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  1. I think the issue is that, despite being told in writing that the refunds will take 90 days, most posters believe this is entirely too long. It is clearly an issue of managing cash flow rather than any other excuse mentioned in this thread,
  2. The contentious responses always seems to involve negative opinions or less than perfect experiences about Regent. At that point, some posters will dispute that experience or accuse the poster of having ulterior motives or an ax to grind with Regent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all use phrases like “I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but this is what happened to me in a similar situation.....” or, “I appreciate your opinion about .....but my opinion differs.....”. Cruising (and life) is not always perfect and this includes Regent. Current and future cruisers need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly so they can board with their eyes open and not have unrealistic expectations.
  3. Sail date: 5/11/20 regent cancellation: 4/10/20 request for refund via TA: 4/15/20 confirmation of refund request from regent: 4/15/20 no refund as of 5/10/20
  4. This is exactly why we decided to play chicken with Regent for our May 11th Cruise. Since Europe was on lockdown it was clear to us what Regent would have to do. It was just a matter of waiting them out. They cancelled one month and one day prior to departure. We opted then for a refund.
  5. Alaska, 2013 - RSSC Navigator It was a perfectly clear day with very calm water as we approached Hubbard Glacier. The decks were crowded with passengers as we approached. What sounded like gunshots echoed in the cold air as the glacier moved towards the sea. Terry Breen was narrating our approach. We were all eager to see a calving of one of the ice cliffs. There were minor splashes with the majority of us missing the event with a blink of the eye. Then, our Captain, offered tobacco to the spirits who inhabited the ice. Still nothing to note. You could hear the disappointment in Terry's voice as we traversed the width of the bay preparing for our turn towards the ocean. Suddenly Terry spotted a cliff that looked precarious. Her voice got louder with excitement and she and all of us gasped. When it was over, Terry shouted over the loud speaker "This was the best cruise EVER!" I agree.
  6. My memory of one of our excursions in Mumbai, India: Our next stop was at ISKCON, the temple of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The god Krishna, often blue and playing a flute, has a mischievous nature and his peasant background and legendary exploits with the milkmaids have made him one of the most popular gods. I have a pet peeve about photography in houses of worship. If photography is allowed, snap away - but don't take mug shots of your traveling companions posing in front of a deity. At ISKCON, the main sanctuary was a contemplative place with many people praying and meditating. Of course, one of our more annoying travelers kept snapping pictures of his wife in front of Krishna. But, remember, Krishna has a mischievous nature! On the way back to the bus, the man came running to the guide "My wife needs a bathroom, quick!" Yes, she had a little accident....15 minutes later she was back on the bus in her damp dress. Oh, Krishna, you are a rascal!
  7. Since most of us are hunkered down, mourning cruises lost, left only with memories of cruises past, I thought it might be fun to go through your blogs and memory banks to share your memorable cruise experiences. Perhaps you might want to share those funny/embarrassing/horrifying/outrageous/surprising vignettes that populate our cruise memories. What are the shipboard or excursion experiences that stand out for you? Who were the shipboard characters that leave you shaking your head? I’m missing our “live from...” threads. We were scheduled to fly to Venice on Wednesday for our May 11th cruise so I am in serious withdrawal!
  8. You have no possible way of knowing this. I think you, yourself, said to stick to the facts. In terms of processing refunds, our case is pretty simple: regent cancelled, we paid in full (via credit card, not cruise credits) for the cruise fare and all excursions. The amount on our invoice that we paid in we expect to be refunded to that credit card. This is not rocket science!
  9. Our insurance company only required the screen shot that the refund was requested and the screenshot of the verification email from Regent that the refund was being processed. Our travel insurance company was IMG.
  10. A software savvy poster said earlier that tweaking the software program was not that difficult. Obviously this is not my expertise but it seems that this Solution should be on the front burner for Regent. I think I remember people saying there are issues with included air and port taxes but I believe these issues were when people cancelled within the penalty period not when Regent cancelled the entire cruise. In this case, wouldn’t we get back what we put in?
  11. OK, so if it has to be verified by hand, you look at the invoice, look at the amount to be refunded based on the payments made, press enter if it adds up, put aside if it doesn’t. I imagine you could complete one a minute....OK, even if it takes 10 minutes, that’s 6/hour x 8 hours x 3 people x 5 days = 720 refunds a week. Not every passenger is taking a refund, either.
  12. Help me understand why this is a difficult job and why 3 people would not be able to handle the refund load in a timely manner? Our accounts are computer generated and tied to a booking number. When I look at my invoice all the numbers are clear as well as payments made. Regent has our credit card on file. Seems like all the refund people need is a list of booking numbers that are requesting refunds, load the list into the system and the refund is put back on the credit card on record. I think the issue is actually managing cash flow. My travel insurance company took 3 days to issue a refund, my Airbnb, took 24 hours, and united airlines refunded points and taxes immediately. We requested a refund from Regent 15 days ago. If some major companies (like airlines) can manage this, why can’t NCLH?
  13. In addition, take a screen shot when you do your order. When I sought advice prior to getting the refund of our trip insurance for a canceled voyage, the insurance company would not let steve access our file as they said we bought it independently (NOT). Steve said this happens often and this particular company had major computer issues earlier this year. At any rate, Steve sent me the proper link so I could request the refund myself and it was completed and returned to my credit card in a couple of days. He really is the best in the business!
  14. We have this card precisely for this reason. Generally our cruises are above the $10,000 pp maximum and chase does not include medical or evacuation. Hence, we purchase trip insurance for the excess. We have not had to make any claims, thank goodness, but I think we are well covered using this method.
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