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  1. Are there local tour company's on the dock side at the longer stops? Some of the official excursion prices are eye watering.
  2. Thank you to all those who have contributed to this topic, there is some really useful information from seasoned Hurtigruten cruisers. (had to laugh, spell check wanted to change Hurtigruten to Overtighten 😂) We are considering October 2021 Classic Round Voyage so will be keeping a close eye on this topic. With a non refundable 20% deposit being asked, how far out would be the best time to take the plunge? Do cabins at peak NL times sell out quickly?
  3. I see lots of photos of fruit,vegetables, pancakes & a chocolate mouse. Perhaps a field of barley wouldn't have gone amiss. Never had an issue with any cruise line in the last 4 years, Costa even provided a separate menu with 3 choices for each course but then I have no idea what its like..........
  4. I wasn't specifically asking YOU for photos so calm down. This is a really useful topic which people will find and hopefully get some answers, my hope is that it will attract others with additional information. For the record my wife is Vegan, I have every idea what its like and that is why I am researching on her behalf like the dutiful husband I am. You seem to have missed that information on post #7 I suggest you change your agent.......
  5. I hear you but the webpage does state.. I would like to hear some more reviews first from people that have experienced the menu or lack of. BTW. Nice blog. 👍 Enjoyed your reviews with great information.
  6. Doing a bit of research this morning I discovered a YouTube review from October 2018. I am not sure of the link rules but if you do a search on YouTube for Vegan on Hurtigruten MS Trollfjord you should be able to find it. I know its over a year old but it tells a different story to @Aliyah17 Perhaps things have changed in the last year?
  7. Perhaps in the course of time we might get a few other reports back on the vegan options. I'd like to think your experience was isolated. I would actually liked to have seen some photos of the dishes in the menu. The descriptions make the dishes sound really sparse.
  8. I think it was the Richard With, just read it on another thread.
  9. Would I be right in thinking having trawled their website that some of the Polar Outsides have double beds?
  10. I received the email about Hurtigruten goes Vegan some time ago and being as my good lady eats a plant based diet I have been considering taking a voyage with them. However having read the @Aliyah17 review I am not not so certain. It does say quite clearly on the link @hallasm posted the following...... Since February 2017, all 11 Norwegian coastal ships departing from Bergen have offered an 11-day, 3-course full vegan menu as part of our Norway's Coastal Kitchen concept. This is what I clearly remembered reading previously. I wonder what has gone amiss?
  11. We have recently returned home from a Mekong cruise on APT's La Marguerite, please feel free to follow the link to see how we got on. https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2019/09/la-marguerite-mekong-cruise-preamble/ Lots of photos from our trip with a day to day journal that was actually written while we were away.
  12. No go from Costa regarding a cabin allocation. Also the price has dropped by £250 PP which I asked to taken into consideration....... Nothing!!! We have now cancelled and awaiting deposit refund. We won't be rebooking either and will look for something else.
  13. I had forgotten Mediterranea & Atlantica had been sold, maybe this is a bid to reposition her prior to handing over. Strange that cruises are been sold into April 2021 though?
  14. Here is a copy of the letter. My TA has emailed Costa. Nothing to report so far.
  15. This one is new one for us, we received a letter from Costa informing us of ship change next year. Originally booked on the Costa Fortuna November 14, 2020 for 14 nights (B2B cruises). It’s only been booked since July and we had real issues with available cabins to UK customers but eventually settled on one that would probably be OK. While we have no issue with the ship change, in fact it’s probably a better option as they are changing it to the Mediterranea which has one of our favourite layouts. What we do have a problem with is we have a 10 day window to cancel or agree but with no option to select a cabin. Effectively we would be agreeing to the change but downgrading to guaranteed cabin. No mention of OBC or any other compensatory offering. I am not happy with the situation and am currently working with our TA to try and find a way forward. If it can’t be done we are going to cancel which is a real shame as we were looking forward to taking another longer cruise on Costa.
  16. Nice review with lots of photos (I like lots of photos). 😁 Also lots of info about ports that we will visit next year. Not all are the same but many are so it has been useful to read. BTW, you have just reminded me that I need to rebook Zaidee, we had to cancel our MSC cruise earlier this year so never got the chance to utilise his services. I think I still have his contact details on my phone.
  17. Found it. Off for a read now.
  18. We have done B2B cruises with Celebrity down under, both turnaround days were in Sydney. Both were different, one cruise went outside their waters to Fiji and when we were back on board we weren't allowed back off again while the cruise up the east coast we were free to come and go once we had re-embarked. It all had something to do with immigration. We will be on Fortuna next year and are doing B2B cruises from Singapore, can anyone provide any details on how Costa approach this? Obviously as both cruises visit other country's then immigration will surely come into play. With Celebrity they had to clear the ship so in both cases we had to get off for a couple of hours. I assume this will be the same with Costa or should I not assume anything being as its Costa. 🙄
  19. Such as the BINGO!! 😂😂
  20. Unless things have changed since 2014 then you need do nothing. We stopped at Khasab, Muscat & Salalah. (didn't get off at the latter). If my memory is correct, the UAE visa your get on entry covers you for the enclave of Musandam. I don't remember having to go through immigration there or being checked. I did a google search to check and managed to find this. As of the 21st of March 2018, all tourist visitors will need to have a pre-obtained, 30-day tourist visit visa to enter Oman. Please note that cruise ships are exempt from this regulation. All cruise ships are given a blanket visa which is organised between the cruise ship company and the Royal Oman Police." https://www.rop.gov.om/old/english/dg_pr_visas_shipcrew.asp
  21. That's pretty much what Costa UK told my agent, they were even prepared to loose our booking rather than bend the rules to accommodate a former Pearl member. Never mind we have booked a balcony on deck 8 (8309) which is under the tiered sun bed section mid ship by the pool. Hopefully there will be little noise from above. The other 2 on 8 were directly under the buffet runway........ My US agent was able to offer a couple on 7 at the aft but were £150 more so we have gone the cheaper route this time. Totally loving being Aquamarine........😣
  22. I tried to book a Premium Balcony cabin today on Fortuna for November 2020, only 3 available on deck 8 and none on deck 7. As I don't want to be directly under the buffet and hear the trolleys going up and down all day and night we have held off. My agent is going to investigate why there are none available on 7 this far out. The ludicrous thing is you can't even buy a Classic cabin and pay for a Premium package. We want 2nd sitting which is not guaranteed under the Classic package and are not willing to take the chance. If they are holding back for block bookings who are they holding them for?
  23. Recently back from a Nile cruise on Jaz Royale. I used to be able to automatically cross post here but since the change in forum software then it is no longer possible. http://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2019/02/jaz-royale-nile-river-cruise-preamble/ Lots of photos from our trip with a day to day journal which was done while we were away.
  24. Hello gingerspike, just noticed in your signature that you were on Infinity last year on the same Antarctica cruise. I thought your name sounded familiar. Still getting over missing the Falklands.
  25. Thanks for the link, we are off to do a Nile cruise in 8 weeks time so it was interesting to follow your experience. I also intend to do a blog and researching the acquisition of a MiFi device of some sort with a PATG Data sim. Our TA has said the boat WiFi is a little on the unreliable side.
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