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  1. Well, this is good news. Excellent! Thank you all for the info.
  2. It has been intermittent. It's been happening at least for the last several hours.
  3. That's great....I know it seems like a little thing but I always get the beverage package on a cruise and I appreciate the convenience.
  4. Religious Order Nuns and Priests, etc take vows of poverty. Parish priests receive a monthly stipend and can use it as they see fit - they do not take vows of poverty. They have to put away for their own retirement, savings, etc. I know this because I have good priest friends and was looking into religious life for many years when I was younger.
  5. And I wouldn't mind that a double shot is 2 drinks - wouldn't bother me one bit. It was just one of those things that bugged me not being able to get. A lot of people enjoyed Princess - we were on with Travel Agent friends and she said service was terrible. But, based on that one cruise I will never sail Princess even though people say it is similar to Celebrity - for us, it was just a bad cruise and our TA said she was shocked as well. I only bring this up because HAL falls under Carnival Corp and that's why HAL concerns me.
  6. DH and I have never sailed Holland America and have been fairly avid Celebrity fans. We always get the drink package so it is more like an all inclusive. We went on a Princess cruise once and was very disappointed with the package. I could not get a can of soda at a bar and had to go to the Lido if I wanted a soda which I found very annoying - and the ginger ale I was getting didn't taste like Ginger Ale AT ALL. I had my friends taste it, my spouse taste it - but because I had the package, they simply would not give me a can. Also, if I wanted a double shot, I was unable to get it - this was annoying because we like to spend time on our balcony and I like to sip my drink and read - not go back out to a bar and wait for another drink. Is Holland like Princess in this regard? I know it may not seem like a big deal to many but the convenience factor is a big deal for me. I would like very much to consider HAL because I like the fact that there is a priest on board and I can attend daily Mass - and this would work out great for me if HAL could become a contender.
  7. We have been sailing Celebrity and have noticed lots of cutbacks and higher prices to boot. Looking at giving HAL a shot. I certainly appreciate your comparisons. Thank you.
  8. DH and I are actually thinking of booking a cruise on HAL after having sailed on Celebrity for several years. Celebrity has been cutting back drastically and their prices have been increasing dramatically compared to what they were a few years ago. Celebrity does monitor CC boards and they have CC parties on board. Not sure if HAL does this or not.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. She will be missed by her family and her cruise critic family. Condolences to all who loved her.
  10. Haven't booked a new cruise in a year. Have one planned in January and one the end of October which we are considering cancelling simply because Celebrity has been slipping. I don't like where Celebrity has been going at all...cutting and raising the prices A LOT. Normally we would have cruises booked out for the next 2 years but I will not just throw my hard earned money away when Celebrity is charging more and giving me less.
  11. Emotional support pets are not allowed. As for allergies....I am highly allergic to dogs so for those that say they break out in rashes etc....I do that with dogs. I do it with cats too but have built up enough immunities by having cats my entire life (allergy doctor says my parents did me a great favor). I take constant allergy medicine but dogs will still put me over but I would never say someone should not have a service dog.
  12. Same here. For the first time we have only 2 cruises booked...both for next year...one in January and the other October. We may cancel the latter. We looked at booking more cruises but the pricing is now out of control with Celebrity and we will choose another type of vacation or another line. We love Celebrity but not at any cost.
  13. DH and I will be on Summit end of October for a 15 night Panama Canal Cruise. Then it does another 15 night Panama Canal Cruise and I'm not sure where it goes the end of November.
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