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  1. One one of my cruises it was decided on the first night in the MDR that discussing politics and religion was taboo. In all the cruises I've taken never had a bad table or dinner mates, except for the man who showed off a new watch each night from every port of call. After several days DH and I sat at the other end of the table.
  2. Nor would I but I know on the S class ships the Spa is directly above the Aqua spa Cafe so possibly they dropped in on their way back. Too lazy to get dressed is my guess.
  3. On my last cruise one of my tablemates kept taking bites out of his bread and dipping it in the flavored butter that is set on the table. I would not touch it and asked the waiter to bring me a dish for myself. I was seated at a table of ten, all strangers and find that rude although I don't think he knew any better. Just not something I would do.
  4. I was being hopeful for September; will be 2 years since I've seen my family there. 😢
  5. Fouremco: what about September 4 2021. Out of Amsterdam?
  6. We do now. This was on a princess ship years ago. Now with Elite status on X, I get a bag of laundry included but who knows what will happen to Elite perks going forward.
  7. We went to the laundry room once on a back to back cruise on turnaround day but made sure we arrived a few minutes prior to cycle end. My worry was more about someone removing items, not theft.
  8. Some of the larger vintages section will do a markdown of overstock every few months. That's all I buy now as excellent bargains. For whatever reason the wine agents can't get a lot of the wines I see at Total Wine in Florida.
  9. I've only sailed on Celebrity's S class ships, however, prefer the decor on Princess cruise lines. I'll probably still sail on X due to the fact I have an FCC to use.
  10. After reading all the posts comparing X's AI cruise prices to Princess which are half the cost, I've been reminiscing about all the wonderful cruises I took with Princess, the ports visited and people I connected with along the way. As a solo cruiser it would be a good time to try them again. Any thoughts?
  11. Once I use up my FCC with Celebrity, back to Princess I go. Unless, of course, they stop charging us solo cruiser double for everything.
  12. Plan to use my FCC with X if and when cruising resumes; then will give Princess another try as currently cabins are half the price and itineraries just as good. I may even opt for an inside cabin as hardly spend much time on my balcony.
  13. I'm also curious. An odd comment. I've been on many princess cruises and there are people from all walks of life, ethnicity, color, etc. Do not notice any difference from Celebrity. We usually cruise the beginning of January and see very few children mostly babies with parents as the others are in school. I love the cabins on Princess and apart from the hugs from the shower curtain they are very spacious with huge balconies. Don't do buffets on any ships so can't comment on offerings.
  14. I've only been on S class ships on Celebrity all of them except Solstice. My Mediterranean cruise last year which was cancelled was on the brand new Apex. Although I was looking forward to it I wasn't keen on the infinite balcony I had booked.
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