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  1. 😝 wow Mrs Colin Cameron must be a very patient woman ! I'm getting the blame for the delay now, I'm working from home too much !
  2. Here is the Cruise Critic article for those who don't fancy wading through the document. EU cruise guidelines
  3. I might have suggested that it would be nice if he finished the bathroom he started working on 3 years ago but I wouldn't call it a list ! We've had confirmation that we can travel more than 5 miles from home from Monday & that pubs and restaurants can open outside areas from July 13th. Pubs in England can open from 6am tomorrow morning 😱 The weather is wet & cool here so I might get chance to do something with my cruise videos this weekend.
  4. We already have a thread discussing this
  5. Thanks everyone, he's due to start on August 3rd so he's got a bit of time to finish his summer projects ! Good luck with the job hunt @Lanky Lad
  6. @Lanky Lad how annoying. In better news Mr HH got the job 🍾
  7. These are great, thanks for posting them. I really should do something with the bits of video I've taken.
  8. I spoke too soon, we now have an outbreak at a food processor in Merthyr Tydfil. At least the underlying level of cases is low so the outbreaks are easy to spot and (hopefully) contain. We will be able to form a bubble with another household from next Monday, I'm not sure we'll be anyone's first choice ! It's looking unlikely that we'll be able to have much of a party for Mr HH's birthday. Only decision is whether to postpone to later in the year or next year.
  9. Well the change in the weather has solved the problem of packed beaches for the moment ! At least they were outside where transmission seems to be less likely. I'm worried about what's going to happen once pubs reopen. No sign of that in Wales yet. Most of our cases are in the North now.
  10. He's an electrician, the job is in the locomotive repair department of a steelworks. I work there already (in a different department). It didn't start well when the building was still locked up ! He's not really sure how it went or if he is, he's not telling me !
  11. Hopefully your company will have a meaningful consultation, how many people are affected ? Sorry, got my union rep hat on ! I can't help myself. It's not the end to furlough that anyone wants but I think there will be a lot more coming before it's over. In other depressing news, our local beach made the news after some bad behaviour by people who'd definitely travelled more than 5 miles so now the car parks are closed again. At least we have Fish and Chips from the pub tonight. Hope everyone is staying safe
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that, best wishes for the job hunt. Mr HH's interview didn't start too well, they couldn't get in the building they were supposed to be using so that put one of the interviewers in a bad mood !
  13. We're near the coast so we've got a nice breeze and I'm enjoying the shade under a gazebo. I'm back in the office tomorrow so the aircon will probably be on, just need to check that it's OK to use. It's a unit just for my office so I'm hoping it'll be OK.
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