people who absolutely believe you must be vaccinated are the ones wearing foil 🎩
  20. They are the ones wearing foil hats. Those who don’t want their kids vaccinated have very good arguments as to why. Will not hash this out on this board, nuff said on that topic.
  21. I read that the cute looking preying mantis kills the murder wasp 😳
  22. Also don’t forget wasp spray and maybe a few Preying Mantis 🤣
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