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  1. Me too!! Have the greatest of cruising seasons this year Jeannie! Can't wait to follow both of you again this year!
  2. I did this drive weekly for two years from our home in Naples to our condo on Brickell, I-75 Alligator Alley is the easiest. It was always exactly a 2 hour drive from Pine Ridge/41 area to Brickell ave and since the port is so close and you have the tunnel on 95 it will take the same amount of time. I always found that taking Alligator Alley to 595 to the turnpike and then 95 was the best route but that's a personal preference.
  3. Great location and you have a lot of restaurants within walking distance. It's a great hotel. Brickell City Centre is a huge shopping complex that your wife should really enjoy walking around. From stores to restaurants to a movie theater, it's all there. https://www.brickellcitycentre.com
  4. Not quite sure how the thread went from a question about how to dress on NON-FORMAL nights to debates about formal wear! The OP wanted to know what the dress code was like on non-formal night in the MDR for a cruise in Hawaii. Hopefully they got some of the answers that they were looking for.
  5. That's because they changed what they send you. It used to be this thick black one and now it's that thin white one.
  6. None in the mini-suites or even suites if I recall correctly, which is too bad. I have a travel fan and would love to be able to plus that in. Wish they could have put one in the lamp that is on the nightstand.
  7. It's a great question and in regards to the topic at hand, it seems to be deciding how or if to adhere to the suggested dress code that Princess has on their website. Maybe start another thread as on a personal level, I think it's a good topic.
  8. Love reading formal night comments and opinions but.... the OP asked about Non formal nights so let's keep it on topic for them!
  9. Hampton Inn Brickell. There is a lot you can walk to and many restaurants around. The neighborhood is very safe, I live very close to the hotel. The pool is small but they do have one. The breakfast area is nice and the rooms are in great shape. Lots of casual restaurants near by. What kind of food are you looking for? From Coyo Taco to Gyu Kaku to our new Shake Shack in Mary Brickell Village, to sushi and burgers. There are many options around here.
  10. I've emailed Laura the link to this thread.
  11. I can sure tell you after waking up on the Star Princess in our midship suite on Caribe deck with a massive fire blazing on the living room & bedroom balcony and large embers going everywhere, I won't even leave my balcony door open at night. I was sleeping on the side of the bed that was directly next to the balcony, I probably wouldn't be here had I left it open. Princess asks you not to leave anything flammable outside at night on the balconies and it's with good reason. Bringing your sofa or mattress out there not only can destroy the furniture with the sea elements but it is a fire hazard.
  12. I'm looking at Port Miami from my sofa and it's something to see absolutely nothing going on there on a Sunday.
  13. I'll have to have my friend call back. Those are the airlines we were dealing with. When I called Thursday night to cancel my son's Friday 7 am flight on Delta they weren't willing to budge.
  14. The airlines were not amazing for those that needed to cancel trips down for the weekend. They were not willing to get rid of the $200 change fee for people coming into Florida for the long weekend if you were flying on Friday. We had friends coming in from NYC and they wouldn't let them change and my son was flying into Orlando. Again, they were willing to let them have credit for the return flights for Monday but not the Friday segments.
  15. My son for instance lives in a studio, no space to store stocked up containers! Hope you and your family stay safe. We have been through many hurricanes unfortunately from Charley and Wilma etc. while living in our home in Naples to Irma here. I personally hate this time of year!
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