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  1. We enjoy Carnival, Royal, and NCL. I do agree the CD has a larger presence on Carnival (which is something we enjoy). But we still enjoy Royal and NCL as we enjoy their entertainment a lot better (especially as I work in the theatre) and their activities on their newer ships. When deciding on a line for a cruise, we mainly look at price, itinerary, and what the ship has to offer for the week we are available.
  2. DD (15) and I are planning on doing the Behind the Fun Tour together on the Breeze this summer. I understand that at the end of there is a small cocktail reception. As she is too young to have alcoholic drinks and does not drink soda, do you think they will allow her to get a free freshly squeezed OJ, a free specialty tea or coffee, or onboard credit towards the coffee shop instead (one of these, not all three)? Thanks in advance!
  3. If they are going in the same direction as RC and NCL, they will charge you for the coaster. It's a neat concept though.
  4. They would not do a play. They also probably can't get rights to it with it being on broadway now. Also, it's a terribly written play, as much as I love Harry Potter (but I am also a theatre and broadway nerd).
  5. Don't get the free bottle of wine, it is not a good wine. Instead, get a significant discount on a bottle of your choice.
  6. I would say RC does it best with Star Class, then NCL Haven, then RC Sky Class/Gold Card suites (on ships without Royal Suite Class), then RC Sea class, with Carnival Suites at the bottom. Hopefully the Excel Suites are good on the Mardi Gras, perks-wise.
  7. The most equivalent to Chops would either be lunch in Cucina del Capitano or Jiji's Asian Kitchen. Cucina del Capitano is the specialty Italian restaurant that is a $15 up-charge for dinner. During lunch, it turns into Captain's Pasta Bar. This is a create your own pasta restaurant where you choose your pasta, protein(s), vegetables(s), etc. You can also get caesar salad and lasagna. Jiji's is the Asian specialty restaurant that is a $15 up-charge for dinner. It is a create your own stir-fry restaurant during lunch known as Mongolian Wok. These two options are included in your cruise. For an up-charge, you can go to Bonsai Sushi, which is an a la carte sushi restaurant. The steakhouse is not open for embarkation lunch.
  8. We were able to get VFIP credit on my 96' cruise on the Fascination and DH's cruises on the Tropicale and Jubilee (only provided date for Jubilee). For some odd reason, we both got VFIP credit for all three cruises (21 more points for both of us)?!
  9. Following! Doing the same cruise in August!
  10. I used the file past cruises option in my VFIP account profile. I emailed scans of the S&S card and photos to carnival at guestsolutionssupport@carnival.com. It worked for the S&S card, just emailed photos today so I have not heard back.
  11. Mine looks like your 4/27/96 Fascination one, I even had late dining in the Imagination dining room:-) . I want to keep it though for the memory!
  12. Thank you; however, he knows the date but unfortunately has no physical proof of it.
  13. Unfortunately we don't have any information such as S&S cards or voyage numbers. However, he does have the year and emailed his sister to get the exact date. Hopefully the photos will work as they did for a few of you. But we don't have any documentation of the Jubilee. His parents probably threw out all of the documentation information for all of his childhood cruises when they moved so they would have less things to move with. We just submitted an old S&S card of my 96' cruise on the Fascination and got an email from Carnival saying I will get credit for it.
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