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  1. Has anyone flown to a cruise with just the free personal bag airlines allow you to take? And how many days was your cruise?
  2. I think they would be better off giving us a gift certificate for the Fun Shops. Even if they just give us $10, we can purchase whatever we want, so we couldn't complain. Also, we would likely spend more than $10 and they would make some money.
  3. This has some great pictures. They are not mine https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPhpNbo9wA48doW24lfZrCRaUaNiiQ100KUB50jxuV5rjabihhZlGxssp8g8GNptQ?key=NnVlaEdSTTNUR3NCTDJNaXRKcUhWMmFxWE9fbUNn
  4. For self assist, you will get a letter the night before in your room telling you where to meet. On the Horizon, we met in one of the dining rooms and were among the first ones off the ship, even before the rest of the self assist people.
  5. I walked through a path in the forest to get to the beach. It is my all time favorite port because the water is clear and you can walk as far out in the water as you want and it does not get deeper to the point where I cannot stand.
  6. There must have been a mistake on the Carnival website. I used the compare feature and it showed Circle C as one of the difference.
  7. Here are the differences between the ships, it is ultimately up to you and your family to choose which better suits your needs. I hope this helps. Horizon: Basics- 3,500 more gross tons 300 more passengers 50 feet longer 100 more crew Dining- Bonsai Teppanyaki Jiji Asian Kitchen Fresh Creations Bonsai Sushi Shake Spot Bars- Havana Bar Guy's Pig and Anchor Brewhouse Skybox Sports Bar Beer Station Entertainment- IMAX/Thrill Theater Kids/Teens- Dr. Seuss Bookville Outdoor- SkyRide Magic: Dining- Mongolian Wok Activities- Art Exhibitions/seminars/auctions/games Bars- Red Frog Pub Kids/Teens- Seuss at Sea Circle C Towel Animal Theater Spa- Thalassotherapy Pool
  8. Go for the 7 day cruise. I would never choose to go for half of the time.
  9. First they shrunk the notepads. Then they got rid of the pens. Do they still leave the small Carnival notepads in each stateroom? And do they give little golf pencils in each cabin or do we have to steal them from mini golf ourselves?
  10. I would recommend calling Carnival or a TA. That stinks that he left it, hopefully you get it back!
  11. Streamers are shot on Carnival usually.
  12. Is it on the Lido? Is it free? Do you have the menu?
  13. In pictures, I saw something called Lucky Bowls. It seemed like it was on the Lido. Could someone tell me what that is, I couldn't find it online.
  14. I thought the Horizon was amazing- possibly even my favorite ship. I do not think there were any major problems.
  15. There are generally 2 movies at night. They typically start around 7 and 9 or something along those lines. There are sometimes ones starting at midnight. It will be listed in the daily Fun Times. You can also watch movies in your room at any time
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