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  1. Well I just went and checked my booking for the Radiance on 11/29 and there is none. It disappeared. I guess Carnival is locking things down until they redo the bookings. Does anyone know if we will be allowed to cancel our cruise now that the ship is changed or if we will be given that nice $600 OBC that folks are getting? I would have preferred my cruise be canceled and who knows it may still be the way things are going.
  2. I have been cruising for 20 years and want to cruise for another 20 but does anyone have an issue with the fact that we are all talking about our next cruise perhaps late in the summer or the fall and these cruise lines can't get their crews off ships and back home. I know it is a long shot after cruising does start again and I know it will start but I sure don't want to find myself and my wife quarenteened and not able to get home. I should add I have 3 cruises booked, one in November 2020, one January 2021 and one March 2021 that I really want to take
  3. Even though Carnival announced cruises starting in August who in would put even $1 on a deposit for a cruise. With all the news and the difficulties with being socially distant nearly impossible on a ship I find it hard to believe that things will ever be the same. I am platinum on Carnival and we cruise at least 3 times a year. Already had one cruise canceled. I have the Radiance booked the end of November but who knows....I rolled my cruise credit from March to this cruise. I wish I took the refund but I will not risk anymore money until I see how things will work.
  4. Who in their right mind would spend even $1 on a cruise reservation right now? I booked a cruise next January but only used my cruise next certificates since I would never get anything back on them. The balance will stay there until the last possible second. It is hard to trust these cruise lines at the moment. I also have FCC and Insurance credit from my canceled cruise. I wish there was a way to get my $$ back but it is what it is.
  5. Has anybody heard anything from any of the major cruise lines on how they are going to handle the fact that ships use recirculated air and the fact that there is so much close contact with others which make ships hotspots. I have cruises booked in November and next January that I am contemplating canceling even if I lose money, one is on Norwegian and one is on Carnival plus we have a number of cruise next certificates. We keep reading articles about this.
  6. just curious if anyone wants to offer a guess as to when cruising will begin again. My guess is perhaps late summer. Just my opinion.
  7. NCL is going to have a big black eye if they treat us unfairly
  8. I would be interested to see what NCL's response will be when one of us finally gets thru to them and asks for them to convert their FCC to a cash refund or up the FCC to be 125%.
  9. has anyone noticed that you no longer have the option to select a handicap cabin when booking? I have a cabin already purchased in November and I wanted to check the price. When I choose the cruise there no longer was an option. Did something change or did I miss an announcement?
  10. Now what...if you were coming to the US for a cruise or going to Europe for a cruise this is going to be ugly. if you are one of those unfortunate ones what are your plans?
  11. Now what...if you were coming to the US for a cruise or going to Europe for a cruise this is going to be ugly. if you are one of those unfortunate ones what are your plans?
  12. Sadly we canceled our week on Dawn out of Tampa on 3/22. Wife has RA and we can't take the chance. Still have one in November and one next January. Hopefully this will all be in the rear view mirror by then. Now I have to hide my casino stash
  13. want to let everyone know what a pleasant customer service rep I just had. It took 40 minutes to get to someone but she was so accommodating and canceling was done in less than 5 minutes once I was talking to someone. I have another cruise in January 2021 so hopefully this issue will be in everyone's rear view mirrow
  14. I am currently on hold to cancel my 3/22 reservation. I knew it would be ugly this morning. I called right at 8AM which is when they open. So going on 15 minutes with no end in sight. what is everyone else's experience that is trying to cancel? I will update again when I finally get thru.
  15. just a FYI for anyone reading this. I just called NCL wait was only a couple minutes. Unfortunately new policy doesn't start until tomorrow so they could do nothing for me today. I have to call back.
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