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  1. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will start filling up soon!!
  2. Here is just a sample of one day - Day 2 of our cruise which is the first sea day. One thing I noted which is new to us is seeing a production show - Rock Opera- scheduled at 4 pm. We have never seen a show scheduled prior to dinner, but it’s a nice option and they are able to offer it at 3 times this way - at 4, 8, and 10 pm.
  3. Interesting. I was actually quite surprised how detailed our daily schedule already is for our Sky cruise at just over 60 days out. It is really nice to have such a good preview. I wonder if the level of detail and information varies from ship to ship depending on the Entertainment Director. Maybe some are just more proactive in getting the information loaded.
  4. That’s not necessarily the case. We are on the Sky departing June 15 and the entertainment schedule is already very well laid out even beyond production shows. It is showing a couple of comedians, hypnotist, and guest singers listed by name with dates and times for their performances.
  5. Check the Journey View on your Princess Medallion app. They usually start populating the schedule several weeks prior to your cruise. It’s already showing a lot of the daily schedule for our upcoming summer cruise on the Sky, including the production shows - dates and times.
  6. Your room steward can open your door for you. If he is not around you can always go to Guest Services so they can send him to open your door.
  7. Same for is in January. There was a charge for the photo. For the price, it would be nice if they did include it, but we went ahead and bought it because it was such a nice New Year’s Eve photo of the whole family.
  8. Interesting situation. The spa should be checking your medallion when you check in, but I could see this happening. Someone could make a reservation and give a false room number at a spa promotion sign up event when staff are standing away from desk with clipboards. Then when the person checks on they could just say they forgot their medallion in their room. Would be pretty diabolical but a dishonest person might be able to pull it off. And without the actual medallion info to identify the person after the fact, they might not be able to figure it out. Glad you got it cleared up!!
  9. David Cole was a brilliant cruise director. He made our Hawaii trips so memorable. What a gem!
  10. The visitor center is set up on deck outside and the announcements are broadcast via the overhead so that you can hear them in most areas around the ship even when you are outside on deck. Many people on the Grand Class ships take up residence on the promenade deck and you can hear the narration there.
  11. We had one very good experience with EZ Air for our British Isles cruise, with an LAX to Heathrow flight. However, we had a truly nightmare experience when we booked through them for an LAX to Vancouver flight for an Alaska cruise. We were able to work it out, but when I say we literally spent hours on the phone and had to speak to multiple people, it is no exaggeration. We are now pretty set on booking our airfare using points which is what we did for our cruise this summer, so I doubt we would use EZ Air again. However, the rates do tend to be good and when it works well it's great. You really have to stay on top of it though and be prepared to invest the time to fix problems when things go awry.
  12. I'm very sorry about your health problems and no negative comments here. Just the facts. It's a hard no I'm afraid. You may want to read the following article: https://people.com/woman-receives-lifetime-ban-carnival-cruises-after-bringing-cbd-gummies-8404491
  13. Perhaps it was just our experience, but I did note that on our two Southampton cruises this past couple of years, overall people did seem to dress up more on formal nights. Many more men in tuxes and women in very sparkly gowns and cocktail dresses then I have seen on our US departures. We will see if that holds true again on our cruise out of Southampton this summer.
  14. Sounds like you missed the cut off to receive it as a suite perk, but I would still encourage you to consider it as a birthday gift to yourself. We splurged and purchased it for our family of 5 on our New Year’s cruise on Discovery. We go to the theatre a lot and I just equated it to what we might spend on tickets for a show, because it really is an experience - not just a meal. I can say we all found it exceptional from beginning to end - the food, wine, presentation, it’s all very special. I felt it was worth the investment for a one time special evening.
  15. This is not always the case. We have been to Glacier Bay at least 10 times over the past 20 years at all different times from May through August. Only once, on our very first visit was it so rainy and cold that it was pretty miserable being outside. Most other trips have been cool, but lovely, maybe a cloud or a sprinkle but nothing uncomfortable. One year in July it was so hot people were admiring the scenery from poolside in bathing suits. You just never know. We have done the Ultimate Balcony breakfast twice in Glacier Bay and thoroughly enjoyed every second on our balcony. We generally spend the entire day outside looking at the scenery and searching for wildlife. Photo below was our last visit in May of ‘22 and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. We can’t wait for our next visit this coming September!
