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  1. Mine was picked up by our mail carrier late on 10/21. At 4:24 PM the next day, an e-mail was sent that my vote had been counted. No USPS delay and, considering the high number of mailed ballots, fast service by the election center.
  2. I'd especially like mine served on a ship - maybe eaten on the balcony with a beverage.
  3. @puppycanducruise I agree that "Chocolate day should be everyday." HAL seems to think so too. If only we could take advantage of them.
  4. Didn't have time to post these yesterday. I often drove the 1964 Corvair convertible while teaching in NC. After moving to IL, sold it 3 times to the same NC friend! Last time was when his daughter turned 16. DH still has the 1965 Corvair 4-door.
  5. Our Feb 2019 Koningsdam Roll Call wasn't organized enough to request a M&G. At the last minute we decided to meet on Starboard side of Crow's Nest (Captain's Corner) the afternoon of our second Sea Day.
  6. I am so sorry. May memories be a comfort to you, your family and friends.
  7. She's docking right now. Still wouldn't prefer that ship, but I might get desperate .....
  8. What a great idea. I'm sure those doing the cleanup could use the income - and then some.
  9. Glad that you are safely home and that your efforts were appreciated and satisfying. Sorry to hear your MIL is in pain. Hope it can be eased if not cured.
  10. I too noticed this "conflict" when VMax1700 made his monthly post. However, our cruise cannot be changed. Booked it last October after coordinating schedules with DD and DS - it was the only one that met everyone's wants/needs. If the cruise does go, I'll report back how much the group size interfered with our enjoyment of the cruise. Our focus will be on the Alaskan scenery rather than onboard activities. DD and DS rented a cabana, we and DS have balconies. Having lived many years near the Gaithers' hometown, we don't anticipate a problem with their focus. In fact, DD was in a church choir that used his cantata arrangements.
  11. Wonderful news. May subsequent reports be as good.
  12. sorry to hear. Comforting thoughts to the family and all her friends.
  13. Take care. Drive safely. Etc. (We're all parents giving advice here because we care!)
  14. Glad to hear that. Hope surgery goes well.
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