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  1. 11 hours ago, SargassoPirate said:
    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us, only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Livin' for today
    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too
    Imagine all the people
    Livin' life in peace

    wouldn't that be the perfect world. 

  2. There is a website which lists the % of single-supplement (sorry not allowed to post the link here). It looks like for 2025, HAL, P & O and MSC have the lowest percentage rate currently, but remember with increasing demand the Percentage will go up. I do cruise with Costa a lot but their single-supplement for the 2025 World Cruise has reached 100 % now (at least for the US-market this website is catering to). I had gotten a great rate with Costa for 2023 and 2024 World Cruise. Better luck for 2026 as soon as they are posted. But check the ratio sea-days/port days and I am always most concerned whether the itinerary is what I am looking for. There are a few which look like the single-supplement is a low percentage (75 - 76 %)  but the price is well over $ 100.000,00 - so out of the question for me.

  3. I have just booked a cruise with a different cruise line and being aware of service-charges/gratuities I was looking for the daily charge. Even putting it in the search column on top of the page it didn't show up. Started to wonder whether it was actually included. To make sure I went through "Things you should know" and found it buried on something like page 40. On the cruise fare only the port-fees were mentioned as due in addition. The adding service charge is such nonsense and due to the tipping policies in the US, just include it in the total of the fare. But then they would need to have to add all the other things, VAT or in the US sales-tax. Why make it easy on the consumer. Took a taxi the other day from JFK into the city and recommended service-charges start with 15 %, then 20 % and 25 % - ridiculous.

  4. Ara, I had gotten some on sale in Trieste one time and they were so comfortable that we searched for the brand, wasn't easy but I found it. Ara Shoes North America - for the US-market. But they are a German company, so you will easily find them in Europe if that is where you are located. I wear my old pair walking the dog on rough roads in the hills. So the new one's are going to be for excursions in hot weather. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, At7Seas said:

    Men definitely can do so, most locals wear flip-flops and other open shoes. But, honestly, I have never travelled as woman in a Muslim country. Another thought: when entering a mosque it is compulsory to leave the shoes at the entrance. From this I think showing toes can’t be too problematic.

    Yes, traveling as a woman in Muslim countries is not fun. When you need to take off your shoes you always need to wear socks. So I am really wondering whether as women we will be allowed to show toes, even if they are covered with socks. Need to do some more research on that.

  6. I will be on a World Cruise and be visiting several Muslim Countries with warm climate. I have these very comfortable sandals which I love to wear instead of sneakers when it is warm.


    would I be able to wear them in Muslim countries. There will be quite a lot of them on the cruise. Even if I have to wear them with socks, anything will be better then sneakers.Any experts out there who can advise me? Thanks

  7. I will be on a World Cruise and be visiting several Muslim Countries with warm climate. I have these very comfortable sandals which I love to wear instead of sneakers when it is warm.


    would I be able to wear them in Muslim countries. There will be quite a lot of them on the cruise. Even if I have to wear them with socks, anything will be better then sneakers.Any experts out there who can advise me? Thanks

  8. Thank you for all the information. I have booked it through a US-Cruise specialist. I was just going to make sure to have all the information from the cruise-line considering not residing in the UK itself, to not end up with an unpleasant surprise. Ended up with a LOT cheaper fare then Cunard had quoted me direct. The Agent was able to book me into an actual single-cabin. It is always a struggle to book single-cabins.

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  9. On 9/30/2023 at 9:50 AM, 3rdGenCunarder said:


    Yes, some people do pack meds in checked bags. When there was a storm last winter and flights were delayed/cancelled, I saw a couple interviewed on the news complaining that they couldn't get their luggage and their meds were in there. My first thought was NOBODY does that! But, obviously, some people do. Electronics, meds, jewelry stay with me. I get a little worried if my carry-on has to go into luggage storage under the bus for an airport shuttle. 

    I have to travel by Ferry to get to the airport I usually use and they insist to get your hand-luggage (so my electronics and jewelry). I tell you that is a nail-biter every time.

  10. I have just booked Cunard for the first time ever, have been on many cruise-lines before. I am going to travel for about 6 weeks in Europe and will not carry to many things, to leave room in my luggage for purchases, which I know are going to be a fact. So when it comes to Gala-nights am I going to be okay with a short cocktail-dress? Going to be moving around to much on planes, trains and ferries to carry 2 suit-cases like I do on the World Cruise.

  11. 24 minutes ago, NE John said:

    To add to confusion, the BVI uses the US$ as official currency while flying under the Union Jack.
    Good luck!! You may want to work with a travel agent. 

    lol - thanks, I will, but I want to make sure I dotted all my i's and crossed all my t's. Too old for unpleasant surprises. 

