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  1. I found this article from The Times that has a pdf with specifics about the food and wine crossing. Caveat - I’m not sure when it was published.
  2. What a gorgeous shot! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yeah. that’s what we used to say... I’d love to hear how your dance instruction is progressing, and especially about your dances in the Queen’s Room. So exciting!
  4. How could I have forgotten Rumba? Sheesh! I blame it on the fact I have been sidelined with a foot surgery and haven’t danced in two weeks.
  5. Cha cha, swing (jive), Viennese waltz, quickstep
  6. Thank you for the report and the photos. The weather in Liverpool looks gorgeous.
  7. That was the cost per couple for us. But the daily classes are really fine and no one is critical. The classes are fun and, at least on our crossing, we learned a lot. We had never danced Quickstep before and we learned enough in our free class to be able to use it on the dance floor that evening.
  8. Free ballroom classes in the Queen’s Room every day. They are popular, so much fun, and they do different dances every day s you can use what you learned on the dance floor. They also do line dance classes (we didn’t attend those). Your Daily Programmer will tell you when the classes are. But if you want private lessons they are $70. We took many of the free classes AND a private with the dance pros.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Cricket is more important than photos, anyway. It seem like you’re having a lovely break. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what has changed in 4 years.
  10. Nothing in particular. I just love to travel along. THANKS!
  11. Bon voyage! Will there be photos? (Please?)
  12. Take a wheelchair or, short of that, some sort of supportive walking stick. Even if you don’t think you need one, you will be happy to have it in the event you DO need it. Better to coddle your knee than to stress it to a point that healing is delayed. Edited to add: A wheelchair will also be great for embarking and disembarking.
  13. There is live music in the Queen’s Room every night.
  14. When we went last year, the line for tickets was very long. I would suggest purchasing in advance. Same with the One World Trade building if you plan to go to the top.
  15. Whenever I ordered coffee with dessert they arrived together. And it was warm and drinkable. The differing experiences are interesting.
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