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  1. Just saw that the cruise we will be on in December will be an Ultra Cruise. What is that?
  2. Hello All! We cruise in December but my husband asked last night how intend on staying on a low carb/keto, low sugar diet on the trip. Of course I said I've done fine so far I'm not worried. Ok, I'm a little worried. Oh my gosh I adore bread and sweets. The tropical drinks, I had a dream with margaritas in it, so good. Bread baskets, Guys burgers & fries, pizza, pasta restaurant, ice cream. CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE! 😵 Has anyone ever managed to cruise and stay on or close to their diet? Or should I plan on dropping an extra 10 pounds to make up for what I'm going to put on. 😀 Thanks!
  3. We are thinking of renting a golf cart, has anyone done this? What company do you suggest? Thanks
  4. No kidding. We can put this one bed as I have already spoken with someone from Carnival and while they want everyone to have fun on the ship, have asked that she not do this on the ship for safety. We have agreed. However, if we want they can make arrangements for a photo shoot and they will do that in a controlled environment. So, we'll see.
  5. Wow, didn't mean to start an international debate. LOL!
  6. I couldn't care and think it would be fun. Just don't want security to give her ah hard time.
  7. My daughter has one of the blow up T Rex costume and wants to bring it along. She's fun and goofy and thinks it would be fun. Do you think this would be an issue? She wants to wear it for a few, picture by the pool, having an under 21 friendly drink, stand on our balcony and wave. I don't want to pack it if she can't wear it. Thanks :)
  8. Merry Christmas! We will be on the Breeze December 2019 and looking forward to it.
  9. Thank you, this is good to know. I have looked at the price of the spa deck. We are in a balcony on the Lido deck, it would be cheaper to buy the week pass for 2.
  10. Hello, We will be on the Breeze and I was wondering if the pass is worth the expense? It's a 7 day cruise with 2 sea days. Is there a one day pass that we can purchase? This sounds like something my husband and I would both enjoy, but the cost is a little intimidating. We have always just used the hot tubs by the pools, so just looking for some input. Thanks as always. 🙂
  11. So, we are going on the Breeze and are looking in to the drink package, things to do, ect. I'm going over what we can and cannot bring on the ship in the way of drinks and my son asks why I can bring wine on but he cannot bring a bottle of liquor on. I pull up the policy, read it to him and say tough, buy a bottle and have it delivered to your room. But now my husband is involved saying alcohol is alcohol so what's the big deal. (Well alcohol isn't all the same, I should know, you two are the reason I drink! ) So, aside from me saying it's the rules get over it, why is wine ok, and a bottle of whiskey not? My guess is the percentage of alcohol in the drink.
  12. How soon is the CD schedule released? We are cruising on the Breeze at the end of September and I haven't found a schedule for the later half of 2019. I'm just curious who it will be. Thanks :)
  13. Hello, I've been looking for a good travel insurance company and I'm a little overwhelmed. We have never had insurance, but after our last trip, we definitely want to purchase it. So, what would you recommend? I was thinking of just getting Carnival insurance, but I'm just not sure. 😲
  14. Lots of good info. Talked with the hubby and he wants to stay on the Lido deck, so be it. If you are sailing on the Breeze September 21, 2019, I'll see you then. 🍹
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