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  1. The daily "port talks" as well as educational lectures were always well worth the while.
  2. Shaky at best IMHO. I'm not at all optimistic about our July Homelands even.
  3. Many years ago the Burns Society of New York ordered in a great many cases of Haggis for one of it's gatherings. Customs officials refused to allow the shipment off the docks on the grounds that it's contents were "unfit for human consumption."
  4. The Scots didn't eat Haggis because they liked it. It was all they had left after the Laird got his due. Guess why the Swedes are fond of lingonberries.
  5. Only a couple of weeks in Edinburgh and The Highlands. Never thought of the food as "great grub" although much of it was quite good. When I think of "great grub" Italy and France come much more quickly to mind.
  6. We docked at every stop except Icy Strait. Maybe just got lucky?
  7. He (actually they) did not "mislead" me, "mislead" is Viking corporatespeak. He flat out lied to me. I was in the first round of cancellations. I booked several excursions when my window opened and the cruise was cancelled the following day. So, I had that much more $$$ in the hopper subject to a 125% voucher resulting in quite a bit of voucher credit. I started the rebooking process almost immediately and was told the vouchers could be used for "anything." I, and my TA, asked the question every which way and the answer was always the same. My MVJ showed the voucher credit as "shipboard credit
  8. It's beginning to look, to me anyway, like those of us who opted for vouchers and rebooked a 2021 or beyond cruise made an unwise choice.
  9. Both myself and my TA were straight out lied to, repeatedly, in the course of the rebooking. I can assure you that if I opt for a full refund I will get one.
  10. I think if the rebooking cancels it will be time to bail.
  11. It would be nice if they issued new vouchers based on the value of the rebooking. Too much to expect I imagine.
  12. Please forgive me if this is already covered elsewhere. I have a cruise booked for summer 2021 that is essentially a rebooking of the same cruise we had planned for summer 2020. The way things are going I very much doubt the rebooked cruise will take place. Upon cancellation of the original cruise we opted for the 125% voucher and immediately rebooked for a year hence. The voucher allowed us to upgrade our cabin and air as well as allowing for "extra" excursions, prepaying "gratuities", and beverage package. Long story short I was also able to negotiate substantial OBC. In other wo
  13. Handing out a "Viking" ID holder/lanyard combination along with the cruise documents holder seems like a reasonable thing to do.
  14. Rangers have a way of knowing what they're talking about. Well worth paying attention to.
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