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  1. To anyone who removes the auto tips I have a couple of questions. Do you apologize to your room steward and dining rooms staff for the demeritS which are placed in their recordS because of your actions? Do you speak to their supervisors to explain that they did nothing wrong, you just didn’t want to give them the autotips? To those who bring gift cards instead of the auto tip , have you ever been in a situation where you had a different steward partway through your cruise? Do you bring extra cards? In different denominations? How do you handle this if you have had two different stewards?
  2. WAMarathoner, I am curious how you “tip as we would in any restaurant”. Normally, tips are determined as a percentage of the bill. How do you determine the cost of each meal? Do you put a few dollars under your plate after each meal? Do you tip both the waiter and the assistant waiter? If you won’t be using the dining room or buffet, where do you eat breakfast and lunch?
  3. There is a call center in Kansas and another in Florida. I have never asked Choice Air personnel which one they work from, but an educated guess says that they are split between the two locations. I base this on experiences when Kansas had blizzards and when Florida had hurricanes, the alternate center picked up the slack. If all the Choice Air people were all located in just one area, they would not have been able to do this.
  4. There is of course, a big difference between the cruise loyalty and the airline I’ll see. With the cruise loyalty “once an elite, always an elite.” The airlines require you to re-qualify every year. So there is an ever increasing number of cruising elites, diamonds, etc.
  5. Thousands of customers, dozens of cancelled cruises, across all cruise lines. Just what did you expect, Dabear?
  6. Thank you. I’m just sure my August cruise will get the ax, I just have to be patient a little longer I guess.
  7. I’m trying to figure out when the next set of cancellations is likely to come out. Thank you.
  8. 10 p.m. will be too late for the Main Dining Room, Luminae, and the specialty restaurants. You should be able to get pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts In the Oceanview, which may Not be a buffet by the time you sail.
  9. Even though it appears that you have a big credit from your travel agent, in fact it could be a mix of money from him/her and Celebrity. Sometimes the Travel agent rebate some of their commission as extra OBC. Sometimes Celebrity kicks in special offers to travel agents. It is not immediately clear how much comes from Celebrity and how much comes from the travel agent. And yes, it is common that the travel agent credit is not available until you were actually on the ship.
  10. I forgot...yes, let’s see something in place of “Bait on Five”. Bring back the Bistro. Or have a rotating series of different cuisines....sushi if you must, but then the next day Indian, then northern Italian, then German, Jamaican, and so on. Give us a reason to go back there more than once.
  11. Why remove that line on the specialty restaurant bill? Some might want to give an additional tip. and why eliminate the 10 am update? Many are quite amusing.
  12. It should be your travel agent’s job to be communicating with Celebrity. Put them in the case, but don’t expect him or her to know any more than what is printed on Celebrity’s website. as people here have already said, cancellations are coming in waves. Any cruise to Alaska This summer is highly doubtful.
  13. Did Graham move from Captain’s Club to bring a Cruise Director? How did I miss that?
  14. Before you move on, talk to them about paying for the extra day. It took several phone calls and several supervisors, but eventually that was granted in my case. I moved from an 11 day to a 12 day, and I will pay for the extra day.
  15. I want to lift and shift. Currently on a unique itinerary, 11 nights, Amsterdam to Rome. Want to move it to 2021. But Celebrity changed the itinerary from this year’s 11 night to a 12 night itinerary for 2021, so they are saying I can’t lift and shift. Same ship, same begin and end points, same itinerary but because they added a night to the itinerary they are saying no lift and shift. Right now they are trying to offer me instead a completely different 9 night itinerary r/t Southampton, different ship, all different ports. Like I would be willing to get fewer nights for the same money??? anybody have any ideas? I’d be willing to pay for the one extra night, some sort of prorated costs, has anyone ever tried that? Right now my TA is on the phone trying to negotiate that..... any other ideas?
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