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  1. Would love it if we won the lottery. But I think we would do it on a proper ocean liner like the QM2.
  2. Really good to here your experiences onboard an actual cruise, we need some cruise positivity for a change rather than one or two of the usual suspects posting every negative article they can find.
  3. In my opinion Celebrity were very fair with you, they actually could have offered you nothing. Very unfair and misleading thread title in my view.
  4. Sorry don’t agree with that, we are not Sushi fans but there are many cooked options including fresh made pork and prawn dumplings.
  5. We were never fans of Qsine, a one and done for us. We loved Sushi on 5 and intend going back there on our next cruise. It was quite when we were there but we were told it’s very popular with younger cruisers and staff. I think they should change the name as I believe many people think they only serve Sushi when in fact they have many cooked options. The drinks including different Sake are also great fun.
  6. We look at the lift and shift as only taking the risk of losing our deposit of £300 maximum, even if the cruise lines go bust ( which I don’t believe will happen with Celebrity ). I would personally not be making a final payment for any cruise just now, too many unknowns.
  7. We were pretty much the same. We lifted and shifted to Feb 2022 as we really don’t see the cruise product being the same in Feb 2021 even if it sails. Holding on would have entailed booking flights to Hong Kong and back from Singapore, and booking Raffles Hotel with payment up front. All we would have done was worry, not worth the stress. We moved and saved £30, kept all our perks, and moved from M class to S class and were able to receive a cabin on a different deck due to the difference in layout from M to S class, we did not want deck 3 on S class below the night club and casino. Probably a lot less choice should we have waited. The cruise was already around 30% dearer than we paid so a FCC of 125% would have ended up a loss. There are times in my view it’s just not worth waiting for Celebrity to cancel, all depends on individual circumstances.
  8. That’s pretty much us as well, we have no interest in spending thousands of pounds for a holiday only to have to wear a mask. While that is in place we won’t be cruising.
  9. That’s why lift and shift works for many, the price is locked in. Sadly it probably is having an impact for some making new booking as many are shifting to 2022, that’s why we moved ours quickly as I can see limited availability as more people move.
  10. It makes financial sense for both the cruise company and passengers.
  11. The positive thing is that cruising has restarted in a limited fashion and it’s without a vaccine. That puts to bed the argument that there will be no cruising without one. The cruise industry will need to adapt and this is the start, even if no vaccine is found it’s clearly not intending dying on its feet.
  12. Yep, not sure why people keep stating there will be no cruising without a vaccine when it’s already happening. Cruise line can’t just wait in the hope of a vaccine when there may never be one.
  13. I’ve said this before but we still find Celebrity value for money, we do not believe we are being scammed or taken advantage of in any way.
  14. Yes, looking at various roll calls quite a few individuals have lifted and shifted. We did the same with our February booking moving it on a year. Just too many unknowns for us such as a second spike and no vaccine, we were not willing to book flights and hotels and risk it.
  15. It’s one piece of an overall bigger picture, responsibility to yourself and others. When all those pieces are understood, respected, and followed then we all move forward together. If we ignore those pieces more people die.
  16. Time will tell, if not enough are willing prices will drop, back to the old “Supply and demand”. Plenty of people were willing to pay the inflated prices for E class early on, not so much now and they started to drop.
  17. It’s not always the case, our 14 night Asia cruise was cheaper than our 11 night Caribbean cruise last year, which was cheaper than our 12 night Caribbean cruise two years before that. I think we paid £2200 for an inside cabin including flights with obviously no perks in 1999 On a Thomson cruise which was a Russian built ship from the 1960s. I’m pretty sure with inflation that’s more expensive than we pay now for what was a far inferior product. There are still deals to be had if you watch out for them.
  18. Not sure why you are only able to see those, we already have an Asia cruise booked for Feb 2022
  19. We find the lower priced surf internet works for us and it’s cheaper to purchase that than pay the grats so we go for the two perks worth the most to us, drinks package and grats.
  20. I’ve always been a firm believer that we would see cruising resume at some level this year, I’ve not seen anything to change my mind.
  21. I would also agree the perks are not always a rip off, just a case of doing the maths and knowing what you would spend on drinks without the package which for us would be the biggest cost. Adding two perks works out best for us, drinks and grats on a 14 night cruise would cost us somewhere around £1100 and we save less than that with no perks. Just doing a quick calculation for our next cruise at today’s prices and adding the drinks package as a perk add just over £400 to the price for the two of us, we would have a bill for drinks of around £800 without it so a saving of around £400.
  22. We often avoid the big chain hotels and go for smaller independents where possible, last September we stayed at the Pillars hotel on the inter coastal waterway, we had breakfast served to us right next to the water, wonderful place and staff. I tend to be the one that plans our holidays and we only get away every couple of years so I try to make each part of it as special as possible. The next cruise included four nights at Raffles which to be fair is part of a chain these days but still I hope a special hotel.
  23. Yes the dated word is used quite a bit in many if the less favourable reviews. I must admit I’m guilty of rarely looking below a hotel that’s outside the top 15 in any city we visit and tend to filter out anything under 4 star, it would not even come up in my search as a 3 star hotel. But it appears to meet the expectations of many and that’s all that matters really.
  24. https://www.rte.ie/news/munster/2020/0713/1153077-kerry-tourism/ Hard to believe but true.
  25. The Embassy Suites seem very popular on here yet don’t receive great overall reviews online.
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