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  1. Personally I would not book any of the items off the Cruise Planner until cruising resumes. Things might change/cancel from what is currently shown. Just my opinion!
  2. Our first cruise together was on the Sovereign of the Seas back in 1988 then again 20 yrs later, a few days apart from one another. I believe it was the 7th voyage in '88. It's very sad & I will miss her! Like losing an old friend.
  3. All we can do is hope for the best, stay safe & healthy!
  4. Yes....If I don't get the vaccine, my chances of coming down with the virus, I feel is higher than getting the vaccine. Yes it's a chance but I'd rather take the chance with getting it. Cruising has nothing to do with it.
  5. I was booked on the Reflection Nov 13, 2020 but I'm glad I switched to a year later (but on Enchantment)
  6. In Maryland, it is required that you wear masks inside public buildings. Horrible what you experienced. You are absolutely right...think of others not just yourself!
  7. Getting the vaccine for me isn't just about cruising which it will I think will make a difference but also returning to some normalcy in life
  8. You misunderstood me.. I should have spelled it out better. What I meant was a novovirus test would be in "addition" to the Covid-19 vaccine & test ,not in place of. I'm just saying that I would not feel comfortable to cruise until the Covid-19 vaccine comes out. I think cruise to nowhere might be a good place to start cruising again . BTW, I do care quite a bit about whats happening with people lives. It's very tragic!!!
  9. Your in a different country with a lot lower numbers 86,068 cases as of today. Live in the US and say that with over 5,000,000.
  10. I have tried Bonine and others but as I said previously the patch has proven for us that it works. Not saying it works for everyone
  11. Yes of course I would wear one. I wear one in public right now. The thing is I would rather cruise after a vaccine comes out. I can't imagine what it was like on the Diamond Princess especially if you had an inside room.
  12. The patch for me & my wife is our "lifeboat". Really, we can't go on a cruise without it. I know it works for us because a long time ago we went on a "boat" shore excursion and we were bouncing all around and never felt sick, scared but not sick. Used it ever since. Yes a Dr. will prescribe it for you.
  13. For me, great idea to begin cruising again but only after a vaccine comes out. Also how about a test for the norovirus..That would be even better.
  14. We were on it 3/88 & 3/08 yes 20yrs apart. What a great ship. Will miss her. Very sad! It was our first cruise together(wife & I)
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