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  1. He (actually they) did not "mislead" me, "mislead" is Viking corporatespeak. He flat out lied to me. I was in the first round of cancellations. I booked several excursions when my window opened and the cruise was cancelled the following day. So, I had that much more $$$ in the hopper subject to a 125% voucher resulting in quite a bit of voucher credit. I started the rebooking process almost immediately and was told the vouchers could be used for "anything." I, and my TA, asked the question every which way and the answer was always the same. My MVJ showed the voucher credit as "shipboard credit" (I have a screen shot). Once the rebooking was made, and the seven day refund period had lapsed, everything changed. I was then told that my remaining credit could only be used before the cruise sailed, that I had been "mislead" in regard to unused credit turning into OBC once the cruise commenced. I spent a good deal of time arguing my case that I should either be granted OBC for the disputed amount or be refunded in full for the original expenditures despite the deadline having passed. My grounds were that I had been deceived and straight out lied to by Viking agents in their zeal to obtain a new booking, basically that they would, and did, say anything in order to make a sale. Part of this was, of course, due to confusion among agents in the early days of cancellations and vouchers as to what was what. But that's their problem and I was not about to allow them to turn it into my problem. Long story short, I prevailed. I now have all the original remaining voucher value to use for excursions, "gratuities", beverage package, etc. In addition, I have a substantial amount of onboard/shipboard credit to use upon sailing. The squeaky wheel, as they say, got the grease. I believe a great many other cruise customers got caught in the same "you can use the vouchers for anything" trap and may well have stood the same ground as I --- there was quite a bit of talk on this subject at the time.
  2. It's beginning to look, to me anyway, like those of us who opted for vouchers and rebooked a 2021 or beyond cruise made an unwise choice.
  3. Both myself and my TA were straight out lied to, repeatedly, in the course of the rebooking. I can assure you that if I opt for a full refund I will get one.
  4. I think if the rebooking cancels it will be time to bail.
  5. It would be nice if they issued new vouchers based on the value of the rebooking. Too much to expect I imagine.
  6. Please forgive me if this is already covered elsewhere. I have a cruise booked for summer 2021 that is essentially a rebooking of the same cruise we had planned for summer 2020. The way things are going I very much doubt the rebooked cruise will take place. Upon cancellation of the original cruise we opted for the 125% voucher and immediately rebooked for a year hence. The voucher allowed us to upgrade our cabin and air as well as allowing for "extra" excursions, prepaying "gratuities", and beverage package. Long story short I was also able to negotiate substantial OBC. In other words, we have quite a bit of extra value in the hopper for the rebooked cruise. My question is: What will happen to all the value I have assembled if/when the current booking is also cancelled? Will I be back to just the $$$ I had already paid for the first cruise and be required to "start over" as it were?
  7. Handing out a "Viking" ID holder/lanyard combination along with the cruise documents holder seems like a reasonable thing to do.
  8. Rangers have a way of knowing what they're talking about. Well worth paying attention to.
  9. Somebody beat me to the waffle.
  10. The longer this goes the more I wish I'd taken the refund.
  11. The train ride from Anchorage to Denali is spectacular as is the bus from Anchorage to Seward. The bus ride in the park even more so. Put all thoughts of seeing the mountain out of your mind. Visit Aurora Dora in Talkeetna.
  12. Refreshing to see someone else having a problem with the semantics. Whatever it is, Viking's choice of what to call it and their obfuscation of what it is rankles. Do crew really know "up front" the % of their compensation that comes directly from you or I? If a portion of their compensation came from actual gratuities in the common use of the word their pay would vary, perhaps wildly, from cruise to cruise --- would it not? I believe it's pretty clear that "gratuities" are really contributions to the payroll fund of the company. A slush fund if you will. Count me among those who feel that including these payments in the cost of the product would be much more transparent and much less annoying.
  13. Can you substantiate your "5 or 6 times a month" claim? I'm hardly the only person here who questions how "gratuities" are gathered and distributed. I have no problem with the people to whom they are reputedly paid. Is Viking really so "much better" than all the other cruise lines in this regard or any other? How do the others remain in operation if Viking is so superior? If I become another of the vociferous Viking cheerleaders who abound here will you be happier with my posts?
  14. What color are the leaves on your planet?
  15. Being happy to have a job and being happy IN their job are two different things. Third world people kissing your ass to keep their job or increase their "gratuities" is not a recent phenomena.
  16. You will not be happier. The fact that they expect you to pay salaries via prepaid "gratuities" makes them no better than the rest.
  17. You really think you're going to see "normal" again?
  18. That's their business plan ----- take it or leave it.
  19. How much ----- oh never mind.
  20. Viking likes to get interest free loans. And they get away with it.
  21. One of the pitches you always from a new car salesman is that you should think about buying now because there is a deal, blah, blah, blah, that expires soon. What they don't tell you is that there is always another deal.
  22. An aircraft crashes right on the Russia/China border. Where do you bury the survivors?
  23. You left out "What does a ship weigh before it leaves port?"
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