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  1. Am on this years Oceania WC. Egypt, to our sorrow, has been cancelled. No Visa for China. These ripoff artists will still sell you a unneccessary Visa.Several other ports have waived short term Visas too. Beware!,
  2. Beware of excess medical charges on Oceania. Bring your own equipment. They ripped off my GF years ago. All the ships few wheel chairs may be taken.
  3. Always book a cabin with cabins above and below. NO public spaces.
  4. Sounds good but how about the quality of the cut? I think I have a spa credit , Will be Platinum I think. Thanks.
  5. On WC. Anyone know pricing and quality, of cuts ? I assume one can use OBC?
  6. How many for each on full 180 day 2024 Insignia?
  7. Are these transfers to /from airport for cruiser too or just bags?
  8. Barbara, You will stand out. Been on 130 days Insignia .Long cruises, people from all over world. Almost no cocktail dresses. Save the cocktail dresses for alternate dining rooms and Captains parties. But if you do not mind being stared at, go for it. Only my opinion.
  9. We are Seniors looking for a day tour from Safaga. Oceania Insignia May 24, 24. Our concern is most on line meet you at port entrance, not cruise pier. Entrance may be a mile away Anyone with a good recent affordable experience ? Any companies to stay away from?
  10. EAGLE CREEK wheelie bags. Mine are 20 yrs. old. Lifetime guarantee.
  11. Attempting to find a non ship excursion on May 24. They range from 20s to $100s. Satisfaction and problems do not correspond to pricing. Anyone with experience or suggestions? On Oceania. Thanks.
  12. Be sure to check out many DISCOUNT cruise agencies 7% of total commission is acceptable. Spend some time, effort and you will be rewarded .You want cash, not gift cards.
  13. Anyone have any info on missing excursions? I was looking forward to this port.
  14. Kitten heals, sort of sandals with an 1nch heel.
  15. I had always wanted to do a long cruise but never found a cruise mate. Tried the now defunct Crruisemates, com. for 71N Insignia 2015 WC segment. Found another Western lady, also a Realtor, investor, type A. We did several longer O cruises. Alas, she recently died of a heart attack and maybe Diabetes type 1. I have since cruised, mainly on O, with my boyfriend. On 2024 WC for total cruise.
  16. New version 05/23 of Istanbul Kart for transport in Istanbul works fine, provided you can speak Turkish! I speak English, as do most tourists here. After spending time on English language info sites trying to decipher the kiosk button strokes to get a card at the Istanbul Kart machines, I had a local help me. You need to use Turkish banknotes, 100 lira is best. Insert banknote. Card costs 50 lira, rest is 9.99 lira per transport ride = 5 rides. Insert card or hold on screen, wait for machine to (hopefully) scan the card, top up as needed (good luck) then tap card on turnstile to clear turnstile. Worked once for me, not again. Credit cards not accepted. Get card employee at airport to help you. No help anywhere else. Worst machine interface I have ever used. Several other travelers complained about loosing their banknotes in the kart machine. No more Istanbul for me anytime soon, 3 mile walk from cruise port to Sultanahmet! Istanbul municipal government needs to join the 20th century and make their machines multilingual like the rest of the world, especially for a heavily visited site like Istanbul. Bon voyage Istanbul.
  17. I would never consider a long cruise on a NEWBIE cruise line.,Staff will not be broken in May not be a large enough financial cushion to insure quality dining, entertainment etc. The 3 year timeframe to them is mandatory for them . They will have your money and you will be ripped off.
  18. Whats the price percentage difference between the Ss and lowest priced regular single cabin? I was in 6030 for 71 days in 2015 with a friend. 6030 and cabin directly across from it are the only SI would accept.
  19. Do both. Spend some time on Amsterdam site. Gorgeous nighttime canal views. These one hour rides one of lower priced Amsterdam activities.
  20. Always book directly with O to insure a cabin. Find out when date for final payment is. Thats when cancellations occur and. cabins will come back on line. Book your own air though. I could tell you some horror stories using O air. I call it the Miami factor. I lived down there for 8 years and moved back to Colorado.
  21. Crew will let you know if they are leaving WC. I have done 2 WCs on Oceania, tips were included! Am on 2024 too. I read here some lady budgeted 10K for tips on a HAL WC, no way.
  22. Bus is the cheapest: around 1..5 Euro .Great bus system. All the way to ,Menton on bus along the sea for same price .Mountain.buses too.
  23. Oceania is a small outfit,tightknit. To insure best luck, book directly with O.. You will get cabin availability and brochures before general public. Especially true with WCs and waitlists. Always put a deposit on any waitlist and submit more than one.
  24. May I use OBC on Marina towards ladies haircut? Whats pricing? Anyone had a cut recently?
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