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  1. I cancelled my russia cruise on Monday the 21st and my refund showed up in my credit card account on Thursday morning the 25th..Great job Viking!!
  2. Well I thought it was a sale. I usually don't see business class from Nashville to Europe for less than 4K any time of the year. I am thrilled.
  3. I just snagged a business class flight RT on American Airlines for next July for 2,608 per person. I am going from Nashville to Athens and then Madrid to Nashville since I am doing a back to back with Viking. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up who like to fly business class. I dropped the viking air since this was only 600 more than Viking was charging me for premium economy. FYI. I saw similar fares on British Airways.
  4. I do the same thing with underwear. Take the old and then just discard. The price to wash them is often more than I paid for them in the first place. LOL. I guess I am a bit cheap!
  5. I didn't know about this but it explains the big jump in my points. I booked a few days ago.
  6. Thanks for the info on the bikes! It seems like a great place to bike if there was a path!
  7. Can you rent bicycles on CoCo Cay? Is there any type of running path on the island?
  8. I was wondering if there are running paths and rental bikes available at Coco Key?
  9. I am scoping out two cruises and saw a good price on a guaranteed stateroom "ocean view with balcony" on Harmony of the Seas. Is there any chance they would assign a central park or other inside balcony? I would hate it.
  10. Dec.8 celebrity edge. Western Caribbean.
  11. I saw a pink banner in the cruise planner section and that is where I found it.
  12. I was just logging into my celebrity account and there was an advertisement that there was a three day sale on excursions and drink packages. I am sailing in 30 days so maybe it is a last minute sale of some sort.
  13. Celebrity is offering a half off the premium beverage package and I just added it to my upcoming cruise. They added a service charge of 18 percent. Will they also add a service charge for each drink onboard?
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