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  1. We were in Venice years ago during aqua alta but it was not as severe as the pictures this time from Venice. The gondolas near San Marco were all over the walkway and tables were set up as walkways. We were staying on Guidecca and a boat sunk in our condo complex. Despite all that, the vaparettos were running and people were moving about. Praying that there is not too much damage to my favorite city.
  2. IMO, you didn’t miss much. Salalah was my least favorite port. I bought frankincense at the shops and other passengers bought gear for the Arabian dance party that night which was tons of fun -the dance party, not Salalah!
  3. I used that trick on Voyager! I think the extenders are in the hallway. At home we have plaster walls that impede WiFi so we need extenders all over the house. Perhaps the metal doors and general fireproofing have the same effect.
  4. When we were at the Valley of the Kings I don’t believe we were allowed to take pictures. Is this a new thing? Absolutely beautiful to see your photos! I was on verge of heat stroke so my memories are fuzzy. I love traveling along with you!
  5. From the article: The second image shows a detailed view of the old and new canals in 2016. Wakes behind the ships show that those on the left side cruise southward while ships on the right move north. The new section of two-way traffic shortens the time spent waiting for ships to pass in the opposing direction. According to the Suez Canal Authority, completion of the new canal meant waiting times would drop to 3 hours instead of 8 to 11 hours, and transit times through the canal would become 11 hours instead of 18 hours.
  6. Ah ha! I’m not as forgetful as I thought. I remembered from a lecture on our cruise that every dredging vessel in the world was used for this project and it was completed in a year’s time. Some very good aerial pics are here: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/87948/the-new-suez-canal Ships are now able to travel in both directions.
  7. Don’t they have a new canal that parallels the old one?
  8. When we went to Luxor, it was an included Regent tour with lunch on the Nile, Valley of the Kings, and Luxor. It was a very long day but well worth it, even with an up charge.
  9. We did a middle eastern cruise in 2016 and it remains my all time favorite, we went from Dubai to Barcelona. It seems that every port had iconic things to see - with the exception of Salalah, perhaps. I still think about Petra and Luxor! We are scheduled for a cruise in May that takes us to the pyramids in Egypt. It will be a long day but i thought the long days to Petra and Luxor were entirely worth it. I can read on a bus and my husband is like a baby and sleeps best in moving vehicles!
  10. Yes, but we are starting on the cruise before that. Looking forward to meeting you! I’m going to be in Greenville this week for a workshop. Can you email me restaurant suggestions? Forgap at Bellsouth dot net. (I apologize for hijacking the tread, Flossie!)
  11. Venice to Athens on Voyager. It is a b2b with the pyramids, 4 days in Israel, 2 stops in Ephesus and an overnight in Istanbul. Oh, and the Greek islands are thrown in there too.
  12. Thank you for the updates on Istanbul. The Turkish ports are one of the main reasons we booked our cruise in May. We have our fingers crossed that the Middle East will remain calm. If traffic is the worst thing with which we have to contend, it will just feel like we are home in Atlanta!
  13. Very interested in your take on Istanbul and Turkey in general considering the recent incursion into Syria. We are scheduled for a Middle East Cruise in May and we are anxious that our itinerary will change substantially.
  14. Interested. This as we will be on Voyager on a b2b Venice to Athens in May. This includes 4 contiguous days in Israel. We have chosen excursions to Masada and Jerusalem but we are willing to scrap all that for a more interesting tour. We have visited Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Jerusalem on another tour. Our Jerusalem tour was Jewish centric with yad vas hem and the wailing wall.
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