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  1. In the USA when you use a reputable travel agent, when you give your credit card number to the TA, the TA uses it to pay Princess on the Princess TA web site so that the charge is treated as a direct charge to Princess. Does it work differently in Australia?
  2. When you send in your brokerage statement, be sure that a page with your name and address is included if that information is not on the page with the CCL holdings listed.
  3. What the poster meant was: a) When you have the beverage package with Princess Plus, then the mini-bar you get as an elite passenger has no value, just like the platinum/elite Internet benefit has no meaning when you have purchased unlimited Internet. b) With the min-bar and Internet elite benefits having no meaning, that mainly leaves free laundry as the main remaining significant elite benefit.
  4. Because if they cancelled and the cruise was a "go," the people originally booked will be upset and there would be threads asking why did they cancel my cruise and then reinstate it after I made other vacation plans? Depending how close to sailing the cruise would be reinstated, it is likely that the ship could be sparsely occupied as only last minute planners might book it. And last minute air fares would be high for people who did not live near the port.
  5. Princess has said that they will start processing them after May 31, not all of them on one day. They also said that their work processes have become more efficient and they hope that the Pause 2 cancellations will be processed in a couple of weeks once they start.
  6. That Cruise Atlas (named Destination Collection) only goes through May 2021.
  7. Carnival Cruise Line does not own Princess. Carnival Corp owns both. The Carnival Cruise Line sailings in August are just cruises that have not been cancelled so far, not a promise to sail then. If conditions exist that will permit a safe and healthy cruise, they will take place, but there is still a good chance they will get cancelled.
  8. Same as for my reservation. I do not care if it is still showing on the Princess site. If it is no longer on the United site I know there will not be any airline penalty no matter how long it takes Princess to process the cancelled cruise.
  9. How it works is up to the Maitre d'. On some ships it is what you state, calling each morning. On some others you can request it at the dining room and depending on the ship, it can be just for the next day, the next several days or the entire cruise.
  10. Poster was referring to the Royal Princess ship, not Royal Caribbean cruise line.
  11. Message from the Canadian Minister of Transport this morning: Statement from The Honourable Marc Garneau “Our Government is committed to protecting Canadians, particularly during these challenging times. It is for that reason I am announcing updated measures for cruise ships and other passenger vessels in Canada, which includes prohibiting larger cruise ships from operating in Canadian waters until October 31, 2020,” said Garneau. “Our Government continues to work with other levels of government, transportation industry stakeholders, and Indigenous peoples to re-examine measures and to ensure Canada’s transportation system remains safe and secure during this time. We are all in this together.”
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