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  1. With virgin's track record on cancellations and itinerary adjustments I wouldn't rule anything out!
  2. Being nosey on port schedules and noticed Scarlet Lady is booked in to Haifa for a long day on 3rd June and 5th August next year. Would like to see some different destinations for virgin on European itineraries so would be quite excited if they're heading to Israel!
  3. Also in Funchal 8th May 2025 10:00-19:00
  4. Interestingly though on these same listings Brilliant Lady is in port from 8am on 29th October 2024 and leaving 31st October at 2pm.
  5. We had this situation on a recent virgin voyage and waited til boarding to look through excursions and choose from what was available. Thought it was pointless looking beforehand and wanting one only to watch it sell out by the time of voyage.
  6. Have you tried social media? I've had low success rate speaking to virgin by phone/email but they always respond within a day on twitter.
  7. jamesv92


    Should check how many ships are in during your day there but I found last time there it was just pleasant walking around independently and along the beach front
  8. Interesting thank you πŸ™‚
  9. Interesting πŸ€” Also hoping for some new itineraries/areas as have done a few of what they offer and would love to see them venture somewhere different.
  10. Hi Does anyone else find it strange there's nothing to book beyond October 2024? I'm not sure what other timescales companies run on but I would expect to be able to book something for end of next year..
  11. There's lots of speculation that brilliant lady transatlantic isn't happening so guess they need to confirm that part first
  12. Thanks a lot for these extensive updates, has given me a great taste of what to expect on our upcoming trip doing the same itinerary πŸ˜„
  13. That's exciting to hear!!
  14. Just bought the points to book on to Greek Island Glow for July from Virgin Red, total cost Β£1185 which is amazing, so excited! As others have said Virgin Voyages is way above rivals in my opinion for the onboard experience. It's so appealing to have drinks, WiFi and tips included and the food is high quality and varied. The cabins are amazing and comfortable with tech which we love. All I would improve is the pool, wish it was bigger or more than one and their customer service off the ship can be hit and miss. The staff on it seem happy and chilled though which must say something..
  15. I've noticed this as well, they might be preparing to announce the cancellation and preempting that people will want to move to the other transatlantic. Looks dodgy!
  16. To be honest we used a resilient lady cancellation compensation to get a great suite on a med voyage so there would be silver lining. Like others though this was the more interesting itinerary compared to the Miami to Barcelona one.
  17. I would definitely vote yes, we sailed in one in September and it's a wonderful space
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