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  1. We just boarded the Majestic and were blue line. I printed our travel summary and had photos of our boarding passes but was never asked for either. The only thing I was asked for was our room number to get into the blue lane line and our passports once we got to the front. Easy peasy.
  2. We got it as well and are also hopeful it means progress. I don’t really care who refunds us, whether it’s through our trip insurance or the cruise line. We just want our money back!
  3. I did this on our current booking and it worked fine. I knew exactly which cabin I wanted to switch to, it was in the same category and there was no price difference. The call center rep was able to easily make the change for me and I got the confirmation immediately. The call rep did have an accent and there was a little background noise but he seemed very eager to help. What I did NOT like was the brief survey I took at the end of the call. I was happy with the interaction and gave the rep 5’s but the last question was really odd. It was something like “ If you were a business owner, would you hire the person who helped you okay?” Or something to that effect. What the heck kind of question is that?
  4. I hope you have better luck with your travel insurance than we have so far. They won’t do anything without a formal denial from AQV and their insurance first and we can’t even get that. We bought insurance through Allianz and they closed our claims but did say they could be reopened when the documents were received.
  5. We filed on 3/10/24 and got the confirmation from Omni Agent Solutions but have heard nothing since. Has anyone else gotten a response? We filed a claim with Allianz as well since we had trip insurance but they won’t process our claim until we get a denial from Omni.
  6. We got an email that said they are no longer requiring guests to be vaccinated or show proof of vaccination, but we'll take our cards regardless.
  7. Thank you for all the replies. We still haven’t gotten our Embarkation timeline (didn’t get it for the original booking either) and when I called to ask about it, I was told we wouldn’t be getting one. Our guest tickets show the old info as well and they won’t be reissued. So I guess we just show up at the Gaylord Opryland and wing it! I kinda like to know what to expect, so some information would be nice.
  8. We’re booked on the Nov 15-22 American Countess and since the itinerary has completely changed none of the ships’ add-on excursions are really appealing to us. Our travel agent has given us some onboard credit that we need to use up somehow. We don’t drink, so using it on alcohol is out! Does anyone know if we’re allowed to use it for gratuities? On our Viking river cruise it wasn’t allowed but I’m hopping AQV might be different.
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