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  1. We stayed at the Colon and had a room with a cathedral view, lovely room but the clock on the cathedral chimes loudly on the hour all night! As we are light sleepers we asked to be moved to another room. But other than that a great hotel in a great location.
  2. Now that the US has opened up to us Brits we are thinking about booking the Ovation cruise from Los Angeles to Miami in January 2022. My question is this cruise stops off at countries that are on the UK Red List ie Costa Rica, Mexico. Does that mean we cannot do this cruise or if we do would we have to quarantine at a hotel on our return to the UK?
  3. We are on Ovation in September and have been given a 4.00 pm check in time. Is it worth turning up a bit earlier in the hope of boarding before 4.00 or are Seabourn strict with boarding times?
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