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  1. 100% appreciate your perspective and look forward to hearing more!
  2. I had a whole long write-up about Wonderland that got lost and I can't bear to write it all again tonight. I was trying to delete a picture and hit the backspace key which instead invoked the Back button on the webpage. Normally CC is pretty good at caching a reply, but for some reason it was caching my previous post instead. I decided to keep the pictures and will rewrite the commentary on my next update. Lessons learned!
  3. Day 5 - Coco Cay at last Breakfast We had breakfast in the MDR again. We definitely prefer eating in a dining room to eating in the buffet most times, even if it's basically the same food. I know the buffet is quicker, but we enjoy the ritual of a sit down meal with family. Part of it is the experience of a paced, shared meal together, and another part is my wife and I just like the experience of eating out. Neither of us got to eat out at restaurants very often growing up, so I guess we're making up for lost time. After breakfast we went back to the room to get ready for Coco Cay. Coco Cay I was extremely impressed by Coco Cay, it is definitely worth the hype, especially if you have young children. We didn't book anything on the island, and were glad we didn't, because there was so much to do without having to spend a dime. The island wasn't too busy since we were sailing at reduced capacity. We started in one of the kids water play areas, Splashaway Bay. After spending an hour or so here, we went to one of the beach areas (I think Harbor Beach) and relaxed in some empty loungers while our kids played in the sand and water. I was surprised we were able to even find any shaded loungers at midday, it must have been because the island wasn't that busy. We ate lunch in one of the Grill's, I think Chill Grill. Food was decent, about the same quality as the Windjammer. The taco bar was surprisingly decent, and the sandwiches were ok although a few dried out sitting in the warming trays for too long (I tried the ribeye and the cuban). I finally got to try the Chilla Thrilla beer - it was fine, a light, slightly fruity beach beer. I also learned something trying to order a soda - I ordered a Diet Coke, and they initially gave me a can, and when I told them I had the Refreshment Package, they took it back and gave me a plastic cup of flat soda out of a 2-liter bottle. Something to keep in mind when you're on the island. I also grabbed some food from the Snack Shack. The burger and chicken sandwich were both pretty good, about on par or a little better than good fast food quality. The mozzarella sticks were ok, their fatal flaw was they tasted baked instead of fried. I did not get to try the funnel cake, I ran out of hands. We spent the remainder of the day in the Oasis Lagoon. There were more drink shenanigans - I ordered a virgin Coco Loco for myself and an alcoholic one for my wife from one of the wandering servers. Mine was fine but my wife's was chunky and separated, so I asked her to remake it (not trying to be difficult but I'm not paying 15 bucks for that). She didn't take the original but I figured she'd grab it when she got back. When she got back with the 2nd drink I went to sign the check but both drinks were on there. I had to explain what I meant by getting the drink remade, and eventually she did understand what I meant and was able to take the first drink off the check, but it was weird that I had to explain the concept to her. I guess they're just so used to everyone having the drink package that their default if someone doesn't like their drink is to put in another order. We like having the drink package on NCL since it's usually included in their promotions (plus a few hundred for gratuities), but there's no way we're drinking the 1k worth of drinks the package would have cost us, especially with young kids. The Oasis Lagoon itself was awesome. It is HUGE. My older son and I spent probably 45 minutes just swimming all around it. We finally found my sister (who we hadn't seen since breakfast) at the swim up bar hanging out with a friend she made earlier in the cruise. She told us in the morning she had planned to spend most of the day there, so I figured I'd find her there. We headed back to the ship to get ready for dinner. My kids had a blast, they still talk about Coco Cay and keep asking when we're going back ("ask mom!" I tell them - I'm a much bigger fan of cruising than she is) 😀
