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  1. Looks like you have quickly gotten the answers you need, just want to state that the Nespresso (not Kreuig) machines in the room comes with two types of pods-extra Stong and decaf. This was one time aboard that I didn’t get what I asked for. I hoped they had a milder coffee pod but they didn’t according to our room steward. That meant I needed cream (there were non dairy non refrigerated single servings with the coffeemaker) since I usually drink coffee black. I asked our steward for a pitcher of cream and it was provided-I kept it in the refrigerator drawer and when it was empty, asked and
  2. Glad to help. If you like lamb chops, we love them at the Chef’s Table when they have the Lotus Menu. They are “Thai Inspired” and very tasty!
  3. Yep, I had friends cruising out of Venice in July with their family. This was a postponement of their 2019 Christmas present which was supposed to go last summer but Lady Rona canceled that. I heard about the AA changes and let her know about it. She called yesterday (as she hadn’t heard from them) and they told her that her flights were canceled and didn’t offer any alternatives! Sorta surprised that given she was purchasing 12 Main Cabin Extra seats. anywho, she suspects the cruise may get canceled again so decided to take the refund and not push for other flights.
  4. On our Ocean cruises it was also $249 per person. I’m sure it was very enjoyable but like others have said to rich for our wallets. Additionally on our Transatlantics as it was held the last day-and we wanted to enjoy the ship rather than have an event. I hope one day that we have abundant On our River Cruise the concierge offered a free trip to the market in Vienna. She and one of the chefs took us to various stalls, we had samples and short lectures by either the chef or in the case is the wine stall-the proprietor. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.
  5. Folks, the screen shots I have posted twice now both come from www.RSSC.com. Here is a link: . https://www.rssc.com/cruises/SPL230328/summary as far as I know that is the official cruiseline website so I would appreciate it if you would not continue to question my ability to access a website. Perhaps because I am using an Apple mobile device it looks different than what you see on your device. Thanks for letting me know that what I thought I was seeing wasn’t a post-Covid promo and I AGAIN apologize for missing the bullet beside the “Concierge Level Amenities” on staterooms that
  6. The screen shot was from the RSSC website and I could have sworn I looked at the similar concierge listing but apparently I did not. There is a bullet beside the listing at that level and above and beside butler when that is included. I was hoping they had added it as an incentive post-Covid. Thanks for the quick responses.
  7. We are considering booking our first RSSC cruise (Viking had become our go-to lately) and am confused by something showing on the website. Each stateroom category includes the statement “Concierge Level Amenities” but my TA says that doesn’t mean the free hotel and transfers...so if that is the case what does it mean? TIA!
  8. If you haven’t yet joined the roll call for your cruise, you should. It’s very active...including a few lurkers like me!
  9. I think you are right Jim. That date corresponds with the Barcelona to Buenos Aires cruise. Silly me, I’ve even been keeping my eye on it hoping for a special promo price!
  10. Same on Sun-corners are suites, then a balcony, then mini-suites-guess now they are called club balconies? Anywho, if Sky is like Sun, the balcony is deep enough to hold one chaise along with two regular chairs. We asked our steward and he provided us with one. It’s a little bit of a tight fit but it will slide under the angled balcony “rail”. Made for a great place to take a nap under a blanket on our chilly cruise.
  11. Happier New Year to you! I’m sure just as I hit “submit reply” I will figure it out, but since I can’t at this moment, what does SAC stand for?
  12. We had an aft on Sun for our round the horn cruise. We were one in (the corner suite) from the port side and loved it. I’m sure being in the center might give you slightly better views but we had no issues with where we were.
  13. All the above suggestions are correct, but like Jim, I always use the Americas search with a length of more than 10 days (or whatever the choice is that is longer) and that narrows the choices down to six or eight cruises including the TAs to/from South America. Keep in mind that the initial title you see (San Juan to Barcelona for example) is usually used for both the East and West bound cruises. You have to click on the dates tab to see both directions.
  14. If you happen to be booking with a travel agent who gives you the maximum allowable Viking OBC as a kickback from their commission, depending on the length of each segment you might do better to have them as two bookings. The OBC maxes out at 15 days, so if the combined cruise is longer than that, would be more valuable as two bookings.
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