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  1. Cruise is coming quickly to an end.  Tomorrow we will be in Ensenada and the home to San Diego.  


    Seems like there is a lot more coughing, runny nose’s and mask wearing.  Hearing mumbling about Covid cases on board.   I know of the room next to me but I haven’t wandered the halls looking for tables in front of doors.   Such is cruise life.   


    Headed to lunch, no other reason than it’s there……I sure don’t need to eat.   




    Spicy Andouille Sausage and Southern Style Potato Salad - I ordered this mostly out of curiosity.  It was good, basically it was cold Andouille Sausage slices with a tasty potato salad 

    Grilled Chicken Paillard - Glad I ordered this as it was fairly light.  Ate the chicken and a few fries.  All came out good.   Fries were hot.  

    Apple Peach cobbler - The funny thing with lunch is they ask you what you want for dessert when they take your order.  Not like dinner when they bring you a new menu.  I ordered but forgot I did because I sure didn’t need it.   I ate it anyway.  

    picture of the butter too.   I’m sitting by myself thus the small portion 











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  2. 12 hours ago, stevec999 said:

    We are on the cruise with you but this has not been our experience at all. Dinning room has been awful. No mater when our reservations a table has not been available. Seated at tables that are not set. 15 to 20 minutes before orders are taken. Long waits between courses. Food has varied, some good and some bad. Our shortest dinner took 2.5 hours. We finally gave up on the dinning room.



    which dining room were you in?  I was In International which wasn’t my first choice.  I think the key is to go to the Maitre D as soon as you board.   I asked for a private table, didn’t care where it was per se (like close to a window) I just asked for a table that wasn’t in a busy area (by the front door).  Told him I didn’t even care particularly what time.   I just wanted the same table every night so I didn’t have to mess with standing in line.    I think if your demands are great (like wanting a window view, at a certain time in a certain location or certain restaurant it cuts your chances to get what you want).  Flexibility is the key.     Prime time hours of 6-7 make it even harder.   I dined at 5:20 which was after the first rush but before the large 6-7 o’clock crowd 

  3. On 1/18/2023 at 4:15 PM, wildflowersnhoney said:

    So glad I am not the only one who loves the dinner rolls. Are the butter pats back on the table? Last year we had to ask for the butter and then they doled it out in 1/2 the normal size pats. LOL.


    Thanks for the pics of the Elite & Platinum lounge snacks. Also not a big meat eater, so I will probably fill up on fruit and cheese at the lounge then stuff myself with rolls and the French Onion Soup.  I never seem to have room for it all.


    When we cruised in April 2022 out of San Francisco to San Diego and Ensenada we found the food to be just "ok". Everything was lukewarm and nothing that we would write home about. Now that you pointed out the "complainers" I do remember the LONG long lines that were constantly in front of guest services.  (The only time I went was to get some larger bills broken into small bills for tips and the casino was closed).  Even then the staff didnt seem happy or smiling like we normally see.

    Thank you again for your frank and entertaining updates!  I am looking forward to the adventure of a mini-suite and navigating the bidet. Also I wont be "jumping" into the bath, since I am only 5' 1". 😂 (while I read some historical smut). 


    they have large pats of butter on the tables now in a silver colored bowl.  There is always plenty of butter and it’s in pretty thick pats.   😁

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  4. Tonight was the Chef’s Table and of all of them I’ve done in the past (maybe 10+) this was favorite by a long shot.    The Chef knows what he is doing and you can tell he had a passion.  He doesn’t just they something together.  There was a lot of thought, time and effort going into preparing our dinner.    Everything was seasoned just perfectly.   

    Im not going to give comments on every item because everything was a 10+


    included with dinner is a group picture, individual picture with the Chef and the Head of Food and Beverage.   Also included was a Culinary Cookbook and a Red Rose for the women.  

    I waddled out of dinner and headed directly to bed because I felt a food coma coming on.  

