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  1. Thanks all. I thought this would be a Viking thing that would be standard across the various cruises. This is in San Juan and (assuming everything works out) we would stay at the Sheraton across the street. Our very first cruise out of Venice they allowed us to drop off our bags even while passengers were departing. Our next cruise we flew in and arrived in the afternoon so no need for early check in. This time we would like to fly in the day before, hold our bags overnight, dump them with Viking that morning and do sightseeing until early afternoon when we can get aboard. Prefer not to have to have the hotel hold them.
  2. Hi all, Viking has a schedule as to when you get onboard and when you can get to your cabin. However, my question is not about either - instead, if we fly in a day early and only want to drop our bags off and then go sightseeing, how early can you do that? We are thinking of staying at a hotel just across the street from the cruise terminal. Instead of sticking our bags with the hotel it would be nice to just get them to Viking and be done with it.
  3. Let's assume no Viking Air, and Viking likes to use Delta out of Cleveland. I know this question could hold for any trip where one part of the trip is domestic and the other is international, but since most of our international travel is on Viking... My interesting question: what will be the Browns record this season? Go Browns!
  4. Hi, Have an interesting question - our cruise will leave from San Juan, PR - a US territory, hence a domestic flight. However, our return is from Manaus, Brazil, an international flight. Is the entire itinerary considered international (hence one bag free), or just the return trip? Thanks
  5. Thanks! Must be an older date time function (I used to do IT), but I will follow all your advice!
  6. Individual sailings - I will wait for a year out and if one hasn't been created I will create one. Wish they could order it by date of sailing!
  7. I just came across the Meet and Mingle part of Cruise Critic and I am excited about the possibility of meeting my fellow passengers. However, I don't see our sailings (Viking Sea - February 2022). My question, pretty simple I hope, do board members add the cruise or does some site administrator? Any experience of being on the meet and mingle site would also be welcome - positive or negative. Thanks much!
  8. We did this on our very first cruise (leaving Venice), however our cruise does not leave on the first day - we have an overnight in San Juan on the ship, leaving the next day at 2 pm. I would feel safe with the additional 24 hours.
  9. Hi all, We did a cruise in February where we had to travel from Cleveland to San Juan, PR. That required us to wake up at 2 am, get a ride to the airport at 3 am for a 5:30 am flight, which got us down to San Juan about 2:30 pm. Needless to say it was a very long day and wiped us out for that day. We are signed up for another cruise where once again we will leave from San Juan. My question is this: if you do Viking Air Plus, can you fly down to a connecting city (leaving at a much more reasonable time), stay overnight, and then catch the San Juan flight the next day? Or is this considered two distinct flights instead of the one with a connection? And even if it is two distinct flights will Viking Air Plus accommodate us? Thanks!
  10. We have done two cruises on Viking Ocean, with another one signed up for. We have generally liked the menu options available onboard, and we do recognize the limitations of having a floating kitchen, but as we head into our third cruise (still a year off), I would like to see how much interest exists for some sort of menu variation onboard. The world cafe has many different kinds of dishes, but they can usually do only 5 to 7 different types of entrees, Manfredi's is Italian, and the Restaurant is nicely done American (steak, salmon, and chicken). I wouldn't mind a small amount of rotating genres of dishes - Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, etc. I know the Chef's table does offer specialty dishes, but you take what is offered. Even if it is only for room service and then only a couple of dishes a night.
  11. We did a cruise in 2018 where the final payment was due 6 months before sailing. We did another cruise in 2020 where the final payment was due 8 months before sailing. We just signed up for a cruise in 2022 where the final payment is due 12 months before sailing. Wondering if people have had the same experience?
  12. Thanks all - today (June 30) is the end of one promo cycle - tomorrow is the start of the next. Will see what is different (if anything) tomorrow.
  13. On Viking's webpage where the give the details of the itinerary, there is usually a blurb that goes along the lines of "On board ship credit of $1,000 plus airfare from $999", and is then followed by "offer expires June 30, 2020". I have been following some of the potential cruises for awhile now, and I can't say that I have seen very much difference between a current offer, and say one that shows up on July 1. I thought I would put it out to this group what their experience is with "offer expires" - have you ever noticed a significant difference (except when the cruise is actually getting closer to the sailing date)? Is it just a promo pitch to get you to sign up early, or do they really have a different offer?
  14. Greetings all, Each time a shore excursion wraps up, we fill out a questionnaire about our experiences (you know, on a scale of 1 to 5 how did you like...). Are those available anywhere even in summarized form? I am sure Viking won't give it out as raw data, but something/anything would be helpful in avoiding the duds. Like letting the travel agents see something! Of course, there is always this forum, but not everyone has done each excursion, so comparison shopping is hard. Thanks, Pat
  15. Not sure what to say to that. I would think the pressure for a phase 4 clinical trial here in the states would be tremendous. My guess is the second tier manufacturing company would get a buy out offer that they would find hard to refuse. What would be far more interesting is to see how it gets priced. If it is $1,000 a hit here, and it is $100 in Canada, I'm off to Canada.
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