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  12. Thank you for the information. It does not let me go to the US-site automatically will have me end up on the GB site. I do reside in the Caribbean and we usually do end up on the US-sites of all cruise-lines. If they make it so complicated I just might forget about it, even the itinerary was very attractive.

  13. I am considering booking a Cunard Cruise but have some questions concerning passengers not from the UK, Read something about required insurance and will need some clarification. The website always transfers me to the UK-site. Thanks in Advance. Also any other information which will be helpful for non-UK-passengers will be appreciated.

  14. 5 hours ago, SargassoPirate said:

    For your consideration, if you wear sneakers pack a tube of either Shoe Goo or Loctite Shoe Glue for your world cruise.


    On a recent cruise I had a sneaker that started to separate the upper from the sole.  Left unattended it would have become a flapper.


    In my standard travel tool kit was a brand new tube of Loctite Shoe Glue.  I repaired the separated area, and over the course of the trip had to do two more repairs.  



    Thanks for the advise, same thing happened to me visiting the Taj Mahal Good thing I was able to purchase a pair of sketchers at New Delhi airport as replacement. But being anywhere else I would have been in trouble.

  15. I book through the US-office and I need to call and give them my credit card information to pay. On the US-site there is no link to make payments online. I also always need to pay 3 month before embarkation otherwise I lose my reservation, so I assume you have booked through a different country.

  16. 10 hours ago, sandiego1 said:

    We found that most street vendors in West Africa will take US or Euro. HAL ships typically have foreign currency that you can buy. Their rate is less than the bank rate but it was handy. Before our WC, we got about $50 per port per day in the major foreign currencies. We had too much cash as most places took credit cards. I won’t bother to get as much for our next cruise. Many of our tour guides accepted tips in US or Euros too.

    I take small bills in US-$ and everyone accepted them, we were even able to buy souvenirs in Madagaskar. As long as it is bills, they are able to exchange it at a bank. To many currencies for a World Cruise to carry. The only place I wasn't able to use US$ to purchase something was in Japan. I wouldn't try to use US$ in Europe, but most of these Asian, Pacific or South American countries I would also not be able to get the currency here from any bank.

  17. Just read this article:

    “Free at Sea” – that is the name of the all-inclusive drinks and WiFi package offered by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).

    But passengers who paid hundreds of pounds for the deal are furious to find that they face additional charges when drinking in Spanish waters. On voyages beginning at ports in Spain, and while in Spanish territorial waters during other cruises, they must pay 10 per cent in VAT on every drink.

    The tax also applies if they dine at one of the “specialty” restaurants on board an NCL ship. A meal in one of these à la carte restaurants is included in the package – but “Free at Sea” passengers now face a bill for tax on the cost of whatever they order.

    People who had booked the package, which typically costs £20 per person per day, were told: “10 per cent VAT will be applied to all food and beverage purchases made onboard, including purchases made under our Unlimited Open Bar or Specialty Dining packages, for certain sailings departing from Spain or any European itinerary while in Spanish waters.”

    The authorities in Madrid take the view that as tourists on dry land pay tax on their food and drink, those aboard ships should do the same.

    The policy was brought in during the spring of 2023. But passengers who bought packages after it was introduced were told only later that “inclusive” did not include Spanish tax.

    Anyone aware of this new tax.

  18. I don't know why I keep on missing this. I have been on Costa World Cruise this January and we had maid-service twice a day. I just happened to tell the cabin-steward not to do my cabin in the evening.

    I am also a solo-cruiser and have just recently looked into Cruises to Asia and was shocked with the cost for solo-travelers. As a matter of fact HAL had a special on a cruise I was interested in, but talking with the HAL-staff on the phone, the special only applied for per person double-occupancy, so their cabin-price would have been $ 8000 but mine for single-occupancy 9200.00 - Go figure😐.

    Don't think I will check into too many HAL cruises in the future. I believe in better taking 3 cruises at one line instead of only 2 on another line - or when it comes to the Luxury lines - taking 3 cruises for the price of 1 on their line - just not a question for me. Will be in the same ports and the excursions I am booking are of my choosing.

    Looking at that HAL cruise I also checked out full-internet service and the price on HAL would have been $ 34.00 per day - I just had an offer for a special on Costa for the World Cruise of Euro 14.00 ($ 16.10 per day). But that probably will all change anyhow after Starlink is installed on all ships. At least I hope it will change and prices go down.

    The app is not available for the US-market (and for the Caribbean market, since that is my phone-provider - it is a problem with the App-supplier). I was on the ship for 128 days and did not need the app. Menues were available on paper or you could download them on the table, excursions I had pre-booked. To get an update on my account I was able to get at the reception, whenever I asked for it. Oldtimer as I am printed was actually better for me to recheck.

