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  1. Last year we used Viking Air LAX to Athens returning via Rome along with Viking transfers. My TA worked everything and we were able to get all the dates and flights we wanted, including flying the new 787. After the fact it seemed the airfare was a little high. This year’s cruise I booked my own airfare, LAX to Stockholm, Bergen to LAX. One stop each way. Viking Air price was $4300 PP for business class. After a lot of research and watching fares I found KLM/Delta for $3200 PP in business class. One stop each way. Transfers in Stockholm will be around $75 for a taxi and in Bergen around $19 for the bus. For us, this works and leaves a lot for the Silver Spirits package😊
  2. You probably didn’t see my post explaining my post was an attempt at “humor”. But, for some self-righteous people they just need to lighten up a little😊🍷
  3. I failed to mention we didn’t have any problems getting through the Athens airport. It was pretty easy to navigate, at least the day we were there.
  4. We arrived in Athens last year (April) for our cruise around 5 PM. We had the Viking transfer that took about 2 hours since Viking waited for the other folks flying different airlines to arrive. We hit rush hour traffic and the actual drive was about 45 minutes. It all depends if you are arranging your own transfer and local traffic conditions. You never know if there will be road construction that could further impact the drive.
  5. I neglected to add a 😊 to my post to indicate humor.
  6. If all else fails and you really want a reservation at a certain time a maitre'd “friendly handshake” with $20 bill might work. It has for me in Vegas. I know some folks will think this is wrong but it does work.
  7. IF the award is 10 mil the PAX will only get around 7 K after the lawyers take their third.
  8. The class action is on behalf of 1300 passengers according to a LA newspaper. I think they are including the crew. When it’s settled the passengers will make a fraction of the 10 mil. The lawyers will make between 25 an 33%.
  9. The two St. Petersburg by Metro & On Foot tours on our June HL Cruise are both sold out. Looks like it’s a popular excursion. Hopefully, someone that has been on it will comment. You may want to check out the Ports of Call section for more info.
  10. You do not have to take the Viking tours in SPB. There are a number of private companies that offer 2 day tours that cover/visit essentially the same things Viking offers. I booked with one of these companies for about half the cost of Viking.
  11. For those that have been on an ocean cruise, food, especially hot food, is the last thing you should worry about. We have found Viking room service is very good and the food was delivered fast and it was”hot”😊
  12. Found this wine list from 2018 on a website. Pretty good selection. https://sandinmysuitcase.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Viking-Ocean-Cruises-Wine-List.pdf
  13. Yes. Don’t know the exact size but the unit fit in my shirt pocket.
  14. We did the POA cruise a few years ago and took a taxi to/from the airport. The taxi did not accept credit cards and only learned this once we were on the way to the ship. Does anyone know if taxies still do not take credit cards?
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