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  1. That is what it already means on some Princess ships. Just big containers of liquid soap and lotion.
  2. Did you get a better offer than the rest of us? Our offer was spend $500, get $100 back. You indicate spend $500 get $125 back.
  3. Can you provide the link to where your pictures/scanned items are posted? I missed seeing it in earlier posts. Thanks.
  4. a) Everyone is allowed to eat in the dining room (while it is still open for lunch) on embarkation day. It used to be that only Mariner Society members could do so. b) There will be two Mariner lunches during the cruise if the number of Mariner members cannot be accommodated in just one sitting. You would receive an invitation to attend one, not both if there are two. Someone else will need to answer about the brunch.
  5. Which means if you are off the ship in a port at noon, you will not hear what the next day's weather will be. Not good.
  6. 2 booking numbers, one for each segment = $100 per segment = $200 1 booking number that includes both segments = $250.
  7. I agree on choosing deck 3 over an obstructed view on deck 6. It is a very low traffic area, so only those with cabins there and the cabin steward go down that hallway. Although it is the tender deck, passengers access the tender down a different stairway/elevator and do not walk past the cabins. A view from the porthole window is shown below.
  8. I have had a sideways cabin twice on that size Princess ship. Once there was a small sofa. Once there was not..
  9. With MedallionNet being the only faster Internet that Princess has, I would expect the old slow Internet for us. If you are Platinum or Elite, you can turn in your free minutes plus a good bit of $$$$ for unlimited Internet.
  10. It will not be until closer to January that the information will be known. However, 'Judy' is playing on a cruise we are taking in December, so since all the Princess ships have the same movies, it is also on your ship this month and, being a recent movie, will likely still be there next month. About two weeks before your cruise, you should receive an E-mail that would have information about some of the movies on your cruise.
  11. caribill

    Cruising from Shanghai

    Cab drivers in Shanghai will likely not be able to speak or read English. If you are booking a hotel on your own, ask the hotel what they suggest for getting from the airport to the hotel. At the very least, they should be able to give you instructions in Chinese that you can give to a cab driver. When we had a Princess cruise out of Shanghai we did let Princess book our hotel. It included transportation from airport to the hotel as well as from the hotel to the ship and we were glad that we did. Of course a Princess booked hotel may be more expensive than if you booked one on your own, especially if there is a single supplement, but remember that the transportation is included in that price from Princess.
  12. Our practice on turnaround day is to always disembark and tour the area and thus not have to deal with waiting for those who remain on board to gather and be processed (either on board or on shore).
  13. I have found at home that I can point my remote away from the TV and the remote still works, so direct line of sight is not always required.
  14. Another option is to take a Princess disembarkation day tour that ends up at the airport. Your luggage will be kept on the tour bus until the airport.
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