    Only on the last day they had a problem with the printer and e-mailed accounts to your e-mail, but I had managed to get mine before the printer gave problems.

    The water issue is also something I don't quite understand, when I was on HAL, Princess and P&O when I wanted bottled water I was charged for it, so I don't see any difference with being charged on Costa. Having the drink-package I get water with lunch and dinner and 1/2 l a day to take with me, so if I want more, it is not going to break the bank to pay for it and there is a Water-package - 13 l. bottles (at least on the 2024 World Cruise for Euro 37.00 - bre-booked, now I think Euro 42.00 pre-booked.)

    If you are accustomed to larger portions for dinner - you can always order 2 dinners 😂🤣😂

    Everyone of the Staff spoke English and I had plenty of people to talk to, in English and in German, since I do also speak German. The people on my table for Dinner were English speaking.

    We had gotten a Special for a sail on RCL last summer, which wasn't priced badly for 2 single-cabins, but it was on Sale, so not sure what their normal single-supplement is.

    Just go and compare what all is included, check for example cruise critic here whether you see any Drink-price lists for the individual lines, I know someone posted to one for Costa just recently.

    Whatever you choose - ENJOY


  19. I think it also depends on the dates you are traveling. During school-vacation times you will find families, students or people who work and take advantage of the public holidays to make the most out of their vacation-days. We were on HAL around South America which included Christmas/New Year and was also sold in segments, so the segment with Christmas/New Year had a lot of young people,

  20. In My Drinks package drinks in the minibar are not included, not sure about My Drinks Plus My friend had everything taken out of the minibar and put the things into it, which she wanted to have handy in her cabin, but picked up from the bar and some fruits. I am planning to do the same on my next cruise. Maybe take along an insulated cup with cover if I want to keep anything cold which comes in a glass. Thanks to the member who just put up the current price lists for drinks I have decided now to add My Drinks to my booking. Most drinks I usually pick are E 9.30 - so the upgrade should pay for itself 😄So if you like Red Bull, pick it up at the bar and put it in your fridge. Not sure what comes in a can - therefore the insulated cup for me, but wouldn't work for fizzy drinks.

  21. I would look at the price lists and decide from there whether any package will actually pay off for you. Consider that you might be off the ship all day when you are in port. I noticed that I am better off just to pay what I do actually consume and with so many different needs for the different people in your group you might want to think about it. But I am fortunate to have the package of wine, beer and water with lunch and dinner included in my fare and I do book the water-bundle. I was on HAL one time and sitting with a young lady at the bar and the bar-tender talked us into the drink-package. I had to go back to guest-services the following day to cancel it because there was no way I would consume $ 49.00 a day on drinks.

  22. 2 minutes ago, gkbiiii said:

    But you wanted a LONG Cruise, Royal's is 274 days!

    I don't really want a 274 days cruise. I did miss my Adult Children, our dog and my friends, so I think the regular 4 month cruises will be enough for me right now. Again, if I would not be so close to my Children (we live in the same complex) I might like the 274 days cruise. 

  23. 43 minutes ago, gkbiiii said:

    Also, if you book a World Cruise on MSC, you get Some Drinks and roughly 16 Comped Shore Excursions. 

    I had 15 shore excursions included in my 2023 cruise and will also have 15 shore excursions included in my 2024 cruise. In 2023 one shore-excursions was to Petra, which is usually pretty high priced. I also had/have on both World Cruises wine, beer and water with all lunches and dinners. I do usually not need much more then that - besides my Cappuccinos, like them better then regular coffee which is included. I do not have a problem with inside cabin, because they are usually more quiet then balcony cabins. I live right on the ocean with a spectacular view to other islands, so do not need regular water views and whenever we enter or depart from a port I can go on deck or I will see it from the Dining room, deck or buffet-restaurant. 


    "World cruise includes: RT Business Class Air, Premium Transportation Airport/Hotel/Pier, Pre-Hotel Gala, 7 World Wonders Shore Excursions, Deluxe Beverage Package, Gratuities, Laundry, & Wifi."


    My $ 40.000 included all this, besides my air was Premium Economy, it included all my excursions not just 7, it included Wine, Beer and water with lunch and dinner and the regular drink-package, the gratuities, Laundry and Wifi and the insurance. it did not include my transfer to the ship which run me about $ 26.00 or the pre- or after hotel, not sure how much they were but we did stay in Venice after the cruise for 3 nights. In 2024 pre and after hotel run to a total of $ 320.00 - covering 5 nights. 


    But again what is right for me might not be right for you. That I do not miss water views is most probably an exception from other people. 

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