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  1. Yes, Ravello is very beautiful. We actually took a bus to Ravello once then hiked to Amalfi. I don't recommend this unless you are a good hiker. But it is very beautiful. You hike alongside a stream where they used to have paper mills in the past. There is a paper museum in Amalfi that is worth a look as well and has really well priced very high quality gifts.
  2. When you go to book the excursion online, it will tell you the start time. This can change though. As Travelcat said, book as soon as you are able to insure that you will get the widest choice of start times. Some places, they all start pretty early. My husband has complained to me about having to get up early on vacation more than once.
  3. I have been there 3 times on Regent. It is a tender port. They offer an excursion to Positano by boat which is what I recommend. A smaller boat takes you to Positano and drops you off to do your own thing then takes you back to Amalfi. Great lunch option in Amalfi, and good hiking if you are in to that, with trails accessible from the town.
  4. I also took the FCC. I have not booked a cruise yet though because I am waiting to the rest of 2022 schedule to come out. And I am not so patiently waiting for the money I paid for an overnight mid-cruise excursion in Israel to show back up as a credit to my credit card.
  5. His last two paragraphs are exactly right. If you have been on the ship for over two months, and the ship has had no outside contact and no cases onboard, it is impossible that anyone onboard has the virus or can spread it.
  6. I work in an office building which has smaller elevators, probably about the same size as on the ships. What I am doing now is just waiting for another one if there are already people on or if there are several people waiting to get on. Yes, it is inconvenient, but no way to distance your self in that little space. So I would expect that is what people would need to do on the ships. I always take the stairs anyway just to get the exercise in, and there are probably lots of people who could take the stairs but just use the elevators for convenience. These people could be encouraged to use the stairs to leave the elevators for those who really need them. Not a requirement that they do so, just encouragement to be considerate of others who are in more need.
  7. We were on one segment of that grand voyage that Wes and Donna were on. It was a wonderful trip, and I for sure would love to do an entire one when I retire.
  8. I agree with Travelcat. If you are ok with cruising provided the cruise isn’t cancelled, you should go ahead and make final payment. If the cruise is later cancelled, you will get your money back or a generous future cruise credit.
  9. We got a really great deal. The only reason I could take so much time off work, because I figured it would never happen again.
  10. There are so many! But one of my favorites is actually from a post on this board. I was writing my blog daily as I usually do. We were going from Miami to Lima on Mariner. George and I went up to the top deck for the sailaway, and it was beautiful, except I was wearing a dress with a really flowing wide skirt. The wind came along, and suddenly the entire skirt of my dress was above my head. We beat a hasty retreat down to the pool deck. Well, I wrote about it in the blog and said next time I will have to remember to wear pants (meaning slacks). Tom Noon (Orpington) RIP replied that he would have really like to have been there for the show thinking I meant I was not wearing underwear. It was so funny.
  11. I was on the cruise with Stumblefoot and agree with him. I have been to the Falklands as well, and while interesting from a historical standpoint, no a must do IMO. South Georgia on the other hand is a must!
  12. I too was thinking of him and wondering where he was during this.
  13. Loved seeing this video with so many familiar and not so familiar faces. Brian did a great job putting it together.
  14. I read the article and have to say, it is written cast in a pretty inflammatory tone. I know many of the crewmembers on the Cloud, a couple pretty well, and who have a pretty different perspective on the situation. I don't think there was any nefarious intent on producing the video. I view it as a way to communicate with the outside world. I am sure the expedition team members on board were pretty upset, as I would be, because they mostly work on short term contracts and were expecting to get home way sooner. That probably accounts for some of the anger. One thing I can definitively say is that the SHIPS are not infected. The virus couldn't lay around for weeks with no one becoming infected. The people on board are not at health risk from the virus while on the ship as it has been totally quarantined for so long. So no need for social distancing on the ship currently. They will be at risk once they disembark though.
  15. Great news that you finally got your luggage. Bad news part is the full day of laundry as everything will have to be laundered or dry cleaned since it was packed for so long.
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