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  1. We have had three cruises on Quest since last October and there are no binoculars, clocks or umbrellas in the room. One day it was raining so we went to guest services and asked for an umbrella they said there in the room or call our steward. Which we did and it took him about 15 minutes to bring an umbrella. I thought there were clocks when we had been on the Journey and I do miss them, instead I have to fumble with my watch on the night stand and push a button to find out the time. Its like the final statement that they used to email now there is nothing, take a picture of your TV or go the desk on the last morning to get a print out. To us it seems a slow decline from what it was in 2017.
  2. On the 13th of this month when this was announced we tried to bid and were also told we were not eligible? I sent an email to the link on the website page asking to clarify why we are not eligible and today the 18th we received a response "It appears that due to your “Opt” out selection on your LeClub Voyage membership, you will not receive any promotional emails or offers." I am confused because we receive emails almost daily for AZ promotions from AZ including from LCV. I responded to OPT in , we will see what happens. Cheers nana c "
  3. I am bit confused with this FAQ about gratuity, another indication of things to come??? Q. If my client is upgraded to a higher category stateroom with Azamara Upgrade, will they have to pay a gratuity amount based on the new upgraded category? A. Yes, by upgrading to a higher stateroom category, each guest in the booking may be subject to a higher gratuity amount. The Offer Amount does not include the higher gratuity. If the Offer is accepted, the difference between the original and upgraded stateroom gratuities (if applicable) will be automatically applied to all guests (the “Additional Charges”). PS: have sailed seven times and have never received an LCV upgrade, but never paid gratuities either, thought it was included.
  4. So now I have to go to a store and have them take my picture to upload. Saves money for AZ, but costs me $40 for another passport photo for 2 people? I am sorry but I do not get it. Nanacrusier.
  5. Bonnie, This has been asked on the Roll call, there is nothing on the shore excursions that I could find. Could you investigate and let us know. Much appreciated, Thank You Nana
  6. Bonnie, Thank you for looking into this. I agree there is no need for a paper copy of the account and saving trees is important, (please inform the spa of this, another pet peeve of mine on their paper wastage). We have always retrieved an email copy of the account until this year but we have only sailed since Jan 2017. We receive the post cruise survey, and all pre cruise check in info, so am not sure why AZ would send the account to our travel agent who in my opinion should not be receiving what I consider personal information. I understand I can go and ask for this to be printed, but this is such a waste of peoples time when AZ had a system that was very simple and worked. Thank you Nana C
  7. Bonnie, could you inquire if this is now standard practice not to send this statement out? It always provided me with some certainty, although there has never been a problem with the amount or charge to credit card on this cruise line.
  8. Hi Folks, We have taken 6 cruises with AZ, on cruises up till early 2018 within a day of the cruise ending there was an on board account statement summary in my email. On a recent B2B on the Quest we did not receive a statement after either cruise. I always check the account on the TV screen to be sure there were no surprises. and the amounts I was charged were correct and in anticipation I took a photo of the TV on the last night of the second cruise. I did get precuise specific emails and still get the daily advertising from AZ, also checked junk folders and spam blockers. So just wondering if any other recent cruisers received their post cruise statements or has AZ stopped this practice. Thanks, Nana
  9. Azamara's website should have the correct answer, a person should not have to refer to CC for information.
  10. Another survey, and this company still does not get it right. Question 18 asks to list what we like. I entered 5 things, they red flagged it as you must select at least one item. They meant it, only one item can be selected. Who creates these surveys???? Monkeys??
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