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  1. I would appreciate updates on upcoming cruises, especially during these difficult times.
  2. We have done Keukenhoff twice-in 2009 and 2019; we were there each time right about April 15th which is hailed as the best time. However, we did learn that the flowers are all triple-planted so whenever you can get there during the short season it will be a delightful experience and you will enjoy viewing your photos over and over again. To be in Amsterdam in the Spring is to include a visit to this fabulous place! Valerie
  3. Thanks for the great work you have done but unfortunately it’s mostly over my head. Have been pretty much lost with computer anything since I bought a Mac about 3 years ago. I don’t see our British Isle Explorer cruise on April 5, 2021 for the Venus or on any other ship. Is that cruise on the spreadsheet? Wish I were more savvy with this stuff. Thanks. Valerie
  4. I was just looking at an article on Cruise Critic which listed ships that will debut in 2020 and beyond. Then there was a separate listing for luxury cruise ships and the first listed was Viking Venus and it showed the date of March 2021 for its launch. First time I’ve seen that date listed. Many questions about the validity of that info. We are scheduled to sail on April 5, 2021. Has anybody else seen anything. I thought the previous inaugural sailing was scheduled for Jan 19, 2021. I’m not at all surprised but just looking for additional verification. I hesitate to contact Viking as I
  5. Just read your post; we had a similar cruising history to yours. (Elite on Celebrity and Diamond on RCCL) plus Carnival, Norwegian, tours and cruises with Tauck and Vantage. But then we were captivated by our 1st Viking ocean cruise. It was “Into The Midnight Sun”-same itinerary as “Northern Lights” but different season. It was a WOW experience and we were hooked! We next did “Scandinavia through the Kiel Canal” and are booked on “British Isles Explorer in April 2021. We have booked a deluxe veranda each time and love it; even love that they have a self serve laundry on each d
  6. To Cruise Critic: I am requesting a roll call be opened for Viking Ocean-Venus-for the above date. I have been unable to get this accomplished despite numerous attempts. Thank you.
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