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  1. Only been on Princess 1x before. Planning on booking Inside Passage cruise when they come available for 2021 - by that time, all ships should be Medallion capable. Hoping to book aft or forward facing suite - this seems easy enough on all ships going thru the passage. Travelling w/13 yr old girl. Looking for recommendations on which ship might be better for her, since DY & I did this 15 yrs ago on another cruise line. She enjoyed the kids club on the Caribbean Princess, but was 11 - how much teen activities vary from ship to ship? For us, we like to dance (ballroom), so that is a consideration as well. Lastly - would you recommend a higher floor or lower floor? We loved the convenience of the window suites (deck 6) to the atrium, clubs and dining rooms, but in port the views weren't great (usually other ships). Not sure if deck matters for views in Alaska - except Husband REALLY wants to see Glacier Bay well - so wondering if it makes any difference. We missed Glacier Bay before, and it's the main reason he wants to do this cruise. So to sum up - looking for teen friendly ship, and deck recommendation.
  2. Planning on doing a Northbound Princess cruisetour in August 2021 - 10 day. Debating whether to end in Fairbanks or Anchorage. Reason for Anchorage - lived there in elementary school, so would be a little nostalgic for me. Been there for 1 day with husband (15 yrs ago), but not daughter (her 1st time to Alaska). Reason for Fairbanks - have no memory of Fairbanks, so new location for everyone. Which would an 13 yr old girl like better? Is it substantially cheaper to fly out of one vs the other? Or are there more flights out of Anchorage than Fairbanks? We're on the East Coast (DC). Appreciate help!
  3. LCW

    Luggage storage?

    There are 3 of us, but our daughter has a rolling duffle bag, so not worried about that.
  4. We booked a window suite on Caribbean Princess. Wondering if hard size suitcase (14.5 in deep) will fit under bed or if I should bring my duffle (which is harder to handle).
  5. Embarkation - I heard that there is a different line for suite guests? Is it easy to find? If not, can someone give me a hint as to where to look? Also, any idea onto what deck we enter the ship in Fort Lauderdale? Our room is on deck 6 (Fiesta) I believe. Dinning for Suite customers - My husband would like to know if the dining options for suite passengers include any coffee options (latte, cappuccino, etc.) or if those are still an extra cost? For 1st night, looks like we get dinner in a specialty restaurant? Do we have a choice which one? DO we need to make a reservation? 1st time on Princess, appreciate any help.
  6. 1st time going out of Ft. Lauderdale and 1st time on Princess. Booked a suite, so have priority boarding, whatever that means. Boarding is 12:30. Hotel checkout is 11am, Late checkout unavailable. Looking to minimize time standing in line (back issues). - How soon we should head to the terminal? Don't want to be standing in line for an hour if we can't even get into the terminal. - If we arrive before boarding is allowed, is there a lounge or somewhere for suite passengers to sit?
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