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  1. Somebody beat me to the waffle.
  2. The longer this goes the more I wish I'd taken the refund.
  3. The train ride from Anchorage to Denali is spectacular as is the bus from Anchorage to Seward. The bus ride in the park even more so. Put all thoughts of seeing the mountain out of your mind. Visit Aurora Dora in Talkeetna.
  4. Refreshing to see someone else having a problem with the semantics. Whatever it is, Viking's choice of what to call it and their obfuscation of what it is rankles. Do crew really know "up front" the % of their compensation that comes directly from you or I? If a portion of their compensation came from actual gratuities in the common use of the word their pay would vary, perhaps wildly, from cruise to cruise --- would it not? I believe it's pretty clear that "gratuities" are really contributions to the payroll fund of the company. A slush fund if you will. Count me among those who feel that including these payments in the cost of the product would be much more transparent and much less annoying.
  5. Can you substantiate your "5 or 6 times a month" claim? I'm hardly the only person here who questions how "gratuities" are gathered and distributed. I have no problem with the people to whom they are reputedly paid. Is Viking really so "much better" than all the other cruise lines in this regard or any other? How do the others remain in operation if Viking is so superior? If I become another of the vociferous Viking cheerleaders who abound here will you be happier with my posts?
  6. What color are the leaves on your planet?
  7. Being happy to have a job and being happy IN their job are two different things. Third world people kissing your ass to keep their job or increase their "gratuities" is not a recent phenomena.
  8. You will not be happier. The fact that they expect you to pay salaries via prepaid "gratuities" makes them no better than the rest.
  9. You really think you're going to see "normal" again?
  10. That's their business plan ----- take it or leave it.
  11. How much ----- oh never mind.
  12. Viking likes to get interest free loans. And they get away with it.
  13. One of the pitches you always from a new car salesman is that you should think about buying now because there is a deal, blah, blah, blah, that expires soon. What they don't tell you is that there is always another deal.
  14. An aircraft crashes right on the Russia/China border. Where do you bury the survivors?
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