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  1. The White wines and Rose were decent but I'm a red wine drinker and not at all a snob about wine but curious if those who left from Portugal saw improvements? anyone????
  2. It was my pleasure and I appreciate you recognizing my attempt at being balanced in my commentary. The Rose, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc were all pretty decent. ( including the 6 hats ones) I’m a Red wine person and the reds really missed the mark. I think…., no, I know you will have a great time. Just try to let the limitations of the brand go and you will have a great time. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
  3. My traveling companion believes it was two people allowed in the gym with reservations not one. My apologies However the 2 may need to be from the same cabin.
  4. The Spa was open and there were two therapist and several traveling companions had massages that they said were some of the best they ever had. I believe you can get a facial too.
  5. Let me also share entertainment. Gino the Pianist was the first person we met upon arrival at the pier in Athens. This guy can play almost any song. He was just a great guy with an incredible voice and some amazing playing skills. Run don’t walk to Dome Lounge to hear him. Other than that the Cruise Director had a show and there was a singer Named Aaron from the X factor who appeared. He was good. Then one night a crew show. This really isn’t a cruise to take if you expect entertainment.
  6. There was no yoga or Pilates classes. Not even out on deck. Due to Covid one person at a time was allowed in the gym and you needed to make a reservation. The activities were mostly meals and high tea. No trivia, but at least one or more lectures on history or some other topics. The program is a short one page and is mostly shore ex departure times and Food and beverage hours. We had a port intensive itinerary so perhaps that changes on a voyage with more time at sea. We did like that the only announcements were mainly from the Captain. Really not much to show you in terms of activities.
  7. The guests we chatted with who had AC problems said that they were asked if they wanted to move but ivy then we were heading North and my assumption was it was getting cooler and they could leave the balcony on. They were not complainers at all and said that engineers had been to their cabin multiple times. Our traveling companions also had slight AC issues for the first half of the cruise but just muddled through original allotment of WiFi is 500 MB. Yet friends onboard worked from laptops everyday and never had to pay anything. Not sure how well this system is working for them. I was paying for my package and another guest was challenging the Purser when she said, “ You ran out of available data on the 17th”. His reply was interesting I boarded on the 18th. I laughed a bit (insider at that exchange. there is a dining room manager named Justin. I’m not sure what he does. Mostly walk from table to table but when you ask him a hard question he’s never come back with an answer. For example one night we were told there is not Cabernet at all in the dining room to offer you. I mentioned it to Justin. He looked puzzled said he’d xheck and we saw him a night later for his usual chat and gab table side. If you figure out what his role is while onboard. Please let me know. I actually don’t want any compensation. What was good was great. The crew and the destinations and the ship itself. For us at least, as everything functioned. We made some great memories and Sean (Cruise Director) was doing everything he could, like getting 3 Zodiacs dropped into the ocean one day for an impromptu tour around the bay in Agropoli. I continue to say the more they surprise and delight the more people will flock to this product. I certainly think 99% of this is fixable and most likely will be I want this company to really soar as the size and personal interactions with the crew were priceless.
  8. So just off today and to say it’s a mixed bag is an understatement. The ship is pretty and the staff can’t do enough for you. The food got much worse as the week went on and many guests were heard roundly complaining to any manager who they could catch. The farewell dinner last night featured a shrimp and lobster thermador and obviously the shrimp ( or Lobster) had spoiled and smelled to high heaven we saw at least 10 people send it back including everyone at our table. Of course the staff graciously replaced with a steak or whatever one chose as a second option but the fact that this entree selection was even allowed to leave the kitchen was shocking. We pulled a waiter aside and he said everyone he served it to sent it back. So let’s recap: ship design and decor: Amazing (However we heard several guests who were having AC problems. We did not) staff: over the top. They are there to please but can’t change what they don’t control. I truly felt sorry for them as some guests were so unhappy. Cabins: Fantastic. Best shower at sea. Hands down. Food: sadly a massive miss here. We gave the food overall just 2 stars. Nothing was great. Mostly just OK. We were far from Wowed and I think we were in the minority as most guests were far less kind that we were. Restaurants: basically there is one and a coffee grab and go spot and a barbecue spot outdoors that seems really not worth the bother. The only room service is breakfast or ( if dining rooms are closed), you can get pastries/cold Sandwiches/salads/ cookies sent up from Paula’s pantry. The Portuguese restaurant is non existent. At least now. the seven aft lunch seems like an afterthought Burgers we’re not openly being prepared and we’re dry. The buffet lacked choice and get this. No dessert unless you asked and someone went down to the dining room why not an ice cream station or a plate of cookies up there? Wines. again..huge miss here. Whoever did purchasing for both Food and Beverage needs some help. most were just passable. Not a Luxury Pour. Most of the steaks were fatty and full of gristle. Certainly not worthy of a Luxury moniker. Bar service: almost comical as we received a different included constantly changing vodka. Once they only had Citron Vodka and a traveling companion had that made into a dirty Martini (ugh). Can you imagine? There was no personalized stationary as notes on the website. No biggie but…. more frustrating is that I Paid 45 dollars for WiFi for the last two days of the cruise. Don’t know how I ran out of my allotment. A source of frustration to be sure. kudos to the medical staff as the testing was handled well for Covid 19. Sadly I wanted to love this and I didn’t. We spent a lot of money and could have done the Silver Moon or Regent for just slightly more. Atlas just doesn’t seem quite ready for prime time, just yet.
