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  1. We received an Upsell today for our 3 day sky sailing and it would cost me $175 more than If I simply up graded myself with Princess.
  2. You will have no issues coming on Thursday but will hit some traffic going back to FLL. Plan on leaving at 9 am, not 8:30 as you will have quite a bit more traffic. Plan on it taking you about 45-60 minutes going back.
  3. The Medallions have the Embarkation date of your cruise on it only.
  4. I forgot you were on this sailing! Hope you are having the greatest of times and I look forward to hearing all about it. Thanks for adding to the pictures of the Sky.
  5. Thanks Keith! Guess I'll see her in Princess Live in a few weeks. Boy are you having some wicked wind. Hope the weather clears up for you soon.
  6. Keith, have you seen Jovie bartending around The Sky at all? I know she was talking about going there and I'm so hoping to see her again. Hope the weather has cleared up for you.
  7. You will have no issues leaving the car and going to the parking garage for 'terminal 2 as the check point is beyond the garage.
  8. Mister01 is fantastic for pizza and a new place just opened which looks amazing. I haven't gone there yet, so can't give a review. I'm super picky about my pizza as a former New Yorker! There is also an Italian Place literally right around the corner from the Hampton Inn. I prefer Mister01 but Piola is good as well. All are a close walk with Piola being the closes. And all can be delivered as well. http://www.mistero1.com/#concept https://dcpieco.com http://www.piola.it/local-miami-brickell-fl/cities/display
  9. They were coming into MIA full force and then canceled a lot of there destinations. Don't think they were able to keep the gates.
  10. Hi Keith! Excited to follow along on this with you. I just booked the 12/4 3 night sailing so it will be fun to see all your adventures on the ship. As always, have the greatest time my friend!
  11. I've used Brightline quite a few times and have a friend who uses it weekly. It's a great experience and very quick. They often have promos, including BLFRIEND where the tickets are buy one get one free or BLFamily which is buy 2 get two free, etc. Another promo is kids 12 and under ride free. Seats can be had for as little as $11 per seat under these promotions.
  12. I just came in on JetBlue Thursday night and we actually landed in Terminal 4 for some reason. Outside of security we passed a restaurant called Cross Grain Brewhouse. I have not eaten there personally, but quite a few people were there.
  13. https://www.thenextmiami.com/brightline-train-station-to-open-at-portmiami-in-2020-here-are-the-details/
  14. Miss the Strongbow on Princess. They seem to think we only want the sweet American Version here in the US and I so prefer this. You're killing me with all the wonderful pictures, so miss being on a Princess ship. Enjoy every moment
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