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  1. I see the Residence Inn in coconut Grove on last minute travel for $210.
  2. One bartender was doing that in Vines on the Caribbean Princess in May. It showed up as another $3 plus the tip charge. We asked about it at other bars and we were told absolutely not.
  3. Like the new way you are talking about but on the Caribbean Princess May 14 it was done the old fashioned way!
  4. Buses do not require a car seat and most you can not use a car seat however hotel shuttles do fall under the same rules as uber, lyft and rental cars. Now whether or not the hotel shuttle enforces the car seat rules are a completely different thing. Call the hotel and specifically ask the question and get names on who you spoke to with the confirmation that you can indeed bring 4 children without car seats into their shuttles. Disney Express is their bus systems that is included when staying at one of their onsite hotels. It's a free bus that take you all from the airport to any disney property. They don't require car seats. Car seats are not actually allowed on and would be stowed below along with luggage if brought.
  5. The are not separate sections for those who want to book spots for the full cruise. It's not a scheduling nightmare for those who work there because they have sheets for every day of the sailing and each booking is marked off when someone books it. Depending on how the bookings are going by the time you sign up and you want a chair for the entire sailing, you can book the same seat for every day if it's not booked yet. Otherwise you may have one chair one day, another chair another day and so on. Sometimes I have boarded and many seats are already booked by b2b passengers, sometimes not many are booked. I have favorite areas on the Regal and can't always get the lounge chair I would prefer or the side of the ship I would prefer and many times I am one of the first up there for newly boarding passengers. Then again, I want sun and there aren't as many chairs in the sun. I personally have been able to get the same lounge chair however my friend had to move around chairs on one of her recent sailings as there wasn't one that was available for their entire sailing. It's really easy and they will walk you through everything and walk you around the sanctuary and show you what you can have.
  6. You literally have to go directly to it when you board as some of the lounge chairs have already probably been booked by those are are doing a b2b. Depending on when you get up there is how long the line will be. There will be one person who will have a map of the available lounge chairs/areas and will bring you around after you tell them if you want sun or shade and weekly or but the day. Then they literally use a different colored marker and mark off the lounge chair you pick on the page for that day. (Blue may mean full day, green 1/2 day and so on) Once that is done they will write up the charges and you sign and they go on to the next person. Sometimes they will hand you off to someone else to sign for your charges once the billing slip is written up. No different lines, everyone is on one line. It's an easy process but can take a while depending where you are in line. There have been times that I've gotten up there before they were even started and had to wait.
  7. I loved the Sandia En fuego. Now I just need to get the recipe.
  8. I believe they were $12. You could get them on the drink package.
  9. Thrak make sure you go to the casino and open an account for that casino credit. It doesn't get applied to your folio like the other OBC.
  10. Knowing your budget for hotels would help a lot with recommendations because there are so many hotels up in the Orlando area!! There are a lot of hotels that are within walking distance of Disney Springs or they have a free shuttle there. From those that Blue Herons mentioned to Disney hotels, their good neighbor hotels and those in the immediate surrounding areas. The Hilton and the Waldorf properties are also great at Bonnet Creek. If you stay at a Disney property, they offer their free shuttle service from the airport. Both the Springhill Suites and Residence Inn at The Mall of Millennia (they are attached) are a great choice and are within walking distance to restaurants and the mall. Many of the hotels that are on I-Drive area all within walking distance of plenty of restaurants . There is an Embassy Suites on I Drive for instance that is within walking distance to many restaurants.
  11. Love those but also love Chef Art Smith's Homecomin Kitchen. Not only is their food great but also love their cocktails! http://www.homecominkitchen.com
  12. Another vote for Louie Bossi's. Food is always excellent! It's one of the restaurants my husband picks for his client lunches and meetings on a weekly basis because he feels it's one of the best in the area.
  13. The Brightline/Virgin train is an amazing way to travel and they many times have great specials. Sometimes you can get it for $10 per person one way. Check the offers on their website. They also are working with Lyft in Fort lauderdale and offer discounts for someone that has used the train. Info on that is in their specials/offer page. One of the things I really like about Brightline is you can make changes or cancel your ticket up until 2 hours before and get a full refund. I wouldn't bother renting a car unless returning it was easy and it priced out lower than train/uber or just uber. Lyft and Uber are very similar and many drivers do both. I always check the rates to see which is less and use that.
  14. Please see the sticky at the top with all of the smoking information on all the ships! It's a wealth of information!!!
  15. I would check out The JW Marriott Turnberrry Isle. Their pool may just fit the bill! The pool at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa is really great. They are beachfront. will serve you in the chairs, have movies at night pool side and plenty of things going on at the pool. We always enjoy our stays here. Plus you can watch the cruise ships leave!
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