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  1. More to the story. The crew member had traveled through a country on the list. The crew member was in isolation. https://www.stlucianewsonline.com/jamaica-cruise-ship-with-patient-in-isolation-denied-docking-at-ocho-rios/amp/
  2. This is important as it shows that there is more to the story than first reported.
  3. Just saw on a FB MSC group that the virus has now been found in Palermo. Officials are scrambling to try and find others that were on the same flight with this person.
  4. Yes we can. It’s a roll of the dice on how things are going to go. At this point I would rather take the hit now. We still have some time to let things work themselves out before we have to jump.
  5. The cruise line’s are in a no win situation. As I posted on another thread, we’re booked on the MSC Grandiosa in April out of Barcelona. This cruise has three stops in Italy. We have decided that it’s simply not worth the risk of being quarantined or floating around being turned away from port after port. I expect we will start to see ships being turned away from certain ports in Europe. We’re going to take a hit financially with MSC but I’m not waiting until April to try and salvage a vacation. I’m also not expecting MSC to give us a full refund. I knew their refund policy when I booked the cruise. We booked a cruise closer to home on X knowing that it might also be affected but we’re not traveling across the pond to board a ship. I feel for the OP but read the fine print and know what you’re booking.
  6. I have searched and found mixed info. It’s been a while since we have cruise on an “S” class with “The Porch”. The last time we were on the Reflection they were only open for breakfast and lunch. If I read correctly they are now open at dinner as a seafood restaurant. What is the lunch menu now? It used to be mainly sandwiches. Appreciate the information.
  7. You’re 100% correct. There seems to be so much that is still unknown about this virus.
  8. We were booked on a April 17th sailing out of Barcelona on MSC. We’re canceling. We booked the Reflection out of FLL as a backup yesterday. We had three stops in Italy and I am not waiting until the last minute to try and save our vacation. Our airline is working with us to change our flights with no change fee. We will lose some money with MSC but at this point I’m not going to chance it. My fear is not catching the virus, it’s getting on a ship in Europe and then possibly quarantined or being turned away from port after port. Simply not worth that long flight and chance. IMHO everyone has to make the best decision that works for them. 😊 What will be interesting is the upcoming spring TA’s. If ports start to shut down in Europe, cruise lines are going to be scrambling with plans to change itineraries.
  9. Nice review but where did you get $5000.00 per person for an inside YC stateroom? We did not even pay that for our upcoming Deluxe YC stateroom on the Seaside.
  10. I haven’t. I think it’s too early for the cruise lines to make any decisions. We need to see if this plays out like Asia where we will see other European countries close borders and deny cruise ship visits. Then it becomes an issue. Right now it’s a wait and see game.
  11. We’re watching closely. We fly to Barcelona seven weeks from Tuesday. A good amount of time between now and then but if this virus continues to spread through Europe I think we’re going to start seeing cancellations by the cruise lines. We have two stops in Italy. They do not want another Diamond Princess situation. I’m not so much worried about getting the virus as much as I would be getting quarantined on a ship. I read this article yesterday about cleaning the DP. Going to be a lengthy and expensive cleaning job for Princess. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22495-princess-issues-rfp-to-clean-and-sanitize-diamond-princess.html
  12. Maybe it’s changed since we last cruised on X as I recall tipping the butler and concierge separately. Still, four bucks a day is not much at all for what they do on X. We have always had top notch service.
  13. IMHO the onboard experience on Celebrity blows both RCI and NCL out of the water. Love the “S” class of ships. I’m not happy with Celebrity following RCI with the new NRD pricing but at least to my knowledge Celebrity hasn’t moved to NRD’s only on suites like RCI has. On RCI if you book a Grand Suite or higher you can only book with a NRD. I don’t like that and steer clear of RCI now. I suggest taking the $200.00 loss and rebook what you want. If not then time to move on. Life’s too short.
  14. Thanks for a great review. We are on the Grandiosa in mid April out of Barcelona but last week decided to book the Seaside two weeks after we return home. Looking forward to this cruise. We love Miami also.
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