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  1. Wow, what a great review and pictures. The Royal is my favorite ship, I was sad to see her leave Florida, but the West Coast deserves a beautiful ship like the Royal. Going on the Sky on Saturday. Hope I like her as well as Royal!
  2. Hi Bob, Condolences on the death of Misha. We are dog owners too and the loss of a pet is very sad. Our little schnauzer stays with a friend, we swap dog boarding with another family who likes to travel too. i hope to meet you and Holli on board, I’m only on the first leg of the cruise. Do you go to the PES cocktail hour? And your suite sounds wonderful! And well deserved! Carole ,
  3. We sailed on the Caribbean in October, my first time on her. Very pleased and had absolutely no complaints.
  4. I have sailed on the Royal Princess multiple times, although I can’t comment on Alaska. She is a beautiful ship, classy and elegant with great dining options. We always like their entertainment as well. And with an act cabin you will have wonderful views. Relax and look forward to your great trip!
  5. Someone on Crown posted a copy of a letter delivered to passengers on this voyage yesterday. They now are also getting 35% of base fare in future cruise credit.
  6. If I was betting, I would expect/hope Princess will come forward with more compensation beyond the credit you have received for Princess Cays cancellation. I’m sure they are aware of the dissatisfaction, and the cruise isn’t over yet. We were on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago just after dry dock that missed two ports, one of which their fault for propulsion issue and one was weather and we received 50% back in future cruise credit plus $100 refundable OBC per person. Our Canada New England cruise in October missed two ports strictly due to weather (Nor’easter), and they gave everyone 30% back in future cruise credit. That one was surprising but very welcomed! My experience is that they are generous.
  7. I have a miniature schnauzer, love terrier faces! Mine is the yappiest dog we’ve ever owned! Lol!
  8. The port is in a more industrial wharf area, that had a lot of construction in October as it appeared that apartments, etc. were being built. It was not a walking distance to the historic area and even though I spotted a hotel or two there, I would not stay in this area if you are planning to do lots of sightseeing. My husband used to run the Boston Marathon every year and we stayed either in the area around Faneuil Hall or Copley Square.
  9. Newport is a tender port, and the tender drops you off in an area right in town with numerous restaurants and shops. We didn’t eat lobster there but most of them were featuring it.
  10. Your hotel will make arrangements and set up taxi pick up for you, ours did. Just let them know when you check in what day and time you need it for.
  11. Thank you for such a quick reply! This is good news, I always put comments about the smoke so close to the aft pool on Regal on my post cruise survey, maybe I wasn’t alone.
  12. We did this cruise last fall, disembarked Quebec however we stayed overnight in a hotel. If I were you, the day before during your port call I would look into pre booking a taxi Or car service since you will probably need it to come in the range of 4 AM or earlier. There is a taxi queue outside the back of the port building but I would not count on any being there that early. People who tried getting an Uber or Lyft when we disembarked were not successful. The airport is about a half hour away, and not very big so we didn’t experience long lines or anything. I think the fare was around $40
  13. Our last cruise on the Regal, the smoking area was located behind the small wake pool in the covered area with tables, and of course the smell of smoke could not be avoided at the wake pool or nearby loungers. Is this the case for the Sky?
  14. Someone currently on the Crown just posted on a Princess Facebook forum that the Crown is missing St. Kitts today. Explanation was weather. He said this was the third port cancellation on this voyage.
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