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  1. Although we have not enjoyed dinner in the Crown grill ,we would think that the lobster they serve would be Maine Lobster; which are cold water lobster tails .The difference in flavor is huge between warm water & cold water lobster tails .I personally do not care for the taste of the MDR ,warm water lobster tails & I do not order them there .
  2. Hawaii is multi colored & living here in San Diego ,we can hop on a ship with our Hawaiian clothes & have a great time & no humidity like the Caribbean Islands
  3. We own 4 FCCs under the old contract amount of OBC .If they decided to reduce these we will use these & buy no more . We also will never have nom refundable deposits
  4. We would hope that HAL honors the older tiers if people bought them under that contract term . However ,if they do not ,imo people may cancel their cruises
  5. Item 1 -- must go to the buffet item 2 --yes you will be with the same people at early or late seating umless you have a table for 2 only item 3 -- yes you can change from fixed early seating to any time by talking with the Maitre'D of that dining room to make arrangements for the change
  6. WOW !!😉 is the best word to describe those phone problems . We book only with trusted TAs .We do use their web site ;but ,I do not /will not phone them
  7. Good to hear that they arrive early enough
  8. We always get 2 bottles of the Trader Joes ,Sarah ;which for under $3 per bottle ,won a gold Medal in NYC .Marvelous wine
  9. Being on 88 past cruise we have done just about every thing with seeing cabin crawls ,pub crawls with poker crawls ie .Lots of Fun for every one ;but ,it depends on your group make up
  10. We always have a black light with us & we check in the corners of the mattress & if they are there you see them with the black light .Available on Amazon.com Yes best to place luggage in the bathroom tile floor before checking for bed bugs .That way ,if they were there your luggage would not get infected
  11. You will have a fabulous cruise to Alaska on the Royal Princess ,so relax & enjoy the journey .Princess does a awesome Alaska & their food is also very good & great in the special restaurants
  12. U can buy metal straws that can be cleaned on amazon.com
  13. When playing Texas Holdem many times the players are offered free drinks
  14. We pray that those unfortunate people in the impacted areas of Puerto rico get Federal aid to help them through this disaster . Thank to God that there where no tsunamis following those earthquakes
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