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  1. One more plus for NCL, on the private island you can eat at the buffet ( which isn't great but gets the job done). On carnival I just had to pay to eat at fat Tuesdays on a private beach.
  2. I just cheated on NCL with CCL. Lots of things are ship specific, depending the age and size. But my biggest annoyance with CCL was the food. The buffet was always crowded and the lay out was frustrating. If I wanted to get fries with a salad, I had to wait in 2 separate very long lines. Things were separated that I would have liked to be together. Also, the app said lunch was open until 3:30, but it closed at 2:30 so twice I missed lunch and was limited to burgers and pizza. CCL pizza is much better crust and overall but still bland. Dinner food in the MDR was much better on CCL. Needed some salt but otherwise tastier with better vegetarian options. Our carnival ships library had a bunch of games but very few books, and no kids books. Carnival app is better - can look up all the dailies and menus for the whole week. Staff was mixed, but generally friendlier on NCL. Otherwise we make our own fun and can really enjoy ourselves anywhere.
  3. Arrived in Nola around 3:30 am, judging from a the noise. After that first day, the whole thing was practically forgotten. First day at sea was a little chilly, getting a late start, but since then we have had gorgeous weather, and everything was business as usual. Took a little extra time to unwind after that, and some other travel glitches we faced, but otherwise had a fantastic week!
  4. If kids were not involved, I would consider just enjoying the week in NOLA.
  5. Staying. I have 2 kids and no vacation time left. And had to fly here. It would be a bigger hassle to leave than to stay. We are also running out of long pants and long sleeves - I may need that $100 to do laundry!
  6. Still planning on 10am. $100 credit per room. And if you want to disembark for a full refund you can.
  7. New sail time, in theory, is 10am. "No itinerary change"
  8. The lines were horrific going into the main dining rooms. We ended up at the buffet, also with crazy long lines. Over 900 kids on the ship, and the muster drill didn't end until almost 6, so everyone was going up at once. I'm hoping on other nights timing will be more spaced out. Other than that, no indication of anything other than business as usual.
  9. Official word is that Glory leaves at midnight tomorrow for Christmas week, with Cozumel moved from Tuesday to Friday.
  10. Well, I'm headed to the airport now so I can hopefully board the Glory tomorrow. I'm still not convinced this is going to happen.
  11. I was supposed to be cheating on NCL on Sunday by boarding the glory. I'm so not happy right now.
  12. How did they compensate you? Did they refund part of your original sailing, or provide future travel credit?
  13. I'm on Sunday's sailing (maybe?). They did already tell us that dining arrangement would be changed, but didn't specify how.
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