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  1. Being a newbie with one cruise under my belt.I’m trying to figure out a 3 rd person fare. Did a mock booking and it comes up to be 1800.00 more from what my 2 person fare cost. I realize there is the port tax and gradtuity fee along with the $99.00 fee.What am I missing? Thanks in advance
  2. Looking To book a Alaska cruise May or September which one is the best out of the two? The Sun is the ship offered,we have only been on one cruise and that was the Getaway Booking a Family Balcony deck 8 was mid ship deck 10,11 said forward, mid or aft. what would you suggest Thanks for your suggestions
  3. We’re on the Getaway November 17th and just got our flights yesterday.Hope this helps
  4. Thank you everyone for your input,I greatly appreciate it. I still have to figure out what tour of New Orleans we are going to do as we have 2 1/2 days before cruise.. Have all excursions booked except for Rotatan, still waiting for the one to be available.Most meals booked left a couple open .Have our Shows booked that we could and know what ones to see once on board. Again Thank you
  5. I have been lurking on these boards since January.Never cruised before. We are going to Western Caribbean on the Getaway out of New Orleans. What I would like to know is how do I pack, I’ve checked temperatures so I know summer clothes for during the day.How are the nights on the ship? We wear jeans a lot so I figured a couple pairs of jeans and some nice tops for me and a dressier outfit for me.My husband likes his T-shirts and his printed collared shirts.Do we need jackets? What kind of things do you bring for the Meet and Greet gift exchange, I was thinking of bringing some of our area sauces. I can’t remember what Main dining room was more laid back than the rest,can someone point in the right direction. Our flight home isn’t till 5:40 p.m. anything near the airport to do? Please be kind to this newbie, I appreciate any help you can offer I’m hoping I have everything figured out so when we get to the port everything will be smooth sailing for the rest of the week. Thanks in advance, Brenda
  6. If you have the free airfare it will cost $300.00 a night for AC Hotel New Orleans. We booked 3 nights pre cruise we’re still saving money with the free airfare
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