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  1. Please see above for Laura's message that she posted yesterday on this thread. Figured I would repost in case anyone hasn't searched back through all the messages from yesterday.
  2. I'm just going to post what Laura posted this morning on another thread to hope and keep this thread on topic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Couple of quick things going forward: Please keep this discussion cruise related Pleasure ensure that you do not copy and paste entire articles from other sites...instead select a key paragraph (usually the first) and LINK TO the article Keep things polite The community team will be following this discussion closely, and will remove any posts without notice to the author. Thank you for your cooperation LauraS
  3. The company that is cooking the meals for the passengers and crew on the Diamond Princess is indeed a Non-profit started by Chef Jose Andres. It's an amazing organization and they were invaluable after the devastation in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian. Princess is very fortunate that they were able to help both passengers and crew and I'm sure it provided much relief to those crew members who were cooking. https://wck.org
  4. I'm sure it's a great article but unfortunately like many,, you need to pay to subscribe to read the full article.
  5. Thanks for the information chengkp75, always appreciate your knowledge on all of these subjects.
  6. The staff and crew will be starting their own two week quarantine on the ship and then all are being given two months off with pay. Not quite sure that Princess has actually released the full plans for the ship, but one would assume that things may be replaced and the ship will need a massive cleaning and scrub down. As the rooms have had people in them for weeks without being really cleaned and there was the virus on boards, it's got to be a daunting task for sure.
  7. Hopefully one of the Diamond passengers that are going there will have data on their phones to use so actual news will get out.
  8. thank you for sharing the news about your friends. Wishing them a great trip home.
  9. As they had a limited number of tests available, perhaps Japan was saving them for those who had a fever or exhibited symptoms of the virus. Without having direct knowledge or actual proof beyond a news article written, it's awfully hard for me personally to speculate on what Japan had done in that particular instance at that point in time of the virus situation on the Diamond.
  10. Loved the review! Sorry you didn't get to see the good looking fellow again, would have made for a great story.
  11. There is a great forum on these boards for insurance questions... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ Better yet, Laura placed an announcement the other day that we are fortunate enough to have a topic currently open with Insure my Trip. It's a perfect place right now to ask questions and get travel insurance answers! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2479-qa-with-insuremytrip/
  12. all you ned to do is go to the Princess website and you can see all the updates and all the videos made in regards to this situation
  13. Yes, that is extremely unfortunate. As I have family living in Hong Kong and Singapore, I hit the wall with the Japanese news sites a while ago.
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