  4. Day 4 - Sea Day I felt fine in the morning, and pretty much for the rest of the cruise. I didn't want to take any chances, so even later on once we had our one port day and my patch fell off, I still put a 2nd one on. I don't know if it's an issue of it taking time to get my sea legs or if the patch takes 24 hours to work for me. I thought it was supposed to start working after the first few hours of having it on? Breakfast I don't have any pictures from breakfast (also writing this 3 months later doesn't help), but I think we ate at Cafe Two70 for breakfast. We had a nice breakfast sitting in Two70 in between trying to keep our kids from rubbing bacon grease all over the furniture. I had the Royal egg muffin sandwich, which I enjoyed. We dropped our kids off at the kids club and went our late morning reservation for the escape room. We had a good group and it was a lot of fun (we've never done one before). We had an hour and I think we finished in 33 minutes or so. It wasn't the best time that week (22 minutes) but it was still pretty good, we heard some groups had trouble finishing it. They do give you hints from time to time to get it moving so you don't get stuck. I would definitely do one again. Lunch Again no pictures from lunch, but we ate at the WindJammer. I remember finding more things I liked, but still kept it light. We had a made to order pasta dish from the pasta station and some Indian food. We ate in the outside eating area in the aft of the ship, which was actually a great place to sit and eat and watch the wake of the ship. It was never busy out there and I'm surprised more people didn't take advantage of it. Maybe people just don't venture far out enough to discover it. Dinner We had a reservation for Jamie's tonight, and had the best meal of the cruise. It was much better than its NCL counterpart, La Cucina. I hear Jamie's is on its way out to be replaced with Giovanni's Table, which is sad because we really enjoyed it. It really is an excessive amount of food, so come hungry. For appetizers, we ordered almost one of everything. Everything was very good. We did get the meat plank but I forgot to grab a pic. Garlicky Prawns Tomato Bruschetta Black Truffle Arancini and Crispy Squid I wanted to try as many different things as possible, so I got a relatively light entree which was also recommended by the server. I really wanted to try the lasagna but I knew it would be too heavy. I ordered the Lamb Chops and 2 small portions of the Truffle Tagliatelle and the Tagliatelle Bolognese. My wife got the Eggplant Parm, I think my sister got the Prawn Linguine, and my kids got spaghetti. The lamb was excellent and definitely worth the recommendation, and the truffle pasta was every bit as good as everyone says it is. The bolognese pasta was good as well, and my wife and sister enjoyed their entrees. It was an embarrassing amount of food. Lamb Chops Scottadito Eggplant Parm and Spaghetti Prawn Linguine and Garlic Roll Truffle Tagliatelle Tagliatelle Bolognese We ordered some sides as well, these were probably the only things we got that we didn't enjoy as much. The Funky Fries in particular were not good. I thought they would be normal size fries, or something like the Smash Fries from Smashburger, but they were super thick and kind of dry. The Polenta fries were decent, but definitely not chips in the US sense of the word. I didn't have any of the salad so I can't comment on it. Arugula and Parmesan Salad Polenta "Chips" and Funky Fries We finally finished with the dessert plank. Overall decent, with my top 2 being the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake and the Tiramisu. The brownie was decent and the pavlova was ok but too sweet and definitely the least favorite of the table. The kids ate the sorbet and most of the ice cream. Dessert Plank - Sorbet, Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, Raspberry Pavlova, Tiramisu, Homemade Brownie, Ice Cream I'm not sure what we did the rest of the evening, but I think we called it an early night to get ready for Coco Cay in the morning. Llama with Glasses says goodnight!
  5. I found a picture of my wife's dessert I left out of the last post, she had the lemon meringue pie. I guess it's more a meringue pie with a hint of lemon. Who's ever going to eat that much meringue??
  6. Thanks! You read them all the time on CC and it isn't until you actually write one that you realize how much work they are.
  7. This! Food in the Haven was definitely better than the dinners I had in Coastal Kitchen. I honestly can't think of a single item I had in Coastal Kitchen that was better than what I've had in the Haven. I will say that the service in CK was nearly flawless, much better than what we've experienced in the Haven. Haven dinner service wasn't bad, just not exceptional.
  8. Thanks for the tip, we will definitely try it when we're on. I think one of the sweet drinks I splurged on was the Rebellious Fish, it was ok but I didn't love it. Strawberry, lemon and basil sound amazing, you can't go wrong with berries and citrus. Our wedding cake had raspberry puree and lemon curd, so you know we're fans 😀
  9. Are you on the ship now? Did they change the decor at all?
  10. Going to be on the Bliss in a month, thanks for this!!
  11. Are they going to renovate the space or just plaster American Diner signs over the Margaritaville ones?
  12. Congrats, I’m jealous! We’re restricted by our kid’s schedules, they can’t miss too much school. It’s our first time on the Bliss and we’re excited! Really looking forward to the District Brewhouse and Food Republic.
  13. The 8th, going to miss you by a week. Are you doing a B2B?
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