    Well worth the $






































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  5. 6 hours ago, Cruise frenzy said:

    Did you have your Captain Circle party yet?  If so, what are the top three numbers?  Thanks.

    they did have the Captain’s Circle party yesterday, but I did not attend.  I don’t know why I never go, but for some reason it’s never been my thing.   

    soooo, unfortunately I can’t answer your question.    

    one of these cruises I’m going to go 😁

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  6. 1 hour ago, miagirl said:

    I have really enjoy your reports and I want to thank you in advance for recommending Kai Sushi.  I love sushi but was planning on giving it a pass as I do with all the other sushi I've ever seen on board a ship.  (Confession time - I'm afraid I'm a bit of a secret food snob.  I also don't mess around with any on board guacamole -  we grow our own avos so I can't imagine that even coming close.)


    I'm counting the days till I board now thanks to you!

    you and me both….I grew up on homegrown avocados and I’m also a guacamole snob 😁

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  7. Decided I definitely needed to cut back on my food consumption - only took me 11 days into the cruise to take a good hard look on the mirror and reality sank in pretty quickly.   

    I had egg sandwich this morning and skipped lunch.   

    Tonight is Italian night which typically isn’t my favorite but hunger sank in about 4:00 and I was ready to eat my right arm.   

    The hazmat group was cleaning the room next to me this morning.  I’m not sure why I always walk out of my room when their door is open and they are stacking their dirty dishes, but I do.  Now I just take a big gulp of air, hold my breath, open my door and make a B-line for the elevator.   Not sure it’s going to help but it makes me feel better.    There are always dirty dishes piled up outside and I’m not sure who hails them away, but it’s ugly nonetheless and I almost trip on it every time I leave my room.   It’s just kind of odd to me.   Moving on….

    Weather is colder as we make our way home.  Seas are rocking but nothing too bad, it’s a far cry better than our way to Hawaii

    I’ve had really good success ordering on the app.  Drinks have been delivered promptly.   

    Internet also continues to work well.  Princess seems to be getting their act together.   At least on this cruise.  

    At the Meet & Greet I signed up to do the Chef’s Table.  I received a call confirming my attendance and a card confirming the dinner which is tomorrow.   They must have just taken a copy of the invitation from the Island Princess because it mentions the Island Princess in the letter.        It instructed me to wear closed toe shoes       Guess that means I’m wearing my tennis shoes because that’s all I have.   TACKY.   I’ll be embarrassed if we don’t do a Galley Tour and we head right to the table.  

    Normally, I do this post while I’m at dinner since it’s just me.   Tomorrow my post will be delayed until after we are done.  

    Dinner - Italian Night


    Prosciutto and Melon - very good but I wish there was a tad bit more melon to balance out the amount of prosciutto on the plate.    Plated really nice


    Eggplant Parmesan - another appetizer the server recommended so I tried it.    It arrived and was beautifully plated.  The eggplant was a bit thicker than I care for, but it was tasty and the eggplant was tender.  Could have been a tad bit hotter. It was a good choice and a healthy one to boot 😁. Cleaned my plate. 


    Veal Scaloppine, Marsala Wine Sauce - I was hesitant to order this because of out tough mine was in Sabatini’s.  Well, this is a far cry better than what I had in Sabatini’s.  It’s hot and very tender, just the way it should be.  Yay!   Could have licked the plate clean.  

    Lemon Meringue Cheesecake - (Forgot to take a picture of the dessert menu).    It was good, not quite lemony for me. But it’s one of my favorite cheesecakes that Princess makes. 


    I keep waiting for the disappointment in the dining room and every night I leave thinking how good the food has been in the dining room.  Tonight was no exception.  Excellent all around.  



    Promenade Deck at night












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  8. You know, I wasn’t expecting much on this cruise as far as good meals, service or anything else for that matter.   I really thought since the Diamond has been out of service since Covid (recently started up in November 2022) she wouldn’t be up and running smoothly.  

