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  1. Lol, I am ready to book as soon as I know ships are actually going to sail. Don’t want to be disappointed again with a cancelled cruise—we have had three of those, and that is three to many.
  2. I would think it would take more than4 weeks to recall staff and get s the ship ready to sail. Staff has not been recalled ( I am FB friends with several). Ports aren’t open. Ship is clearly not sailing.
  3. George and I flew for the first time since February last Friday. On American. Planes were both packed, but they really did enforce wearing masks the whole time, and everyone seemed to cooperate. We were in the exit row, and the flight attendant was very friendly. They handed out a bag with hand sanitizer and bottle of water as you boarded the plane. I didn’t feel worried, though I honk they need to start adding back more flights.
  4. Totally agree. Plus the FACT that many people who actually have covid have false negative tests in the first 4-7 days of infection. We have been told this repeatedly in the health system where I practice as people will come in to be tested who are symptomatic, test negative and have been told they are fine and don't have covid, only to come back a few days later even sicker and test positive. Just because you test negative doesn't mean you don't have the infection.
  5. Unfortunately I am very pessimistic. IF there is a vaccine, how long will it’s effects last? Can a person get the disease again once they have had it? (Very possibly). What side effects will the vaccine have—could be significant and worse than the disease given that there has been no long term follow up of those vaccinated? I have entered a pretty negative mindset about all this, partly to avoid being disappointed yet again with having to cancel long made cruise plans, reservations,etc. I just go to work every day, wear my mask, wash my hands, because apparently that is how thi
  6. That is awful. I would either have a 3 hour (each way) drive--so it would basically take up an entire day for a 10-15 min appt. Or I can fly down and back in half a day.
  7. If it is totally random, which I doubt, then I really wish they would select someone else randomly. The way things are looking now, I am going to have to make a special trip to Dallas to get this done.
  8. My husband and I have virtually identical international travel--given that we almost always vacation together. On both global entry renewals, they have required me to have an in person interview, where as his is automatically approved. He is an attorney. I am a physician. Only thing we can figure is perhaps it has something to do with my DEA license.
  9. Another reason that I refuse to book another cruise until I know cruises have actually been sailing. I am tired of them holding onto my money. I have 2 cruises scheduled that are already paid for. Who knows if they will sail or not, but I am not booking any more for the time being.
  10. totally different experiences IMO. Best part about a cruise is being able to just unpack once and have everything arranged in the closet. I don't generally completely unpack on a land tour because most of the time, you are moving to different hotels. Also, so nice not to have to pull out a credit card everytime you want to get a drink at the bar or have dinner. Just more relaxing.
  11. There is always plenty to do onboard on sea days. We have been on multiple expedition cruises on Explorer and Cloud. Never boring. Lots of lectures. On Cloud there is traditional trivia. Expedition cruises require sometimes early arising, so there may not be a whole lot late night, but they are wonderful trips. I really miss them.
  12. Yes, I realize that you need a Russian visa to go out on your own.
  13. We have been to the Hermitage twice. The first time, and this was a private tour with an otherwise fantastic guide, was not good. The place was packed with people (definitely pre-covid), so much so that you couldn't really see the paintings. The windows were open. The guide seemed to want us to see only Russian stuff which is not what we were interested in. It was a total waste. The second time was better, on a Regent tour which included the Gold Room. Not nearly as crowded as we got early entrance. We still were forced to stick right with the guide, and if you even sort of v
  14. Either full cash refund (well, not exactly cash--they put back a credit to your credit card) or125% FCC. If you want the refund, you have to request it, and there is a time limit. You have to either do the refund or the FCC--can't split it up. If you take the FCC, you will get taxes and money paid for excursions refunded.
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