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  1. You should try the bureaucracy in Portugal. Here, offices of the same government department in different towns, will interpret the rules in a different way. In our local office for driving licences I even got different answers to the same problem from the different employees and one of those was the manager!
  2. This is the third "restart date" from Pullmantur. Up to only two days ago they said they would restart on 12th June meaning our 13 June departure would go ahead. Yesterday we received an email cancelling our cruise and quoting the new "restart date" of 4 July. What do they say, "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings!"
  3. The OP is 'cockneyjock' and I don't have a problem with his post. It is GrJ Berkshire who made a positive statement that, " "No European cruises in 2020 will happen." As I have a European cruise booked for 2020, I would still like to know their source for such a positive statement.
  4. What about your statement, "No European cruises in 2020 will happen." What is your source for that please?
  5. According to the BBC, MSC Magnifica was the last past the post. She arrived in Marseilles yesterday (20 April) and offloaded 1760 pax. That was the first time they had touched land since leaving Australasia over 40 days ago. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-52350262
  6. And even the ferries are not operating. You'll need to swim across!
  7. Viking Sun has left Lisbon after a 'technical' stop. Now en route towards the UK and showing Southampton as the destination.
  8. We are supposed to be sailing with them out of Athens also, but in June. Up to now they have only cancelled up to the end of May, but I honestly cannot see that going ahead. I wouldn't give up hope for September just yet though unless your problem would be leaving and returning your home country. We're coming up with plans B & C at the moment. B is to push ours back to nearer your date and C is to push it even further and visit the Holy Land instead. It's a waiting game.
  9. The first of our MSC cruises was also from Miami but to Central America. The second was in the Persian Gulf. I'm not at all a picky eater, but found it difficult to enjoy any of the food on either of these MSC ships. We followed that with a one night taster cruise with Pullmantur. Pricewise they are at the lower end of the cruising market but certainly not as far as the food and customer service were concerned. Both were above what we expected at the price. We should be cruising with them again in June in Europe but cannot see that happening now of course.
  10. Thanks. I don't think that will ever be on my shopping list but good to know anyway.
  11. We travelled on only five of the major cruise lines and without any shadow of a doubt am happy to name MSC as the worst we have experienced. We have travelled on two of their ships and found both had poorly presented food which in the majority of cases was barely lukewarm. All that backed up with appalling customer service means we will not be trying them again anytime soon.
  12. To avoid us having to go through all your previous posts for the answer, couldn't you at least point us in the general direction please?
  13. You really need to contact NCL for an answer to this. At the moment their website is quite clear that they will not allow anyone to board a ship that has, "travelled from, visited or transited via airports in... Italy." The situation is fluid and who knows where we will be in April, but I think it highly unlikely that your cruise will be departing from Civitaveccia if the situating continues as it is now. You really do need to contact either NCL or your travel agent, whoever you booked with. Good luck and I hope you are able to enjoy your cruise, wherever it sets sail from.
  14. Is there a list published anywhere of those lines that do not allow animals on board or do we have to work our way through the T & Cs of each line to find that out?
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