    I didn’t expect a well oiled machine as far as everything being up to what I consider the normal Princess standards.  I expected mediocre food, poor service, long wait times for items ordered on the app, and irritable people.    

    I am really happy to report everything has been top notch, especially the food in the dining room.  It’s arrived hot and seasoned properly and exceeded my expectations by miles.   The scale will show it when I get home.   The Buffet isn’t figured into my opinion.   The crew has been awesome.   For a full ship (almost) and many new crew, they have been superb.   I hope more of the Princess ships can get to this standard (especially the food).  

    Sure, there have been wait times especially on the first couple of nights at the MDR.   Learn to avoid these times and pretend it’s a freeway and try to avoid rush hour.   

    That’s my after dinner cocktail thoughts 

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  9. 1 hour ago, CruisingGrandmaW said:

    @Cruizin4us  Love your humor-style of writing.  So entertaining to read your various experiences.


    Re:  Passenger rude to Crew Staff.    Want to share a "story" of my own. 

    Was at second Set Sitting Time in MDR.

    An elderly widow at our table was very demanding & hyper-critical over the food. 

    Meat was not cooked to her liking and waiter forgot to put a couple extra pieces of Veggies on her plate.  When the waiter came to the table next to us to take their order ........ this elderly lady picked up her dinner plate and threw it across our table at the waiter -- all while yelling to him about her lousy food & his poor service.

    Well the problem in her doing that - is the food from her plate landed on me and soiled my clothes and of course all over the tablecloth making an ugly mess for all of us dining at the table to look at.


    Waiter was great - he reported incident to MDR Manager.  They re-assigned our table for remainder of cruise & gave me Free Dry Cleaning for my dress that had gotten soiled.


    PEOPLE - Oh God - Please don't let me turn into an Old Bitty as I age!!!

    Woozer that created a bit of a stir I’ll bet. Did they escort her off at the next port?

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  10. Free laundry service (elite benefit).  The turn around time has been 24 hours.  I usually send out a few items everyday.   Haven’t had any issues with shrinkage, etc.  


    As you can imagine, I’m still stuffed from lunch so my dinner is going to be on the lighter side tonight.   At least I tried to make some lighter choices.    

    Rolls are offered at every meal and Princess makes a good dinner roll.   Be careful, they are really addictive.   

    It was a nice day and the seas were much smoother today.  



    Chinese Pork Dumplings - These are what I call “Potstickers”.  They were good, could have been a tad bit warmer but they were good.  They were soft, not crispy if that matters to you (more like a won ton).  


    Crunchy Asian Chopped Salad - yes, I know you don’t think I eat salads.   You probably think, man that girl needs to eat some veggies!   Truthfully, I usually eat very little meat so I’ve beeline a kid in candy shop.  This salad had an Asian flavor.  Not sure what the crunchy part is in the title.  I was kind of expecting won tons?  I guess it the microscopic pieces of peanuts we’re supposed to be crunchy 😁. There was edamame and ginger.  The ginger added a nice flavor.  It was nice and refreshing.  


    Breaded Lemon Sole Colbert, Tarragon Sauce -  Wow, this came out piping hot.   I looked at the full plate and thought “I was ordering light”.   Oh my Lordy, that’s a lot of food”.   Probably should have looked at the first word and then I would have realized it was breaded, duh.      It was ok but there was no way I was going to down all that food.  Argh.   Dole is such a delicate fish, and it tasted like the oil it was fried in.   It wasn’t my favorite.   I picked my way through the meal, eating all the vegetables.  No dessert for me.   

















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  11. Re: the 6 people in a cabin.  They have 2 adjoining cabins.  I thought I was 2nd from the end (forward) but actually there are 2 beyond me.  Those 2 rooms are connecting and the kids must be staying in the cabin closest to me from what I’m gathering/hearing and the adults are staying in the cabin next to them. They have connecting rooms so in theory there are only 3 people in each room (according to the names on the screen outside their doors.   That’s why I see them all leave the same room.  Ok, mystery solved.  



