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  1. This has been discussed and as I remember the answer was that N/A beer does contain some residual alcohol and is not allowed to be carried on as a “soft drink”.
  2. They can ask any nosy question they like. Your answers needn’t be truthful.
  3. There’s a new survey today 5 August, no booking required.
  4. But in a post COVID world this could all change. They might do away with select dining. They might require reservations for shows. Nobody has any idea at this point what it will be like in 2022😢
  5. Wait, so you were offered an FCC and you took it? Where did it say that in your original post? And how is that a rip off?
  6. The OP’s ill-timed decision to be a no show does not constitute a “rip off” by Celebrity. It is a case of bad luck, perhaps, for which Celebrity can’t be blamed.
  7. Pickles, “we know”??? How do we know?
  8. Did you book through a travel agent ? If so, they should be going to bat for you.
  9. Yes. no. maybe. magic 8 ball can’t be sure 😢
  10. I am pretty certain you will get the new level a soon as you see those points in your account.
  11. Same booking number means it isn’t a new booking.
  12. Who knows what will happen on the next ones? They may do away with activities altogether😢
  13. However, the first three opportunities have all expired AFAIK. I didn’t pay attention to the fourth one because it involved making a new booking which I wasn’t interested in doing. Maybe you can get in on upcoming ones if they are offered again.
  14. Right now the OP is only guessing it’s the commission that is still out. As you read all the threads about refunds you see that nearly everyone has had their refunds come in “installments”. I got one refund where the amount corresponded to the taxes and fees, another where it was equal to airfare. The next installment didn’t match any amount I could figure. A month later came two more amounts but I was still short $330. It finally showed up a couple of weeks later and then the total amount was what I expected. This may happen to the OP as well. It’s a frustrating process.
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