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  1. Not mistaken, we both have 1786 points, are Elite Plus and she has taken 4 more Celebrity cruises than I have.
  2. We will be in 9312 and wondering how much of cover the balcony has. 50% coverage or what? Any photos?
  3. My wife has taken three or four Celebrity cruises without me and we have the same number of points.
  4. That's what I was told. Only refundable fares now. Maybe they had so much hassle with non-refundables during the mass cancellations they decided not worth doing them.
  5. Thanks to all for your input.
  6. I was told that they are booking only refundable fares now. I have used them in the past, not sure now.
  7. How much of the balcony is covered? We are booked in 9314 and wondering.
  8. It had been 90 days and we had heard nothing on our FCC. Taxes and port charges had been already been refunded. I called and they said there was a "problem" and they would call me back never did. I think our FCC was lost in cyber space. Next day got an email with the FCC numbers. I would call, don't wait for them.
  9. I don't think so, but you can ask. You would only get 100% of your actual payment.
  10. I called and was connected in a few minutes. We found out our FCC was lost in cyber space. Next day got an email with the information.
  11. Hlitner, Thanks for the information. We too have used Romecabs and trust them. Good idea on getting another couple. Will post on our roll call.
  12. For Suspended Sailings departing between May 12 – September 30, 2020 have until the end of this year, December 31, 2020 to request a refund. For suspended sailings departing on or before May 11, 2020, guests have until December 31, 2021, to decide to change their FCC to a refund for the amounts paid toward their cruise fare. This is from the Celebrity email. Hope it helps.
  13. Thanks for the picture. What's the white post on the left for? Seems kind of strange and in the way.
  14. I had posted this before, but never gotten any response. I'll try again. We are booked in 9312 and I have read different stories as to how much overhang there is in the SV's. Is it 50 % covered or what?
  15. Thanks for the comment. We have been to Rome other times, so don't plan to stay there this time.
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