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  1. Good advice to the OP....The edge class infinite verandas are not true balconies. You are getting a room with a window that opens. If you were looking for unobstructed views, the possibility of sunbathing, and the true veranda experience, the infinite veranda isn’t it.
  2. Jelayne, I knew the screenshots I took of your photos would come in handy, and I apologize that I neglected to credit you as their source. I admired your ingenuity while bemoaning the edge’s poor design that made your invention a necessity!
  3. Oh, speaking of luxury, you think the idea of Home Depot magnetic hooks for clothes is funny? Look at what you might need to do on edge in the verandah-less infiniteverandah rooms if you want to sleep in darkness while your partner is enjoying the “verandah” end of the room. Hooks and light blocking from Home Depot
  4. Three people will find it very tight. Better come up with alternate plans, like keep clothes in the suitcases under the bed.
  5. This is from the Ritz Carlton Yacht website. Curious what could be in the offing
  6. Maybe some travel agents are better than others, or some large agencies have more pull than others.......
  7. Is there any information about the cruise line Ritz Carlton tying in with Marriott loyalty?
  8. Have you checked the S class stateroom sticky? Look above this post and you will see the sticky devoted to opinions about staterooms.
  9. But many people do think they will because they are separate bookings. And also because there is nothing but speculation at this point.
  10. No you can’t use the Xelebrity FCC on Royal Caribbean (or Azamara, for that point).
  11. You are thinking of another ship. the champagne bar is long gone from the M class ships
  12. Yes but this cruise will not happen. The only relevant email I should be getting is the one that officially canceled it and gives instructions for FCC or refund.
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