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  1. As I explained in the first post, the Cruise Critic hosts decided to start these threads on our respective boards so members had a place to stay in touch and share how things are where they live. It was felt in this time of lock downs and no cruising a little off topic discussion wouldn't hurt.
  2. There's lots of discussion about Cancellations and refunds on our other sticky
  3. That's good to hear, we didn't watch. A nice weekend here, we had Sunday lunch of Roast Lamb and Yorkshire pudding delivered from the pub opposite. I had a House Party chat with friends last night and then we watched Knives Out. Back to working from home tomorrow.
  4. That was my understanding as well.
  5. @pb_uk Thank you very much for posting, my husband has a friend on board so we have been following your progress. Have a safe journey home and if you meet Ray from South Wales say hello from Alan and Kate.
  6. @SilverHengroen I'd join you on that one, it sounds amazing !
  7. I had my eye on a Fjords cruise on QM2 this summer so that's still on my list as well !
  8. Assuming at some point in the future Cunard ships sail again, what would be your first choice of itinerary ? Let's leave all the negativity to other threads please ..... I'd like something warm weather so probably the Med, maybe the Greek Islands. In the spring or early Autumn, warm, long evenings but not too crowded or hot. How about you ?
  9. I opened a cupboard at work today, full of toilet paper and hardly anyone there to use it !
  10. @Kynance Enjoy the Waitrose trips in your new car. I was quite proud of myself when I managed to change the time in mine at the first attempt yesterday ! @Camgirl it was cottage pie with some stilton sprinkled on top. It was very good. Mr HH braved the supermarket yesterday, there was a bit of a queue to get in but he managed to get everything he wanted apart from tinned tomatoes and Cravendale milk. We had another #clapforcarers for all key workers. Because of the time change it was daylight so we could see our neighbours as well as hear them. I've had my temperature checked on the way in for 2 days now, I'm not sure how effective it is but I suppose it makes somebody feel safer. We've been asked not to use the video on Skype which is a great relief to most of us ! Stay safe everyone and Happy Friday
  11. I've been keeping in touch with people via the " House Party" app, I spoke to more people last weekend than I normally would. Our village book club is planning to use Zoom for their meeting this evening. I don't have Zoom and I haven't read the book so I'll give it a miss. I'm using Skype for business and Teams to keep in touch with colleagues and work meetings. Not much time for new hobbies but I keep thinking I should sort out my travel photographs & videos. I'm back on site tomorrow, we had an email yesterday to say they were going to start temperature checks at the entrance to the works. Apparently they had to give up this morning as the queues were so long ! More successfully the company has donated some PPE to our local health service. Mr HH has taken over cooking duties now he's between jobs, not sure what it is but it smells good !
  12. You might get more response on the roll call. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/index.php?/topic/2531075-10-January-2020-World-Cruise Did you get confirmation that Cunard or your Travel Insurance would pay before you booked your tickets ?
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