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  12. Well, I helped Brian and Rowena with their clothing sale and that was a lot of fun.   Then we toted all the stuff back to my room since they are using it to store some of their stuff.   

    Rowena demonstrated different ways to tie a sarong which was helpful.   

    If you ever have a chance to do a cruise with them, you will find them to be the most approachable people and genuinely nice and fun.    They truly like being ambassadors and it shows in everything they do.  

    It’s a lazy day around the ship even though there are a zillion things listed on the patter to keep you occupied.  

    I think I’m going to go grab a free Sudoku sheet from down in the library and see if I have any brain cells in this head of mine.  

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  13. 1 hour ago, PescadoAmarillo said:

    Since the OP is so far forward, could it be a Family Suite?  They are actually a mini suite connected with an inside cabin and can hold up to 8 people. 

    Ah, maybe this is how they do it.  They are in the mini suite as far forward as they can get.   I haven’t checked the deck plan but what you say makes sense

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  14. 2 hours ago, arizonaperson said:

    Cruzin4 us- love Reading your live from.

    Wow what type of cabin is next-door to you that has four kids under age 6 and two other people? I didn’t know any rooms held six people. Perhaps they have two rooms, but they hang out in the one next to you? 

    It would be a mini suite.  There is a good chance they also got the inside cabin across the hall.  Don’t know the exact dynamics but I see and hear them them leave the one room together all the time.  

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  15. Pub Lunch today so of course I had to go.    

    English Green Pea Soup -  Wow, that’s some mighty green soup was my first thought.  My soup is always dark greenish brown.   It tasted great and it was hot and satisfying.   Everyone else must think so too because it seems everyone ordered it.  Good choice and it hit the spot.  Definitely comfort food.  


    Penne all Arrabbiata -  spicy and delicious.  The chef knows how to cop with spices.  Enjoyed this dish a lot.  


    Bangers & Mash -  Everything I could have hoped for and more!  Arrived hot and it tasted terrific.  


    Apple and Apricot Cobbler -  it was small thank God and served warm.  Delicious 


    this was a fun lunch and everything I ordered was extremely good.  No complaints whatsoever.    Going to go outside and find a lounge chair and maybe fall asleep if it’s warm 






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  16. This morning I woke up and grabbed the patter to figure out what I wanted to do today.  I know I’m supposed to help Brian and Rowena ant some point with their clothing sale…..There is a lot going on according to the Patter.   So much, the print was so small my old eyes couldn’t read the small print.  Had to use the magnifying app on my phone to read it.   Ha, the joys of getting old.    

    Jumped in the shower, no, let me rephrase that.  There is no jumping in or out of the showers.  They are a royal pain to get into with these elevated bathtubs.   I don’t know how some people are managing it.   Either they aren’t showering or they are taking one in the gym.   I know many elderly people wouldn’t manage.  Again, I’m 5’11” so I have an advantage.  Seriously, you may want to consider this if you book a mini suite.  

    My back is starting it itch where I got sunburned.   You Know, the spot right between your shoulder blades and right about your bra line….the one you can’t reach no matter how limber or young you are.  I just wanted to rub some lotion on that spot.   I contorted, with lotion in hand….no can do.  All I managed to do was drip lotion on the bathroom floor.  Gave up on the idea and just got dressed.  Maybe bringing my husband with me might have been a good idea after all 😁


    more later…

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  17. 7 hours ago, cr8tiv1 said:

    Pretty good deductive reasoning skills, but I hope you are wrong.  Can you hold your breath long enough to pass their cabin?  Is their balcony forward of aft of you? Wear your mask when you go out on your balcony.  


    Enjoy your ride home.  The report is that the Atmospheric River is done with for now.  West Coast should see pleasant and sunny weather tis week.  