  16. Your question is probably phrased wrong. “Is it appropriate?” Not really - and that’s not a dress code debate, just a straightforward answer based on the suggested dress code set forth by Princess which specifically says - Shorts and swimwear are not allowed in the restaurant However, I think you know that. Your question really is can I get away with it and the answer is probably yes. Princess doesn’t seem to be enforcing any dress code restrictions these days. That being said, you have until 10 or 11 pm to put your bags out. Would it be that hard to wear pants and change into shorts after dinner and then put your bags out?
  17. Glacier Bay is an exceptional choice for that. We typically do the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast on days we arrive early. We are doing a Norwegian Fjords cruise this summer and I’ve booked the Ultimate Balcony Dinner for one of scenic fjord cruising evenings that happens to coincide with my husband’s birthday.
  18. No, I would not be particularly concerned about bears in any of these locations. Actually, the only place we have ever seen a bear in Juneau is at Mendenhall Glacier.
  19. Many times places like the ones you mention here are very easy to do on your own, often not only more cost effective, but a more satisfying experience. In Halifax, we rented a car and drove to Peggy's Cove for the morning and then visited the Titanic Cemetery and Museum in the afternoon. In Newport, we booked a private tour to Rose Island Lighthouse for the morning, ate lunch in town, and then did a tour at The Breakers in the afternoon. All of this was arranged on our own as opposed to booking a ship tour.
  20. It’s been a couple of years since we took what used to be called the Casino VIP cruises, now Casino Hearts cruises. But we recently got a great offer for one that fit our Fall vacation window and interest as we were already thinking about heading back to Alaska this year, so we booked it. We have found these cruises a lot of fun in the past with all the special perks – I even won $1000 dollars in one of the drawings on one, which really chafed the DH because I’m not the gambler and was only showing up at the casino for the drawings. 🤭 Are they still doing the drawings, special gifts, welcome cocktail party, and other special perks? And how easy or difficult is it to get your free drinks in the casino now that most no longer have operational bars? We will be on the Ruby. Would love to hear some recent experiences.
  21. Seems like a little game Princess has been playing recently - raise the excursion price and then put them on "sale" - in the end basically they cost about the same as the original price. It's standard mind manipulation you see so often in retail marketing to make the consumer feel like they are getting a deal. That being said, if there is an excursion you really want to take, you should definitely book it now. Experience shows that the prices will generally only go up from this point, especially as the cruise date draws closer. Excursions for our Norway cruise this summer have gone up substantially. So regardless of whether it is a real "sale" or not, best to book now and make sure you have the excursions you want locked in at likely the best price you are going to get.
  22. I haven't ever noticed these before - we always pay at the gate. I will have to look for them next time we are there. We have been going out of 92 our last few cruises and I haven't seen anything similar there. Good to know they exist.
  23. It’s just a coincidence that thematically those songs tied into the Eclipse theme of your particular cruise. Both songs are a regular part of the Rock Opera lineup. But pretty cool that they offered extra meaning on your cruise! We have some friends onboard with you and from her reports it looks like an amazing experience. Lucky you!
  24. Yes, you absolutely can do that anytime up to just prior to your cruise. A couple of years ago my DH and I had a cruise booked and literally just a few weeks prior he realized a work issue was going to make it impossible for him to go - so we swapped him out for our son and he and I went together instead. He also did it on a NCL cruise last year where he was taking a couple of his employees on a boy’s trip - one ended up moving suddenly for a new opportunity and again my son got swapped in. He has really benefited from these last minute changes! The only caveat is that one of the original two people must remain on the booking.
  25. We have friends onboard the Discovery and she has been posting on her social media. They seem to be having a truly amazing time. Seems like Princess went all out to make it special. She has nothing but great things to report. Makes me jealous!! I’m going to be eyeing the 2026 options!
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