  9. So we got off today ( 9/25) and we did end up buying wine as we tried to settle on one or two wines but all the reds were pretty bad. See my “Live from” for more updates.
  10. Dining: ok so the number of Venues has been slightly over hyped. There is Porto the main dining room and 7 aft and that’s pretty much it. Yea the grab and go coffee is great for. Doughnut and coffee but calling it a restaurant is a stretch. The Portuguese mini section of the main dining room has never been mentioned. There is no rom service menu just a lovely breakfast one but other than that you can look at the Paula’s pantry and I guess get something like a sandwich or a salad but it’s super limited. Still its totally fine with us as we’ve really enjoyed the main dining room Breakfast and lunch are self serve buffets primarily. For those of you having sailed river ships very much like that. The bar situation is sort of made us laugh. They seem to be having a supply issue on vodka as the “included” vs. “Paid” vodka changes from bar to bar and sometimes even within the same day. We were told Kettle one is extra but that’s what’s delivered to our room. Then we had a Bloody Mary at the pool and the server poured stoli. That night we asked for a stoli and soda and was told there was a charge. It’s minor but could be eliminated if they just did away with this single brand included thing. We are having a great time and any negative comments are minor compared to the lovely food, crew and overall experience. Worth noting from a Covid protocol is all the public restrooms are closed. It’s not too much of a distance to any cabin on this intimate vessel but thought that was noteworthy. Also, tip: at the very back of deck five is, as someone has coined it, the living room and it’s super comfy. Beautiful outdoor sofas and chairs to read or lounge. We’ve sat there watching the wake several times. It’s magical. More to come.
  11. Currently there are 134 guests aboard. Certainly the most they have had in weeks and the service has been outstanding. Some of the protocols are odd. All Public restrooms are closed and in Italy ( where most of the cruise is occurring, we can only get off the ship on a ship shore excursion but we will survive. Just disappointed as we learned of this days before boarding and had some things planned ashore in Italy. Further, we debark in Rome and will be alone there for a few days ( on our own). Oh well onward. Sitting here on the aft section of the ship…grateful
  12. So after months of anticipation, here we are aboard World Navigator. First impressions: The ship is gorgeous. It has a modern chic feel. A city resort feel with a 40 retro chic layer about it. The staff is so lovely ( at least thus far) , you can tell they are smiling under those masks. Joseph and Rami in the main dining room already making us feel so welcome. The cabins have ample storage and our mini bar was set up upon arrival with all kinds of choices in the fridge and kettle one waiting for us instead of Tito’s vodka along with a note apologizing that they had to make the switch. Sadly, the issue that has plagued the line from the start WiFi and laundry is still unresolved. We have just 500 mg for the entire voyage that is complimentary. With packages ranging from $45 up to $350 for the voyage. Laundry also now has pricing sheets in the cabin. I’ve uploaded pics of that. As for included wines there are about 4 or 5 various white and about 4 reds, a champagne and a rose. All seem decent but I’ll keep you posted. Waiter said he will present all the wines so I can take pics. Need to unpack but wanted to give you some first impressions. Lunch was a buffet and was fantastic.
  13. I'm on the World Navigator starting Saturday and plan to give some good updates on many facets of the trip!
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