    Nah, wish I was wrong but medical has been there a couple of times today.  It’s too cold to use my balcony right now.  I’m also more forward than them so it blows the air away from my balcony.   

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  18. So, I knew there were 3 kids in the room next to me, but I didn’t realize there was 4.  Holy Guacamole what were their parents thinking?   All under age 6.     No judgement on bringing their kids but 6 people in one room.  Poor room steward.  

    Formal Night Dinner.  Most are dressed in the formal side and many are dressed smart casual (me).    The weather isn’t as nice as last night and there were no whales dancing for us.  Bummer, cuz last night was magical.  

    The menu looks good tonight, it was tough narrowing it down.  Obviously, I didn’t narrow it down too well…..sigh


    Air Cured prosciutto -  This was a keeper - nice portion of prosciutto.  Kind of an egg soufflé (similar to the goat cheese soufflé but different)  on top which was quite tasty and worked well with the prosciutto - yum


    Cajun-Style Crawfish Vol-Au-Vent -  it wasn’t the prettiest dish but it was rich and quite good.  The cream sauce, the crayfish and the puff pastry worked well. Ate it all except the shell of the crayfish.   Came on a super hot plate.  This was one dish that would not have tasted good it was cold.   Another good one!


    Gnocchi del Patate con Crema di Funghi -        Very rich and quite mushroom tasting (thus the word funghi).   Definitely didn’t need to order this cuz I’m already getting full.  It was good, not awesome but good.   Could not finish it, I was running out of room (thank God for stretch pants)


    service got extremely slow between the pasta and the mai course (painfully slow).  I’m not used to this in the MDR.   The dining room is packed which I’m sure had something to do with it unless they are trying to catch lobsters off the back of the ship.    They better hurry my belly is already full and I’m starting to yawn.    Ok, food just got here!


    Lobster Tail (a La carte) -  1000% times better than what I experienced on the Ruby.   It was succulent and perfectly cooked.   No drawn butter was offered, but it looks and tasted like it was added before serving.   I didn’t ask for any, it was great.   I didn’t care for the crab cake.   


    Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin - cooked just the way I like it.  It was super tender and flavorful.  Could have arrived a little hotter but I run the risk of it not being hot if I order this rare.   Didn’t care for their Bernaise sauce, tasted odd to me.   The meat didn’t need it anyway.  Veggies were Al dente and tasty.  


    Pineapple Flambé - just as good as it was a few nights ago. - no picture tonight 

    It’s funny the things you hear when Dining.  I overhead (not eavesdropping) a couple talking about wanting to read more scriptures while in the bath…..what?  My ears perked up.   Did I just hear that right????  Yup, they also don’t want to read anymore books with “swear or smutty” words.   Only in the dining room…..I was thinking they probably wouldn’t want know I read smutty books in the bathtub.   (Just checking to see if you are all reading this or just browsing food porn) True Story 


    Food was all rich and very, very good tonight.  They had to get a wheelbarrow to wheel me out.  I’m sooooo full.   










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  19. The Pacific Ocean is a little rough this morning - lots of waves with white caps.  

    caught a juggling act on the way to the dining room 

    menu is in above post. 

    Lunch - I ordered a weird combo for lunch.     It’s a formal night so I didn’t want to overdo it


    James Beard French Toast (since I’ve never had it) -  it came nice and hot.  It was a little oily/greasy for me, but I ate it anyway.   Part or my problem is I’m not a breakfast person.   


    Vitello Tonnato which is veal carpaccio -  well, this definitely wasn’t what I pictured in my head.  Lol.   The veal was covered by a pate looking sauce with a spider web design.   It tasted better than I expected and I ate it all.   Definitely didn’t pair well with French Toast but that’s on me.    The tuna was a bit overpowering and I probably would have made this differently 


    Left feeling stuffed.  Heading upstairs to get some fresh air if I don’t get blown away by the wind 





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